Mother’s Day Gift Idea: Best of Spring Loungewear


All Moms want/need/must have time off, time to themselves.  So on Mother's Day, treat her with a day all to herself.  Here's how it works:  Choose the day (it doesn't need to actually be on Mother's Day).  Wrap up a Mother's Day gift of cozy-but-fabulous spring loungewear.  (NOTE:  This is NOT lingerie – the goal is comfy and cool not sex-pot.  You want her to feel beautiful and relaxed, not guilty because the last thing she wants to do is throw on that bustier).  Throw in a great book or trashy magazine.  Then, when the day arrives, make sure the house is picked up, and take the kids OUT OF THE HOUSE.  Otherwise, despite your very best efforts they will still find their way over to mom.  When you return…voila! A happy, relaxed mom.  And we all know that happy mom = happy family. 

Here are my favorite comfy-cool Spring loungewear picks:

Toute la Nuit Short Sleeve Top and Sprite Bloomer   Lustful Lace Cami 

Pictured above left is Toute la Nuit's Secret Short Sleeve Top and Sprite Bloomer, $120 and $50 respectively.  Both pieces are made out of 100% handkerchief linen and are designed to be light and airy without being too see-through.  I love the romantic vibe to this set.  Post baby bellies and saggy bums are nicely disguised.

Pictured above right is a cute set by the Moody Mamas.  The top is the Lustful Lace Cami, $60, and the Sassy Mammas Shorts, $31.  The name of the cami cracks me up, especially since it's actually a nursing cami.  It must be slightly sarcastic – anyone who is actually nursing will be the first to tell you that LUST is the last thing on their mind.  They got it right with the ice cream, though.  Perhaps they mean LUSTing for food.  Anyway, check out Moody Mamas.  Their whole loungewear section is fantastic.  They are quickly becoming one of my favorite sites – you'll see us feature more from them in the future.

Scanty Fireworks Cami and Crop Pant  Eberjey Prima Ballerina  

I love Scanty loungewear.  Scanty just makes me…happy.  Pictured above left are their Fireworks Purple Sweethear Cami & Crop Pant.  Wear them and be happy.  Whoo hoo!  Yay!  (skip around, twirl, twirl, twirl, leap!).  I almost forgot – the set is $98.

I'm a sucker for good marketing.  Such a sucker that I usually buy nail polish on the name alone ("Hey!  Get in Lime!" being my current fav).  Minor details like "will it match my skin tone?" are considered secondary.  So Eberjey could've called the pajama set (pictured above right) Man Style Pajamas…because that's what they are.  But instead, they called them Prima Ballerina PJs so now I am SOLD.  They have that whole sexy-borrowed-this-from-my-man look to them, but they are super soft and have a fantastic name.  Who doesn't want to be a Prima Ballerina?  I feel like I should speak with a slight French accent when wearing these.  Or maybe Russian.  In any case, sign me up.   It'll cost $115 at to become a prima ballerina.

Hush UK Summer CardigownI don't know what the deal is with the British loungewear scene, but they really get it right.  (We also profiled London's Pyjama Room for our Christmas Gift Guide). 

Above is my current favorite Spring loungewear look from Hush UK.  It's the Summer Cardigown in smokey pink (roughly $90), the Silky Lounge Shorts in taupe (roughly $37) and the Vest Top in grey (roughly $22).

Maternity Loungewear

Moody Mamas Racy Ribbon Cami Media 

Ok – so I know that I have already gushed enough about Moody Mamas.  But I honestly couldn't find maternity loungewear cooler than theirs.  So here they are again (pictured above left).  I'm showing the Racy Ribbon Cami, $57 (which morphs from a maternity cami into a nursing cami) with their Posh Mama Pants, $44.  For Spring, I'd actually pair the cami with their Classy Capris, $44.  Both pants come with a fantastic ribbon waistband.

I have loved Belabumbum for years (they have amazing boy short panties), and when pregnant, was thrilled to discover their maternity collection!  They have a wide range of very cool maternity and nursing loungewear, but my current favorite is the Tulle Maternity Loungewear Collection (pictured above right) in cubist ($49 for the cami, $44 for the pant).  Belabumbum is another online spot that I find myself coming back to time and again.

Shoes For Lounging

Mella Flip Flops It's too hot for slippers, but lounge shoes are still nice and comfy (I'm refraining from calling them "house shoes" – too old lady).  Anyway, these flip-flops from Mella are a perfect Spring/Summer slipper.  They are made out of terry cloth and are nice and squishy when you walk.  They come in a ton of colors and prints….and would be a great gift for Mother's Day…especially with a pedicure gift certificate.  They are $37 at




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