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UPDATE 5/10/11: Ashley Taylo, please email us–you're the winner of the Erica Sara Designs Generation Necklace.  Happy Mothers Day!

Happy almost-Mothers Day, Mamas! 

Erica Sara Designs, a NYC jewelry designer, has generously offered a giveaway for ANMJ readers: her stunning Generation Necklace, which is the most elegant twist I've seen on mom keepsake jewelry yet.  With clean lines and an understated design, the Generation Necklace is a beautiful, one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry you'll be proud to wear every day–on its own or layered with other pieces.  With the names of generations of your loved ones engraved on it in a concentric circle, this graceful disc takes on an almost talismanic quality, keeping those who are dear to you close to your heart. 

Be sure to check out Erica's other fetching designs, too.  I'm smitten with the Initial Tag Necklace (I love the idea of five tags all together–one for each of my boys, including my first baby, Obi-wan the dog!).  The Custom 3 Charm Necklace is perfect for Mothers Day, graduation, going off to college or just because–what a fab way to tell a special girl how amazing you think she is.  Or, every day is a marathon for a mama, but the Run Like A Girl Necklace acknowledges the commitment it takes to go the distance with a beautiful, wear-able piece of jewelry. 

Enter now to win an Erica Sara Designs Generation Necklace!
To enter to win a Generation Necklace, up to a $148 value, courtesy of Erica Sara Designs, "like" this post on the Ain’t No Mom Jeans FaceBook page and tell us why moms rock.  Entrants must be 18 or older and located in the US.  Winner will be chosen at random the evening of tomorrow, Wednesday, May 9th.

Full disclosure: this is not a paid or sponsored post.  Ain’t No Mom Jeans has a strict policy of editorial integrity—we do not endorse or recommend anything we don’t truly adore. 



  1. My mom rocks because even at 75 years old, she chases my kids. Despite our differences, she is a wonderful and caring person and I am grateful to call her mom.

  2. Lately, your contests have all required facebook. I think more people should consider how much they’re willing to allow to filter through facebook, especially since last December when facebook’s privacy policy changed, giving users less control and less control of their own content on the premise that, according to Zuckerber, “privacy is no longer a social norm.” The more organizations, groups and companies join facebook and use it exclusively for certain kinds of participation, the more these privacy settings will constrict.
    I don’t need to enter the contest, obviously, and am content to opt out in order to keep my non-participating member of facebook status alive and well. But, I wish an organization like yours, which so often urges thoughtful choices (and I’m grateful for your continued use of your self-created megaphone to advocate buying less and buying responsibly) also continued to make it possible to opt in without signing on through facebook.

  3. Shelley – Thank you for taking the time to leave such a though-provoking comment. It’s a tough one, to be sure. We’ve turned to Facebook because it tends to be a fun/easy way to communicate and is, quite frankly, MUCH easier to find and track down the giveaway winners. But…hunh. Am thinking about your comment…and will take it to heart.
    Thanks again….

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