My 5 Best Purchases This Winter


I’ve unexpectedly grown to love winter, and it’s taken me 14 years since leaving my homeland to get here. Now, when I chat with my mom or other family members and they wonder how we cope with the cold, I simply tell them it’s all about the right clothes. Over the past few years, I’ve been gradually building up my collection of cashmere or merino wool pieces, investing in wool coats and cozy puffer jackets, keeping my feet warm, and, of course, finding a fabulous pair of jeans like these to stay stylish.

So, here are five of the best winter purchases that have kept me warm and stylish this season, and I will be wearing them into spring with a few tweaks.

Note: I’m quite particular about the colors I pick for my wardrobe, so I included a picture of each item in one of the other available colors.

1. Frame Barrel Jeans 

best winter purchases, frame barrel jeans

Jeans (27)

Honestly, I’ve been hesitant about the barrel and horseshoe denim silhouette. While it looks great on some petites, the horseshoe can appear too clownish with my style personality and 5’1″ frame. So, after trying on several pairs and immediately discarding them, I finally found a pair of barrel jeans (slimmer than the horseshoe style) that gives me that relaxed vibe while still exuding sophistication and elongating my silhouette.

I’ve realized that a silhouette that’s too baggy and too short makes me look even shorter, and that’s a no-go for me. These get roomy in the perfect spot, and the 30″ inseam is full-length on me.

best winter purchases, frame barrel jeans

I love to wear them with pointed-toe boots and sneakers with a wedge insert right now, but I know they will be easy to style with sandals once warmer days come.

Shop Long Barrel Jeans

Most barrel or horseshoe jeans are cropped; however, below, you will only find those with an inseam of around 30″. My exact wash is only available in limited sizes, but the lighter wash was recently released just in time for next season.

2. Naadam Off-Duty Cashmere Joggers and Hoodie

best winter purchases, naadam cashmere joggers and hoodie

Hoodie (XS) l Joggers (S)

I snagged a set in the color ‘cabernet’ over two years ago, and the more time passes, the more I adore it. This season, when I spotted the ‘rust’ color (and knowing they don’t always restock these shades), I didn’t hesitate to grab it. I’m particularly in love with the joggers. Since my cabernet set has cropped pants, the perfectly fitting joggers were a delightful surprise. You can choose from many colors, including some perfect for the Spring.

best winter purchases, naadam cashmere joggers and hoodie

I not only love wearing the set together, but also pairing the hoodie with jeans or leather pants and boots.

Shop Cashmere Sets

3. Reformation Garnett Cropped Sweater

best winter purchases, reformation garnett cropped sweater

Sweater (XS) l Long version

The thing with cashmere sweaters for me is that one, I want them short for my petite frame, and two, if I’m investing, the color needs to be right. You’ll never see me throwing the big bucks for a black or grey cashmere sweater. Even if it’s the highest quality, if the color is not one of my best, I pass and look at another brand and wait for newer collections in the future. So when I saw this one by Reformation, I had to get it.

The shorter length pairs well with the trend of looser pants that’s becoming more popular. I’ve been enjoying wearing it since November, and when you consider the cost per wear, it’s been totally worth it.

Shop Cropped Cashmere Sweaters

4. Alo Aspen Love Puffer Jacket

winter style, alo yoga, aspen love puffer jacket

Jacket (XS)

While longline wool coats are my preferred jacket in the winter, even over workout clothes, my second most-worn type of jacket is a cropped puffer. Again, because I’m so petite, the cropped length usually hits the perfect spot on my frame. I first got a copper metallic one two years ago but needed a more neutral and casual shade, so this one by Alo met those requirements.

alo yoga, puffer jacket

Jacket (XS) l Pants (27)

Short length, perfectly warm, and roomy enough for thicker sweaters. On their website, it says the warmth level is the highest, and so far, it’s been perfect, even when I throw it on over just a tee for morning drop-off.

Shop Cropped Puffers

5. Manitobah Winter Boots and House Shoes

manitobah snow boots


I acquired these two years ago, but with New York winters being light on snow or me being in Colombia when it does snow, it wasn’t until this winter, when we ventured more upstate, that I truly put them to the test. Let me tell you, I was thrilled I had them. They proved ideal for snowy hikes in 15-degree weather, and I felt fantastic lounging around the lodge in them.

Shop Manitobah Boots

Did I mention they’re from a Native American brand? I’m absolutely obsessed. I also own the two slippers below.

Manitobah slippers

Slippers l Slides

Shop Manitobah Slippers

May you enjoy the rest of winter in style! 

Besos, Julieta

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