More Dressing Room Selfies From the #nsale (The Under $100 Edition)


So I went back to Nordstrom.  Yes, I know.  But a couple of years ago, a reader accused me of simply thumbing through Nordies Anniversary Sale catalog and recommending only what I saw.  She complained that I didn’t dig deeper.  “Anyone can browse the catalog” she pointed out.  So let the record show that The Mom Edit is THOROUGH in Nordstrom Anniversary Sale coverage.  God forbid anyone accuse the shopping enabler of lazy shopping  (oh no she di’ent).

However, based on my husband’s furrowed brow as he eyes the pile ‘o stuff that I am still “considering”….I thought I’d take a look a some wallet-friendly pieces.  Under $100, BABY! WOOT WOOT



I love this super-soft brushed dolman sweater from Chelsea 28 (pictured above). $58, down from $88.  This sweater would also be great with leggings.   I’m wearing a size small in the pic.



Or Trouve’s Colorblock Moto Sweater is surprisingly cool.  Something interesting (but easy) to throw on with jeans.  Treat it like an upgraded sweatshirt.  $59, down from $88.  (I’m wearing a size medium in the pic.)




BP’s slubbed dolman sleeve sweater ($31 down from $48) is a tad shapeless, but looks cool with a half-tuck and would work for nursing.   But those jeans?  Paige Denim’s ultra skinny jeans in plaid.  I love the Weezer-esque vibe.  And NO, sticklers, the jeans aren’t under $100, but they are $139 down from $209…sooo….champagne tastes and all that nonsense.

Anyway, moving on…..



This is BP’s Striped Elbow Patch V-neck Sweater, $24 down from $38.  I’m wearing a size medium, which is…currently sold out in all colors.  Grrrr.  I didn’t get a chance to try Caslon’s Striped Split-Back sweater ($45 down from $69)….but it might be a decent substitute (although sadly, not a v-neck).




You guys, these $35 Destroyed Slim Overalls are freaking fabulous.  Only size L left!  But HECK, even after the sale they’re only $54, so here’s hoping Nordies restocks these.

Back view:



I’m wearing them with a very sheer Lush Lace Shoulder Tank ($21) because I couldn’t find the Halogen Faux-Leather Trim Sleeveless Wrap Top ($28 down from $48).  Has anyone bought the Halogen top?  It looks gorgeous and perfect for nursing and post-partum!!

Moving on to another sheer top….



This top is ridiculously sheer….but awfully cool over a pretty bra, don’t you think?  This would NOT have been in my post-partum rotation, but now….??? Hmmm.  (Actually, it might look cool over a nursing cami, now that I think about it.  The sheer front is surprising and sexy.)  This is Elodie’s Knit Chiffon Baseball Tee, $24 down from $38.  I’m wearing a medium.





This is that same brushed dolman sweater from Chelsea 28, but check out the moto leggings!  These are – hang on – FREAKING SOLD OUT.  GAH!  But let’s not despair: Nordstrom still has these leggings with faux-suede patches ($24), Vince Camuto’s Faux-Leather Trim leggings ($45) or Hue’s seriously badass Leatherette Leggings ($31).


Do not, however, get tempted by Jolt’s Tweed Legging-Pants:



OOF.  There’s almost a full moon back there.

Let’s end on a high note, shall we?


These $24 BP Skinny Minny sweatpants are freaking amazing.  They look and feel much more expensive than they are ($24).  They were almost completely sold out in store (which is why I’m trying on the green)…but online is…YES!  Completely in stock!  (And I’m so very tempted by the matching sweatshirt.  For $21.  Really.)


BAM.  #nsale coverage so in depth, you’re sick of me.





  1. Oh yes she DID! I seriously can’t wait for Nordstroms to come to Canada. And hopefully ship locally with no duties. And free shipping. Lol, a girl can dream.

  2. Love the last pair of sweatpants but not sure if I should do small or xsmall. What size are you wearing?

  3. I have the Halogen Faux-leather trim sleeveless top, and it is indeed fabulous. Sexy, forgiving, and would be perfect for nursing.

  4. Along the lines of the skinny sweatpants … how tall are you? LOVE the look but I’m short, so in juniors, I typically end up with an extra foot of pants at the bottom!

    Also, your hair is fab. The color is really great … can we talk about that some time? Highlights? color rinse? or your own gorgeous ‘do?

    Your new site is awesome! Love the transition.

  5. I’m sorry but you are literally the only person who could wear those overalls & make me want them like I’ve never wanted anything in my life. Up until now I have completely resisted the overall revival but I say no more. They must be mine.

  6. Oh no! I was tempted by the jolt pants after I saw a review on the Mint & Arrow blog – we will see how bad they are when they arrive. I am now getting those sweatpants though 😉

  7. Oh dear… I don’t know who said you only thumbed through a catalog (even years ago), but I just ordered 4 things you highlighted here and in your other Nordstrom Anniversary sale post…. Plus, a few other things I found on my own. I no longer have a local store (just relocated) and I am hoping my size guesses work out for me.

  8. What an awesome post! I have to make a special trip to Nordstrom’s today. Can you share with us the name of those cute little yellow flats you are wearing? They are adorable. Also, the new format of your blog is amazing. .

  9. Just bought the sweatpants (green) and two sweatshirts (black and gray) online. Sized up one size since they’re juniors and I’m, uh, not a junior . Thanks for enabling my love of sweat pants! 🙂

  10. Gah! Answer us woman! 😉 What size are those sweatpants? Truth be told I’m more worried about length, I’m 6′ and I think you’re significantly shorter… would that look like I’m wearing my son’s sweats?

    • Right! Yeah, sorry gang – we were in the midst of packing. But I’m wearing a size XS in the sweats, and I also turned the cuffs up on

  11. I tried on the faux-leather trim Halogen top. It is pretty, seems higher end than the $28 price tag, but it worked better on my mom who has as smaller chest. The “key hole” was much more wholesome on her B’s! We shopped before your list was posted…but I think you covered all the good stuff!

  12. Now that we’ve all gone for the sweatpants, how about a post on how to style these babies so they don’t come off frumpy? Really liked how you modeled the higher-end stuff … and then also the lower-end pieces for us budget-constrained shoppers! Great stuff. (Oh, what about a lower-priced version of your amazing tieks?! that would be cool.)

  13. I also bought the sweatpants! In green and (light) gray. Considering the black ones too, and would love suggestions styling, as someone requested above. Also, if it helps anyone I typically wear a size 2-4 in pants at j.crew, gap, and the like. I bought one pair in S and one in Med. both fit, small is obvi more fitted, which I think might be more flattering. And I’m 5’3″ – wanted to try scrunching the ankles up a bit, but they aren’t very stretchy.

  14. Did you end up buying the green? Did you get the sweatshirt? Would love to see a list of which pieces you have purchased from Nordstrom sale along the way 🙂

  15. Update: I’ve worn the sweatpants once (haven’t washed yet), and they’re already pilling terribly in the crotch area. Pretty disappointing, but I guess I should have expected it! Returning my second pair – even for $25, I don’t want them to look old and worn out after wearing once!

  16. What are those amazing shoes you’re wearing? I’m sure you’ve said it before, but I can’t remember what other post I might have seen them in. Thanks!

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