Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2010



IMG_0764It is so hard to believe how quickly time flies by.  It really does seem like just yesterday my little guy was born.  I'm constantly being surprised by all of the things he can do.  I'm surprised by the sight of his long little-boy legs running, jumping.  What happened to chubby baby thighs? I'm surprised by his newly developed sense of humor, by his serious little looks, by the way he senses when I need a hug.  He is growing in so many ways.  I am just so proud.

This Mother's Day, relish in all that you have accomplished: the sheer number of diapers you have changed, the corrections (and distractions)
you have provided,
the socks you've put back on (and on and on), the hugs and the encouragement you
have given,
the jokes you have shared, the tears you have wiped away – these are but a small number of ways you have demonstrated love.  Simply put, we have taught our children how to get along in the world, we have taught our children how to love.  Certainly no small feat.  We are so proud of our children — we should be proud of ourselves, too.  So congratulations, Mamas.  It is truly is a thrilling ride, no? 

After such a long, hard winter, I think most of us are ready for sun.  For this Mother's Day, get ready to embrace summer with a few little tokens that will help the men/women/children in your lives express their appreciation for all that you do….or just go and spoil yourself.  Here's to a great summer.

I'm having a St. Bart's moment.  Which would be, perhaps, the ultimate Mother's Day gift.  Which is not, however, what my husband has in mind.  So in lieu of actually going to St. Barts, I'm craving gauzy little cover-ups, comfy jeweled sandals, delicate little necklaces, gold bangle bracelets, and something that smells oh-so-yummy, but crisp and fresh at the same time.  You too?

Take Me To St. Barts
Take Me To St. Barts by aintnomomjeans featuring Jessica Simpson shoes

Items in this set:
Dale Shirt Wht, $125
Jessica Simpson 'Cate' Sandal, $69
NANCY CATEN Gold Filled Circle Chain : Fragments, $175
Odette Tiny Rose Gold Starfish Necklace – Max and Chloe, $105
heraldic hobo – Echo Design » Shop Designer Scarves, Home Décor, $98

Miss Marisa Fragrance Oil by Ebba, $62

The gorgeous gauzy tunic is by Calypso — how perfect for hiding a post-partum pooch?  I love the silky hobo as a beach bag/diaper bag…it just seems so luxurious, and I can personally attest to the comfort factor of Jessica Simpson's Cate sandal.

Layer on a couple of delicate necklaces (I'm a sucker for mixing metals and am showing Odette's rose gold starfish and Nancy Caten's Gold Hammered Ring Necklace), as well as an armful of stacked bangles.  The bangles are by a Denver local designer, Lindsay Bloom.  If you have steered away from bangles because they are usually too big, Lindsay also makes these in smaller sizes by request.  She offers a promotion on these bangles from time-to-time…3 for $100.  All of her jewelry is completely drool-worthy, and would make amazing Mother's Day gifts.  Bloom Jewelry can be found locally at Violet boutique or The Perfect Petal. For the rest of you, check out her website and prepare to swoon:  Bloom Jewelry

Lastly, the Miss Marisa Fragrance Oil is my newest obsession.  Lucky Scent describes it as "A unique and dazzlingly fresh fragrance with dancing notes of cassis and cool mint."  I describe it as pure bliss.  I also love that it's an oil (and not too overpowering for sensitive little noses).  Because, after all, we are moms.  (Local gals can get the fragrance oil at Blush).



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  1. Ummm, thanks for making my CRY this morning. What a great opening paragraph and photo. It goes too quickly, S, it truly does.

  2. Thanks, Molly! I remember exactly when that pic was snapped. I was still a bit in shock that I was a mum….that we simply came home from the hospital…with a *baby*. It all seemed so new, so crazy. Sigh. It also seemed like yesterday. xoxo

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