Weekend 5.11


The bleachers were almost completely empty – no one wanted to sit in the cold & rain. But my guy was running, and it would be the first time I’ve seen him race (at least around a track), so I didn’t want to miss it. 

I ran across the field and positioned myself near the finish line. I could see Raines warming up with his friends. I had warned him that the 800 was a really tricky race – not a sprint, but not distance, either – and that he needed to come to the start very warmed up. 

I haven’t raced track in a hot minute, but everything about that moment struck me as deeply familiar. Track feels like a relic, frozen in time, and it hit a chord I spent a whole other lifetime playing. I now have a husband and two kids and a dog and some breast cancer survivor shit and some pandemic survivor shit and am carrying around a big ‘ol bucket of sadness that is only rivaled by my big ‘ol bucket of joy and yet I found myself searching the field for my Dad. Because of course he would be there. With his stopwatch and his game face and his way of encouraging that made me feel known

Dad was always really good at making me feel known.

And he loved watching me run. 

But Dad wasn’t there, not in the way I still sometimes want him to be (he’s tucked away in those buckets of sadness and joy), and I found, instead, my guy. Making his way to the start line. 

The gun went off, and these giant children, these almost-men, start running. They’re so fast, and they’re working so hard – I watch Raines’ skin turn pink and his face, when he comes back around, is red and his arms are pumping and I shout encouragement he likely cannot hear.

I love watching him run. 

As they go around the corner for their final lap, I look at the stopwatch on my phone. I make my way over to a spot 100m from the finish line. Raines won’t really care where he places, but I know he’ll want to put up a good fight at the end. And I know his Dad will be waiting for him at the finish line, too.

The boys come thundering by – it’s a pretty close race for an 800 – and little Pax is screaming next to me and Raines is trying to hang on, his face like a thundercloud, as rain streams down all around us. 

It is glorious and awful, like all races are, and my heart twists as I watch those final, agonizing moments. I am so proud. It is so hard to do, and I am so proud. 

Decades from now, I wonder if my boys will find themselves on a field somewhere, carrying their own hard-earned buckets of sadness and joy, holding a stopwatch in front of wet, empty bleachers, their hearts bursting with pride, and remember that they, too, were known

I hope so.

What I’m Wearing Mem Day Weekend. While at J.Crew, I fell hard for this dress but it’s almost completely sold out. BOOO. However! I just stumbled upon this dress at Nordstrom that’s suuuuper similar (but half the cost), has 80+ 5-star reviews, and tons of gorgeous reviewer photos. Done.

Hey, Sailor. After we published my article on Biarritz – where I swore by sailor jeans and shorts for summer vacations in France – Nordstrom dropped a seriously gorgeous pair of sailor jeans by Joe’s. Turns out they’re also available in a really chic shorts version, too. (More sizes at Zappos.)

Just the GAP, casually looking expensive. I’m kinda blown away by GAP’s patchwork denim dress (looks suuuper similar to my FRAME one, no?) and the crochet mini dress. Both pieces are much more interesting than the ‘basics’ I typically associate with GAP.

PERFECT for soccer/baseball/kid sports spectators: This ridiculous rain parka. I tried it on for “research” as part of a cute rain jacket haul (on YouTube), and love it so, SO much. I wore it to Raines’ track meet (that somehow didn’t get called for rain – it should have!!) over a bulky school hoodie, jeans, and my usual platform sneaks (which help keep my feet dry). This unique rain parka made my boring sports-mom outfit a thousand times better. In fact, it’s soooo flipping cute that I’ve been wearing it around the city over real, cool-girl outfits and it just…works. Been getting tons of compliments.

The sexiest comfort heels…Linz has been hard at work on her yearly comfort shoe guide (get excited – the 2024 version drops next week) and she had a bunch of new shoes in the office and, well: this stunning pair by Inez is incredible. Are the straps buttery soft? No. Would I have bought that color (pink lizard emboss) if I only saw it online? Also no. But it’s maybe the sexiest shoe I’ve ever put on my foot, the color looks much more neutral in person (just a really, really luxe neutral), the footbed is nicely padded, and the straps are engineered so perfectly that they never pull awkwardly or pinch – even when aggressively walking around/jogging. This shoe is shockingly comfortable. I think…I think I might like it better than my Sarah Flint’s. For half the price, too. Oof.

And then, there’s UGGs. What are even these and why do I not hate them???!!

Plus size pick: this Elonquii top at Nordstrom made me gasp out loud. It’s seriously so cool (and on sale).

Team slow cooker. I mean ok: Instapots (or “multi-cookers”) are, ya know, fine. I have one. That I sometimes even (begrudgingly) use. But my slow cooker gets a ton of use. It’s easier, lighter, etc. Anyway, I was seriously considering OurPlace’s multicooker simply because it’s so pretty (and on sale) when I thought I’d search for a equally pretty slow cooker. And voila: Drew Barrymore to the rescue! Hers is…only $49. Drew actually has a whole line of really pretty appliances (don’t get me started on how much I hate the giant cord on my $200 SMEG toaster) so now I’m like…hmmmm. (ps. This Crockpot slow cooker actually isn’t bad…but would it kill them to use some fun colors? Gimme a little turquoise, Crockpot!)

When did Walmart fix their website? I was over there, looking at Drew’s stuff (we’re on a first name basis now, haha) and I…don’t hate it? And then I came across these baseball hats and OOF: I love them so much. I can’t decide between “Wanderlust” (yes, I’m a dork but it’s in denim), “Bad Hair Day” or – snort – “Love That For You”. Super cute for the beach.

Salad season? I just ordered this duo from Brightland – has anyone else tried it? I have high hopes.

Memorial Day sales have started, and are currently so good it feels like a summer version of Black Friday out there. Per usual, look to our 2024 Memorial Day Sales Cheat Sheet for the most up-to-date list of sales (Danielle & I update that thing daily), but here’s a few that I’ve already found myself shopping:

Happy Mother’s Day, everyone.