MOTHER Denim Guide: Wide-Leg & Baggy Styles Reviewed


Despite my determined attempts to branch out to other denim brands, I invariably find myself returning to MOTHER denim time and time again. This go-around… I’ve returned for MOTHER wide-leg & relaxed fit jeans.

The unmatched fit and comfort, with a balanced selection of on-trend as well as classic jean styles, keeps me ridiculously loyal to this brand.

The MOTHER denim brand is annoyingly expensive. I know. Which is why I keep looking for alternatives. BUT, if given the choice between one pair of great-fitting comfortable MOTHER jeans (my current most-worn are the MOTHER Hustler Rollers -more sizes/washes here) or four pairs of some other denim brand, I’d go with one of my favorite MOTHER jeans every single time.

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The Ultimate MOTHER Denim Guide: Updated Addendum

Several years ago, I was thrilled to be a part of creating The Ultimate Guide To MOTHER Denim. With over 62,000 views of that post, I realized I wasn’t the ONLY one interested in MOTHER denim. Whether you’re just curious about the MOTHER jeans hype or already a fan yourself and looking to invest in another pair, I’m hoping this new MOTHER denim post will be equally as helpful as the original.

The Best MOTHER Jeans

Although my very first style of MOTHER Jeans (the Weekender Flares) featured above are still a favorite and get worn a ton, in general legs on jeans have gotten wider and fits have gotten more relaxed since this MOTHER Denim Guide was originally published in 2021.

I still absolutely recommend MOTHER’s classic flare as the perfect “forever-jean”, but wider-leg MOTHER jeans, in addition to baggy-ish MOTHER denim, have definitely taken a more prominent spot in my most-worn jeans for 2023 going into 2024. This review of wide-leg MOTHER denim, as well as relaxed and baggy styles, therefore, will hopefully serve as an updated addendum to the original guide.

My Top 2 Picks For Wide-Leg & Baggy MOTHER Jeans

Tons of selfies if you keep scrolling and LOTS of details helping to compare various styles, but if you’re in a hurry, here are my current most-worn wide-leg/relaxed MOTHER jeans.

The Best MOTHER Wide Leg

left: MOTHER Hustler Rollers (29) | more sizes
right: MOTHER Spinners (29)

MOTHER Denim Wide-Leg & Baggy Jeans: Cheat Sheet

Wide-Leg & Relaxed MOTHER Jeans: Compared

There are slight measurement variations in some washes/special editions, but this graphic gives you a general guide of the wide-leg continuum at MOTHER.

Ditcher | Rambler | Dodger | Spinner | Hustler Roller | Ditcher Roller

MOTHER Wide-Leg & Baggy Styles: A Try-On Review

And now….for the selfies. LOTS of selfies. Please note, I’m a shortie at 5’2 and the models on MOTHER’s site are definitely NOT 5’2, so the jeans look quite different on me. I did hem the MOTHER Rollers, but all other jean styles were photographed “as-is”.

One of the biggest take aways for the newer, more relaxed, wider leg jean styles at MOTHER is the lengths are confusing. Ankle length, hover length, flood length, skimp length, sneak length, heel length…and not ALL the lengths are always the same for each style. Ugh. I did my best to put the details below for each style, but please feel free to ask questions in the comments and I’ll do my best to help if I can.

1. Wide-Leg Jeans Top Pick: MOTHER Hustler Roller

MOTHER Wide Leg Hustler Roller

MOTHER Hustler Roller Sneak in Heirloom (29)
Roller Hustlers at MOTHER | at Nordstrom | at Anthro | at Saks | at Shopbop

MOTHER Hustler Roller

Pros: For those of us who have loved flares forever and always, the MOTHER Hustler Rollers are the PERFECT transition to wide-leg jeans. They flare a bit (definitely not a straight-leg wide-leg fit), and I wear them exactly how I wear flares (with sneakers for shorter lengths and with clogs or heels for longer lengths). I also dress them up exactly how I do flares…with an interesting shirt tucked in and shoes that give me height. These are by far my most-worn of all my MOTHER jeans right now.

Cons: If you’re looking for a super modern denim style, the MOTHER Hustler Rollers don’t have the look of the on-trend exaggerated baggy jeans. (In my opinion, though, this could also be seen as a pro.) There are also a lot of lengths/styles to choose from (which can get confusing). I ended up hemming one pair (the sneaks) and cutting another pair (the heels) to get each of them the correct length.

MOTHER Wide Leg Hustler Roller Jeans

jeans (29) | top (xs) | coatigan (s) | sneaks | bag

Details: Rises are in the 11-12″ range and leg openings are in the 24″ range. Most washes are around 94% cotton with a nice comfy stretchy feel. LOTS of different lengths in the MOTHER Hustler Rollers. Ankle: 27.5″ inseam; Skimp: 31″ inseam; Sneak: 32.5″ inseam, and Heel: 34-36″ inseam.

Sizing Notes: Wearing a 29 above in the MOTHER Denim Hustler Sneak jeans. I wear a 29 in the sneak length and the heel length (but I shortened both styles). For reference I’m 5’2, 140-ish lbs.

2. Baggy Jeans Top Pick: High Waisted Spinner

MOTHER Spinner Jeans

MOTHER High Waisted Spinner Flood in Kitty Corner (29)
Spinners at MOTHER | at Nordstrom | at Shopbop

MOTHER Spinner Wide Leg

Pros: My top pick for a baggy jean with a wide-leg from MOTHER. Baggy enough to feel modern, but not as baggy as the Free People Moxie (that I can’t quite pull off). Soft and comfortable, but thicker than a lot of the MOTHER denim I typically wear. They feel very much like a good solid pair of “real” jeans (while still maintaining total comfort). The Spinners I’m wearing have a slightly higher cotton content than the Mother Hustler Rollers that I also like, and other washes have an even higher cotton content.

Cons: Not a TON of options in the Spinners in terms of washes and lengths and not much size availability in the options they do have currently.

MOTHER Spinner Wide Leg 

jeans (29) | top (xs) | coatigan (s) | sneaks | bag

Details: 12 inch rise (also comes in a low rise) and 20″ leg opening. Inseams vary. Flood: 28″ inseam; Skimp: 30″ inseam; Heel: 34″ inseam;

Sizing Notes: Wearing a size 29 above and did not hem these. For reference, I’m 5’2, 140-ish lbs.

3. Runner-Up For Baggy-ish Jeans Top Pick: MOTHER Dodger

MOTHER Dodger Jeans

MOTHER Dodger in Digital Underground (29)
Dodgers at MOTHER | at Nordstrom | at Anthro | at Shopbop | at Saks

MOTHER Dodger Baggy Jeans

Pros: Similar to the Spinners, the Dodgers are a relaxed fit jean that’s loose, but not overly exaggerated in the bagginess. They hang a bit looser in the waist than the Spinners and I LOVE the darker wash. I like them full-length, but I also think they would look great more crop to show off winter boots.

Cons: Because of the slouchier fit in the waist, they don’t look as “polished baggy” (is this a thing??) as the Spinners on me. For versatility (dressing up or dressing down), I like the higher, more fitted waist on the Spinners.

MOTHER Wide Leg Dodger Relaxed Denim

jeans (29) | top (xs) | coatigan (s) | sneaks | bag

Details: Slightly lower rise at 11″ than the high-waisted Spinners, and the shape of the Dodgers make them hang a bit lower at the waist on me. 20″ leg opening. The wash I’m wearing is a 98% cotton content, but other washes vary. Dodger comes in various lengths: Ankle: 27.5″; Flood: 28.25″; Sneak: 32″;

Sizing Notes: Wearing a size 29 with no hemming. For reference I’m 5’2, 140-ish lbs.

4. Not Too Wide, Not Too Baggy: MOTHER Ditcher

Mother Ditcher Relaxed Jean

MOTHER Ditcher Ankle In Smoking Section (29)
Dithcers at MOTHER | at Nordstrom | at Net-A-Porter

MOTHER Ditcher Jeans

Pros: The Ditchers are a great comfortable and soft denim option if you’re looking for a relaxed fit with a wider leg than your skinnies or straight-legs, but you don’t want to go TOO baggy or TOO wide. Also…this particular wash (Smoking Section) is SO freaking good AND wildly soft.

Cons: The Ditcher style is not as statement-making as the MOTHER wide-leg Hustler Rollers or the baggier Spinners. For my body type I think a wider-leg or baggier fit looks more purposeful with style vs only a slight wide-leg or a slightly relaxed fit. Since these come in shorter lengths (ankle and hover), I think they would look better on me shortened.

MOTHER Ditcher Jeans

jeans (29) | top (xs) | coatigan (s) | sneaks | bag

Details: 11″ rise with a 16″ leg opening. Mostly shorter lengths available: Hover: 26″ inseam; Ankle: 27.5″ inseam; Smoking section wash is 94% cotton.

Sizing Notes: Wearing a size 29 (did not hem). For reference, I’m 5’2, 140-ish lbs.

5. The Straight-ish Wide-Legs Jeans That Would Look Cute Shorter: MOTHER Rambler

MOTHER Wide Leg Ramblers

MOTHER Rambler Ankle Fray in On Duty (29)
Ramblers at MOTHER | at Nordstrom | at Saks

MOTHER Wide Leg Rambler Denim

MOTHER Rambler Zip Flood in Outta Sight (29)
Ramblers at MOTHER | at Nordstrom | at Saks

MOTHER Rambler Jeans
MOTHER Rambler Jeans

Pros: If you’re looking for a true straight leg jean with a roomy fit, the Ramblers are for you. Most straight-leg jeans look like skinnies on me, so I have to go with a wider leg opening for them to read straight. I really like the way they look on the model at a shorter length.

Cons: The Ramblers felt the most blah of all the jeans I tried. The fit is fine, but nothing special. BUT…I’m realizing now they need to be shorter to be more interesting on me. All of the options are in ankle or flood length and are MUCH shorter and cuter on the models. I have been wondering what the heck I’m going to do with full-length wide-leg jeans for those snowy days in Philly. Maybe these (hemmed or hacked off) are the answer.

MOTHER Rambler Jeans
MOTHER Rambler Jeans

jeans (29) | top (xs) | coatigan (s) | sneaks | bag

Details: 11.25″ rise, 17.75″ leg opening, and the cotton contents depends on wash. Various short lengths. Ankle: 27.5″ Inseam; Flood: 28.25″ inseam

Sizing Notes: Wearing a 29 and did not shorten the length of either of the Ramblers shown. For reference, I’m 5’2, 140-ish lbs.

6. The Relaxed WideLegs I’m Trying Next: MOTHER Ditcher Rollers

MOTHER Ditcher Roller Wide Leg Jeans
image: MOTHER

at MOTHER | at Nordstrom

Pros: These feel like the PERFECT mix between the MOTHER Spinners and the MOTHER Hustler Rollers. A bit of a slouchier relaxed vibe than the Hustler Rollers, but with the nice wide leg (that has an easy-to-wear flare influence).

Cons: As of now, they only come in one length…the sneak at 32″ inseam.

MOTHER Ditcher Roller Wide Leg Jeans
image: MOTHER

Details: 11″ rise with a wide 25.5″ leg opening. Only one length (as of now) at 32″ inseam.

Fit Notes: No reviews yet on the fit, but since they look like a combo of the MOTHER Hustler Rollers and the MOTHER Spinners, I would say go with your typical MOTHER size. Mine is 29 at 5’2, 140-ish lbs.

And there you have it! My 2023 (leading into 2024) update to the Ultimate MOTHER Denim Guide. Hope this was helpful, and as always… if you have any favorite new MOTHER jeans in the mix shout them out in the comments! Has anyone tried the Half Pipe Ankle (a little too trendy for me)…or any of the Snacks series?