Army Jackets, Boyfriend Jeans And Morgan’s Pier


My first army jacket was bought ten years ago in a Parisian flea market.  (Stay with me here – I realize that’s one heck of a pretentious opener .)  I felt so very worldly, as I strolled through le marche, jacket casually tossed over my arm.  Ou est la cafe, Monsieur?  Ah, bien.  Merci.

The reality, however, is that the jacket smelled faintly musty, and while it was soft and ever-so-perfectly-oversized, the sleeves were much too short for my long, goony arms (inherited from my German father, not my French mother) and so the jacket lived mostly in my closet.  I’d trot it out from time to time, sleeves rolled up.

Army jackets (or army-inspired jackets) are one of those pieces that always seem to be cool.  Perhaps not Prince-in-sequin-hot-pants-and-chaps cool (did you see that SNL tribute?  I mean WOW), but cool in an effortlessly casual way.  And for some reason, I’ve been pairing mine with boyfriend jeans for at least EIGHT YEARS.  Forget florals, this combo is my Spring.

Speaking of Spring, Morgan’s Pier is open!!  It’s where we’ve spent many happy Sunday afternoons.  If you follow me on instagram (@shanachristine) you’ll know we kicked off the Spring/Summer season with a bang.  Unlike Friday or Saturday nights, late Sunday afternoon is the perfect time to let the kiddos take over the dance floor.  Some friends came out to join us, and it turned into an epic party.


Long live modeling clay and kids’ tables.


Outfit Details

jacket: Current/Elliott Army Jacket (size 1 for reference )

tee: Stateside Knot Tee (I’ll throw a pic on Insta soon – it’s a GOOD one.  XS for reference)

jeans: Rag and Bone Tomboy Jeans (I destroyed myself – there’s literally only one size left, but see below for more options)

shoes: Ugg Janie Clog Sandal

bag: Rebecca Minkoff Medium Julian (I keep trying to branch out from this style, but I can’t quit it.  It’s the most comfortable bag I own.  Although, I do prefer the larger size…and then obviously, there’s my usual fringe backpack.)

accessories: Tory Burch sunglasses, Gorjana Taner necklace

On Raines: Pineapple tee, Quiksilver hybrid shorts

On Pax: Mini Boden Check shirt, Tucker & Tate Jean Shorts (with an elastic waist, haha)


Shop Army Jackets

I prefer army jackets that skew…rugged,  rather than drapey and girly.  Happily, Nordstrom has a big (HUGE) selection, and I managed to find several army-inspired jackets that look seriously flattering – with enough tough-girl detail to keep me happy.

Shop Slim Boyfriend Jeans

Spring is boyfriend jean season!!  While boots can be tricky, boyfriend jeans were made to be worn with sandals – of any heel height.  Here are some of my current favs:

If anyone happens to be in the area, I highly recommend Morgan’s Pier.  The chef changes each season, and this year’s menu?  IS GOOD.  (And if you want to see a hysterical vid of Pax on the dance floor, it’s on the DJ’s instagram.)



A huge thank-you to Nordstrom for sponsoring this post!  We had a blast shooting this one, and I always love the opportunity to share my favs – whether it’s an army jacket and boyfriend jeans, or the skinny fries at Morgan’s Pier.  And readers, thank you – so much – for your continued support of The Mom Edit.  It doesn’t go unnoticed, and is so very much appreciated.


  1. Oh my, I so agree with all of this!! I have been looking for a new army jacket and then walla! I saw yours on Instagram and was going to order it tonight until I saw tour post, just confused on sizing. I thought for sure a size 0 but you went with a size 1 huh?! It looks awesome but just curious how baggy it was? Layering an option but still ok with just a tee? Again love love all this, including spring!!

    • Truthfully, they didn’t have a 0 when I was ordering, soooo…I went with the 1. And since the style is meant to be oversized anyway, I was happy with the fit. And I wanted to be able to wear it well into the Fall with a thick sweater underneath.

  2. Oh Shana and Mike, what fun, lovely family pics. You’re kids are gorgeous! And what a fun start to Summer ’16, right?! This pier you’ve captured looks dreamy. I see it in your future all spring and summer long.

    Shana, I have to share a little (I’ll try to keep it short anyway!) story of my army jacket. It was my dad’s from the service, and it was so, so cool. I wore it high school which (to date me) would be the late 80s. Oh, I was so freakin’ cool in that jacket. I wore it with his pins of service too and it had his name across the pocket.

    So here’s a story about my cherished army jacket: one day, the day after I went to jail on my dad’s birthday (that’s the long version and a tale to tell you later but suffice it to say a kegger was involved), my dad bought a boat. I’m supposedly the reactionary cause of the boat’s purchase. Anyway, we had all the family (of seven–I’m the oldest of five!) out to see it, and here I was going from boat to dock. I was holding on to the ladder. Before I knew it, the ladder started falling back, and I was falling back, and whadya know, I plummeted into the cold Coeur d’Alene Lake on April 16th (my dad’s birthday). I was wearing my dad’s army jacket and saturated with water it was so heavy. Well, lucky love is love, and my dad grabbed the collar of that jacket and scooped me up. I can remember my right penny loafer coming loose; I couldn’t grab at it with my heel, and the precious shoe with an actual penny was loss to the lake. I’m lucky that coat did bring me down! I miss that coat. I need to ask my dad where it is….nothin’ like the real thing! But oh all these versions, especially yours, are super cute. And definitely more practical for 2016!!

    I swear if I lived in Philly, I’d be meeting you at this Morgan’s Pier. Great post!

    Love, Ann

  3. I am an avid follower of your blog. I love your style and you always provide incredible pieces. Keep up the great work!

  4. love this!..nordstrom is saying I should get a size 1 (the true fit) But I am bigger than you for sure. More like Scotti…Is that size 1 a bit loose on you? Not sure I should trust the fit guide..thoughts?

    • It is a bit loose. I wanted it big enough to layer over thick sweaters this fall……(and the size 0 wasn’t in stock haha). But it all worked out.

  5. So I’m curious.. what is the difference between Rag and Bone’s Dre Jean and Catherine boyfriend? Boyfriend jeans don’t work on me because they always look saggy and baggy on me in an unflattering way (I’m 5’1, 120 lbs, carrying baby weight). However, I am drawn to a skinny version of bf jeans. I want a jean that is fitted at the waist and thighs and slightly looser down. Maybe I’m looking for a great straight leg for petites. Any suggestions?

    • Which Catherine boyfriend are you referring to? The one by Kut from the Kloth? If so, that jean tends to run bigger and be roomier through the butt and thighs. Actually, this true of almost all ‘boyfriend jeans’. What you are looking for is the newer version of boyfriend jean that is much more fitted on the bum and legs. These jeans are often called ‘girlfriend jeans’. Rag and Bone’s Dre is like this, their Tomboy jean even more so. And I think Joe’s makes an actual girlfriend jean….

      Does this help?

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