mother's day gift guide for cool moms

So we’re almost late to the party here. But the good news is, most husbands/kids haven’t even started thinking about what to get you. Yes, you, the one who carried, delivered, and is now raising his (or hers — hey, we’re inclusive here) sweet beautiful baby(ies). We know, we know, it takes a village to raise these kids. But, there’s an undeniable and inseparable bond with Mom. And that bond deserves to be celebrated! And while this blog is all about fashion and style, the fact is, we truly adore motherhood — but it ain’t easy. Obviously, the joys far outweigh the difficulties, but it’s fun to take a day and just feel appreciated. Loved. And spoiled. To all of us, it’s not about getting away (okay, a quick mani-pedi isn’t horrible), it’s just about doing what we do day-in and day-out with the family that makes it all a reality. But going throughout the day with a little something extra doesn’t hurt either. So here are our picks for the “something extra”. Happy Mother’s Day mommas 🙂


Shana’s Picks

cool gifts for moms


  1. Fleur du Mal Star Romper, $295  – I’m totally obsessed with the entire line from Fleur du Mal, especially this seriously cool star romper, which manages to be both sweet and sexy at the same time.  (Expensive, I know – but I completely swooned when I saw it – it’s too special not to include.  For more affordable PJ options, see our recent Mother’s Day Sleepwear Guide.)
  2. Stuart Weitzman Backview Sandals, $535 – IKNOWIKNOWIKNOW.  The last thing anyone wants to is to be drooling – yet again – over another expensive pair of Weitzmans.  Thanks for nothing, S.  BUT.  I’ve seen these babies in action:  butter soft leather, and the curved sides make these mind-blowingly sexy.  Yet…they’re flat, so…practical?  Yes?  One of the Reward Style consultants was wearing these sandals at the conference last week with a simple black dress (the easy, comfy kind of dress not the fancy kind) and in a sea of well-dressed bloggers she Stole. The. Show.  I wanted to applaud as she walked by, hoist her up on our shoulders and carry her around, victory-parade style.  The shoes are that good.  (Besides, every time Aimee Song instagrams any sort of gladiator sandal Mike tags me like, “Babe.  Get on this” so I know he thinks gladiator sandals are sexy in general.  But the big question…does he think they’re $500 sexy???  WE WILL SEE.)
  3. Uncommon Goods Personalized Record Doormat, $38 – THIS.  This….DOORMAT.  “The Draugelis’, spinning since 1999”  I mean seriously.  I’m obsessed.  (Actually, this would also make a cute anniversary present….)
  4. Tea Time Mug, $15 – I came across this bad boy on Instagram and had to hunt it down.  It makes me laugh – out loud – every time I see it.  Every. Time.  (And, I think, fits nicely into the 9 Rules of Swearing For My Children – a seriously funny article if you haven’t read it already.)
  5. Pyrrha Winged Heart Talisman Necklace, $166 – If you follow me on Instagram (@shanachristine) you know I’m obsessed with Pyrrha’s entire line of talisman necklaces.  They’re handcrafted in Vancouver, CA using authentic 18th and 19th century wax seals and imagery.  Each piece has a different meaning.  This one – the winged heart – reads “tout pour vous”, which means “all for you” and the winged heart flying over the globe symbolizes a love that has no limits.  [S drops the mic]
  6. Alfi Gusto 33-oz Carafe, $70 – $100 – My coffee is forever getting cold, but I threw out our crappy white plastic carafe because it didn’t bring me joy.  (God, I sound insufferable.  That phrase is actually from the Japanese Art of Tidying Up soooo….ANYWAY.)  I’m pretty sure this Alfi Carafe with it’s sleek lines (and seriously cool color options)  would bring me some mother-effing JOY.  (As would hot coffee.)
  7. GigiNewYork iPhone 6 Wallet Case, $125 – I received one of these wallets at the Reward Style conference.  The CEO, Tom, sat there all day – in his tshirt and jeans – stamping monograms onto wallets.  This 40-year-old family business makes most of their products stateside, and are a refreshing change from the norm.  And this unassuming little wallet has become my newest sanity-saver.  Just big enough for my phone and a few credit cards, it’s dramatically reduced the amount of time I spend searching for phone/wallet/money/etc.  The phone pops in-and-out easily, and you can charge your phone while in the case (they don’t block the port).  Gosh I love a good design.
  8. Kron Chocolates, $30 – When we lived in DC, someone gave us the scoop:  Kron Chocolates in Chevy Chase.  Go in, skip all of the displays and walk right up to the counter.  Ask for one of the truffles in the fridge.  They will hand you a small baggie filled with something rather shapeless and strange-looking, dusted with cocoa powder.  THAT’S THE ONE.  Eat it, and then prepare for your religious experience (I may have cried a little).  Best news ever?  You can order ONLINE.  [happy dance happy dance happy dance]  Mike, you know how good these are with coffee.  🙂




Cam’s Picks

what do I want for mother's day?

  1. Framebridge Custom Picture Frame and Print, $39-$59 (depending on frame size)- I can’t love this enough. I enjoy clicking the photos and when I get a good one I am overcome with more excitement than is normal for a person to feel about a photo, but actually getting around to ordering prints, finding the right frame and getting them up on the wall? Ha. It’s worth it to me to pay to have someone else do that part for me…and ya’ll, they print IG photos – so cool. I guess they don’t actually come over to your house and hang the prints, but I suppose I can manage to do that part if everything else is done for me.
  2. Good Nature Soy Candle, Avacado & Mint, $18- the last time I was in Anthro. I went around and sniffed all the candles, as I usually do (or maybe I should call it huffing, because of the voracity at which I smell them – ha! I. Just. Can’t. Stop.). I found the Avacado & Mint candle and…yeh. It was instantly put on my on-going and never-ending “what I want from Anthro.” list. There candles are soooooo yummaaaaaay. After the kids go to bed I like to light whatever candles we have and just relax. It’s calming and brings me down from a stressful day (as does the glass of wine).
  3. Free People Just Like Heaven Slip, $88 – I’m not one of those comfortable-being-naked kinds of people. I have to have something on me if we’re just hanging out “after hours” (a.k.a. when the kids are asleep). I usually opt for ratty old pj bottoms and an oversized tee, but recently I’ve been wanting to spice it up a bit and feel more sexy. Maybe it’s because I’m getting a bit older and can’t necessarily pull-off anything and make it look super hot with a 20 year old perky bod. Nope. Things have started to jiggle (babies) and hang (nursing). It’s been making me want to find ways to feel and look more hot, but in a comfortable way. This FP slip is so cute! It has a deep plunge, looks comfy and has no freekin’ thong to go along with it. I mean, I’m cool with being half naked. That works for me.
  4. Calvin Klein Modern Cotton Panty Boyshort, $22 – Yeh, so about those thongs. They have their time and place, I suppose….but I’ve recently been rejecting them on the regular for boyish type panties . o.m.g. So ever-loving comfortable and my husband thinks they’re sexy!!!!! WIN. Double Win. So much win. I have three pairs now and wear the crap out of them (ew. I just realized that was probably the wrong time to use that word. lol). I do though. Since I’m not one of those comfortable-being-naked kind of gals, I like to rock a tee and undies, which makes my wants-to-be-naked-at-all-times husband get all the heart eyes. Again, win win win.
  5. Tools of the Trade Brush Set, $62 – I’ve had the same few make-up brushes since college. They’re okay, but I’ve been thinking about getting a whole new set and actually learning how to use them and take care of them this time around (like cleaning them…which I have never done. I know, gross). That leads me into my next pick…
  6. Naked Palette / Urban Decay, $54 – ever since Scotti did a post on it, I’ve been wanting it. I am not a make-up person. I walk into Sephora with a scared, bewildered and lost expression on my face. I need someone to tell me what to put on my face (thanks, Scotti). She mentioned contouring S’s face while we were all together a couple of weekends ago…what is that shyat? I mean, really. I’m not there yet. I’ll start with some new eyeshadow. Baby steps.
  7. Cool Camera Strap, $13.99 – I dabble in photography here and there, so it’d be nice to switch out the boring old Canon strap for a cool, pretty one. They have a bunch of different patterns too. Saweeeeet.
  8. Joss & Main Pom Throw, $42.95 – Again, at the end of a long day running around after the kids, fulfilling their every need, wish and desire (or something like that), I like to relax and totally veg. I’ll cuddle up on the couch and just…veg. (Bachelorette anyone? May 18th. I’m on it, because…wtf with the two bachelorettes? It’s so messed up…and yet, I can’t stop watching). I’m a cold person by nature (another reason being naked is just not my thing), so a throw blanket is always nice to have around.


Scotti’s Picks

cool mother's day gifts

  1. Ray Ban Original Aviator Sunglasses, $112: I have always been a big fan of aviators, and no one makes aviators like Ray Ban.  I especially love the color options . . .  the purple lenses are awesome. I think I’ve loved aviators since watching Tom Cruise look so cool wearing them in “Top Gun.”  These are classics and won’t go out of style! (Plus they’re 25% off right now!)
  2. Kendra Scott Open Ring in White Opal, $150: I’ve always been a statement earring kind of girl, but with Baby Girl grabbing more and more, my big earrings just won’t work.  I’ve moved on to statement rings and this one is unique and gorgeous.
  3. Trouve Leather Moto Jacket, $298: I have always been obsessed with leather jackets.  They add such a cool statement to any outfit you’re wearing . . . whether it’s a girlie dress or ripped boyfriend jeans . . . and I have a ton of them . . . BUT I don’t have a REAL leather jacket.  I mean one that costs more than $100 and is made of real, high-quality leather.  The reviewers said this one feels “like butter.” Yes, please!
  4. YSL Glossy Lip Stain, $36: Ok.  $36 for gloss is crazy, right??  Even for someone like me who hoards makeup . . . But that’s why I think it’s perfect for a gift . . . I would love to have this gloss but I’d never buy it for myself.  It has great reviews, it’s long-lasting and there’s something about red lips that can make even grey sweatpants and a white t look glam.  Plus the packaging is gorg . . . I would love to have this in my makeup kit.   
  5. Anthropologie Strappy Wedge Sandals, $158: I am ALWAYS on the search for super cool, unique, comfortable shoes that can go with everything from jeans to shorts to dresses.  I’ve always found them to be somewhat elusive . . . until these.  I almost cried when I saw these.  They are just SO perfect.  I love the colors, the details, the fact that there’s enough of a heel to give me some height without making them ridiculous to walk in . . . LOVE.  In love.  (Zack?  ahem)
  6. Bose Compact Portable Bluetooth Speaker, $129: We love our music and have dozens of playlists on Spotify.  It seems like we’re always in need of a portable speaker for the beach, for up at the lake . . . even for my old car that I can’t play my music through!  Bose has some serious quality behind it (my speaker from 2003 still works beautifully) and I love the compact size and colors this one comes in.
  7. LAGOS Diamond Pave Stud Earrings, starting at $500: I like the pave take on the classic diamond stud earrings and that these have both gold and silver in them.   You can choose the size you’d like and they would look equally beautiful with jeans or a formal dress.  Plus, your babies  can’t pull on them . . . win-win.
  8. Nude Clutch, $73: I always find myself needing a nude clutch that will go with everything . . . something I can throw in the diaper bag and grab when I don’t want to haul a big bag around.  This one is perfect because it’s big enough for a diaper and wipes but small enough to look cute.   (Plus how fun is that little detachable puff??)


OE’s Picks

what moms really want for mother's day

  1. The Beach People Aztec Round Towel, $110: This giant towel is everything. We live nowhere near a beach, but I can just see this being my go-to picnic blanket all summer long!
  2. The Beach People Leather Carrying Strap, $45:Can’t pass up the rad leather strap for the Aztec towel. It just takes the whole setup to the next level.
  3. Clare V Oui Pouch, $199: “Oui” kinda sounds like OE? No? just me? Whatever. This gorgeous clutch just has me dying for a date night!
  4. Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Instant Camera, $100: I have been crushing on these cameras for a long long time. I need one in my life! I also think the kids would love this. And, yes, it’s instant — as in 🎶 shake it like a polaroid picture 🎶
  5. Ella + Mila Mommy & Me Polish Set , $16: Nothing better than a mommy and me manicure on mother’s day with my little girl. This set includes a mommy sized polish as well as a coordinating color in a smaller “me” size. There is also a sticker sheet that my daughter would just LOVE. It is all totally kid friendly, vegan, and PETA approved.
  6. Whitewashed Rattan Hurricane, $148: I am just in love with this updated version of the Serena and Lily Outdoor Hurricane with the awesome leather straps. I want to hang these in our backyard ASAP. Light candles and drink wine. All. Summer. Long.
  7. Daniel Wellington Classic Bristol Lady Watch, $199: Dave has the men’s version of this. And well… I am jealous. Very, very jealous.
  8. Need Supply Co. Filipa Hat, $31.99: Minimal wide-brim hat with a vintage feel just screams easy style. I need this for summer!
  9. Large Dominos Pepperoni Pizza, $9: Dave and I have been crazy calorie counting over here in a big kick to finally get in shape since we no longer have the excuse of living in the newborn fog years. So, truthfully, all I really want for mother’s day is a LARGE Dominos Pizza with pepperonis and cheese and a shit ton of grease. Ok, maybe a beer with that too.


Amanda’s Picks

mother's day gift ideas

  1. Now We Sip Champagne Necklace, $72: Ah, Biggie. The soundtrack to much of my early college career, this cheeky necklace brings back fond but hazy memories. And today’s my birfday, so it’s fitting!
  2. You Jot This! Notebook Set: $12.99: Positive reinforcement is always good, especially when it comes to pants.
  3. Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment in Cherry, $22.50: My “game face” consists of moisturizer with sunscreen, eyeliner & Fresh Rosé lip balm, and if I’m feeling super fancy, (Scotti, avert your eyes!) I’ll swipe some on my cheeks for a bit of color. I think the cherry red will be some next level shizz. 
  4. Paris Map, $55.: Paris is one of my favorite places to be, and this colorful map reminds me of a sweet trip my hubby and I took while I was pregnant with my first (Pro tip: French hoteliers love a heavily pregnant lady. We got checked in early and given upgrades without asking! May not be worth the overnight flight at 7 months gone though.)
  5. Swedish Dream Sea Salt Candle, $24: The soap version is so deliciously fresh and clean, I’d love to be able to smell it all day so I don’t have to keep going to sniff the shower like a weirdo.


Shana & Scotti’s Mom’s Picks

grandmother gift ideas


Hey guys – S here.  I had asked my mom what she wanted for Mother’s Day (she always plays it so coy). When I told her it was for The Blog, things got serious.  The next day, I received this seriously helpful (and adorable) email:

Hey honey

You asked me for five ideas for gifts for Mothers Day.  Here are a few:

  1. A pedicure gift certificate like the one you and Scotti gave me.  I know it took me a while to use it, but I did really appreciate the experience.
  2.  A high-end clutch, coin purse, credit card holder that doesn’t cost too much (moms don’t want their children spending a fortune on them). [Note from S – The GigiNewYork wallet, $125, would be perfect.  What can I say?  Like mother, like daughter.]
  3. A gift of fancy food or something a little decadent:  those cookies from New York, for instance.
  4. For a mom who wears bracelets: a bracelet with a bit of bling to add to the grouping. [Note from S – my mom equates anything chunky with ‘old lady jewelry’ so this simple bangle by Tai, $105, would be perfect.  Another great option?  Stella and Dot’s Bardot bracelet, $49.  It’s comfortable to wear, and juuust enough bling to be special (but OK for everyday).]
  5. An all purpose summer sweater (I’m thinking white, cream, etc.); something with which to update her wardrobe. [Note from S – J.Crew’s Textured Beach Sweater, $89 would be perfect in white….or if you really want to spoil her, Ann Taylor’s white cashmere poncho.  Seriously flattering on ALL body types.]
  6. A great bottle of champagne or wine to be enjoyed with the giver.  The gift of time is always the best one!
  7. A framed picture of grandchildren, ready to hang.  Bonus for a photo that includes the mom with her children/grandchildren. [Note from S – go check out Framebridge – they make it SERIOUSLY EASY and affordable.  Mother’s Day orders have to be placed by Monday, May 4th.]
  8. Anything electronic if the mom doesn’t already have an ipad, kindle, iphone or any of the accompanying accessories–covers, etc.–with the promise of sitting down with the mom to help her learn the new whatever. [Note From S – I swear by the Kindle Voyage.  The e-ink makes for the most amazing reading in any condition – outside in bright sun, at night, whatever, and the learning curve is low.]
If I think of more, I’ll send it.


Aren’t moms the best? We think so!


Happy Mother’s Day to ALL the epic moms out there!


Love, The Mom Edit Team



  1. My favorite thing on this “list” is the Levain cookies. They are AMAZING! We are going to NYC for the first time in about 4 years in a few weeks and a stop at Levain is at the top of the list. They’re just way too expensive to ship to CO. 🙁

  2. WoW! This post is such fun!! And there’s a little tailored goodness from each one of you–even Mom! I love it.

    The Mom Edit collages just went up a notch. Looks great Shana!!

    I’m with you on the sandals–just added some to my shop. With Cams I want the makeup brushes. Mine are so cheapy! Of course with Scotti I want the red lippy–can never have enough! Like OE I’d like the camera–but that clutch is also grabbing my attention, Oui? Amanda, I’m with you on the journals. I love little ones and with a positive message, I’m sure to be super powerful! And Mom! I just want to share the bottle of champers with you and your gorgeous daughters so I get to know you in real life!

    What a fun post Ladies of The Mom Edit. As per usual, you totally ROCK!

    Happy Mama’s Day all the way around!


    Ann from Kremb de la Kremb

    • I wanted to correct this comment as I didn’t realize at the time that it was OE who posted this one. OE, kudos on all these collages. They are gobsmackin’ awesome! A x

  3. Oh man! I wrote a big ol’ comment but it didn’t save. I’ll come back again later…Is there anyway I can become a permanent resident? I plan to keep commenting. Did it by chance save on your side but it just hasn’t been approved yet? Thought I’d check before I write again. Dinner time over here. A x

  4. Thanks for the Framebridge and Kron Cocolate tip! New aviators sound good,too. Nice lists! Happy (early) Mothers Day.

  5. What a great comment, Ann Krembs! You’ve included all of us. How lovely. And you’re right; it’s always so much fun whenever I do anything with my girls.

  6. Super fun. Honestly my favorite was the pizza. I saw the pic and wondered if it would actually be a pizza and LOL-ed when it was. OE you are hilarious!

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