Nordstrom asked me to take a look at their personalized E-Gift cards for Mother’s Day, and BOOM.  There went the rest of my night.  Consider yourself warned:  this is a seriously addicting, seriously cute, and seriously exciting (aka shopping spree!!!) gift.

Want to see the trials of my midnight playtime on  I made giftcards out of photos (like the example above), one from my little guys’ art, and one for my own mom.  Of course, I made one for myself, just to, you know, give Mike a hand.

True to #shoppingenabler form, there’s also a little gift guide of my Mother’s Day gift picks under $75.  Because the only thing better than a shopping spree is to have it wrapped up in a little something-something amiright?  (My goal was to keep the little something-somethings under $50, but then I found these pajamas and it was allll over.  Anyway, most are under $50.)

So here’s how it works:  Go to Nordstrom’s Gift Card page and choose ‘eGift cards‘ (on the left hand side of the page). Personalize the gift card with a photo, and then specify when you’d like it to be sent.  The recipient will get an email with a link, and when that link is clicked, the e-gift card looks like this:




So charming, right?  I *may* have taken a few liberties with the text.  (Mike, feel free to take notes.)

If photos aren’t your thing, take a picture of your kiddo’s latest masterpiece – it turns out really sweet:




Shop Mother’s Day Gifts Under $50 $75

Really, a shopping spree would be an amazing gift (and frankly, it’s the top choice of many a mama I informally polled) but I did find some really fun, affordable gifts that were too good not to share.   My criteria?  These all had to be items that I would be thrilled to receive (they had to have that initial “oooo” factor) and be items that I can actually see myself using.



On second thought, I *may* have gone a little crazy; I mean, that’s a LOT of gifts.  But it’s for the mamas, you guys, the mamas.  ANYTHING FOR THE MAMAS.

[fist bump]



A huge thank-you to Nordstrom for sponsoring this post!  As always, all thoughts, opinions, and product choices are my own.  As are my decisions to spend way too may hours late at night playing around with e-Gift cards. [bangs head on desk]  And readers, thank you for your continued support.  It doesn’t go unnoticed, and is so very much appreciated.  (I apologize in advance for any midnight e-gift-carding you may do.  Once you start pulling in kid pics, it’s shockingly addicting.)



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