My 7 Most-Worn Closet Pieces This Spring


While I’m definitely a gal who needs options in my closet, I love looking back over a season to see what I’ve worn most. It helps me keep a grasp on what I should invest in moving forward and also helps me feel confident about my purchases.

I also love sharing my findings so you don’t have to wade through all the items like I do! (I’m kinda weird like that and love it lol.) So, I hope this little review of what I’ve worn most over the past couple of months is helpful!

The Spring Clothing Items I’ve Worn The Most

Wit & Wisdom Cargo jeans with comfort stretch inner waistband, styled with cropped Madewell tee, Clare V bag and Converse Chuck Taylor Platform sneakers

Tee (M) | Jeans (8) |  Sneakers | Bag | Similar Strap

I’ve got a little bit of a mix of pants, jeans, tops, and shoes that I have not only loved this spring, but will continue to wear as we move into a West Coast summer. So while these pieces aren’t super summery yet, I fully believe they’re items you’ll get the most bang-for-your-buck on many months of the year. And some of the items I’m covering I’ve had and loved for multiple seasons now already.

Most all of the pants I’m covering are lightweight, great for travel and the fits are lovely. The tops and shoes are also perfect as we warm up. And the one matching set, while slightly thicker, is still made out of a cotton blend and is so freaking good.

1 | Wit & Wisdom Carpenter Jeans

Wit & Wisdom Cargo jeans with comfort stretch inner waistband, styled with green floral Farm Rio summer top, Aerosoles Camera platform sandals.

Top (M) | Jeans (8) | Sandals | Similar Bag

Details: Of all the things (besides those Madewell tees), these jeans are my most-worn item. Amy was right months ago when she tried them and now that I’ve had them for months I’m never going back. To other waistbands. I mean I’ll keep trying but I won’t really like it.

These are so comfy, so fun, so flattering and the best. They don’t get baggy with wear and they feel current and lovely. True to size and if you have at all considered them, I highly recommend. They’re under $100 and often on sale, too!

Wit & Wisdom stretch waist carpenter jeans with inset panel styled different ways.

Tee (M) | Jeans (8) |  Sneakers | Bag | Similar Strap // Blazer (M) | Vest (LP) | Jeans (8) | Sandals

2 | Zella Vantage High Waist Ankle Pants

Zella Vantage High Waist black versatile ankle pants styled with Clare V Moyen bag, lightweight Zella jacket and adidas Nora sneakers

Jacket (M) | Pants (M) | Sneakers | Bag

Details: These black pants were a top find from my Zella try-on last month. They are in a light but not-too-thin technical fabric you’d expect from an athletic wear brand and yet they look like trousers.

They are just high waisted enough without being uncomfortable and make me feel fabulous. They’re versatile and would be great for travel. Love them with sneakers or dressed up! True to size

Zella Vantage High Waisted trousers styled for everyday with sneakers or dressy with a Farm Rio top.

Jacket (M) | Pants (M) | Sneakers // Top (M) | Pants (M) | Shoes | Bag (ooh or this)

3 | Free People Freya Set

Free People Freya sweater set styled with Nike Dunks

Set (M – other colors) Set (in charcoal/black) | Sneakers

Details: There is an Amazon dupe of this, but I tried it last year and didn’t like it quite as well. The top and bottoms are the same color which is fine, but I love the slight contrast of the FP set top and pants. Both sets come in a variety of colors and honestly, depending on what you want to invest you can’t go wrong.

I do feel like the FP set will last longer with washes (I actually got mine at my friend’s consignment shop and you could never tell it was worn and washed before even though it was.) I can’t speak to the wash-ability of the Amazon set, but for the price it’s also worth a try! I know Em was recently impressed by it. Regardless, this easy matching-esque set is comfy, versatile and super cute on.

Free People Freya sweater set with a quilted jacket and mixed with jeans

Set (M) | Similar Jacket | Birks // Similar Jacket | Top (from set) | Jeans (8) | Doc Martens

4 | Wit & Wisdom Cargo Pants

Wit & Wisdom comfy lightweight cargo pants styled with cropped Madewell tee and Nike Dunks sneakers

Tee (M) | Pants (8) | Sneakers

Details: I guess I’m just a Wit & Wisdom fan-girl now, because these I’ve also worn a TON of times lately. These cargo pants are light weight and the pocket placement is so cool. I cannot get over how much I love wearing these as it’s been hotter here lately.

These cargo pants have the same amazing waistband as the jeans from #1 and I just feel cool in these (in all the ways.) True to size here, too. You could probably size down if you’re between sizes because of the stretch or if you’re curvier. I wouldn’t if you’re straight-waisted like me though.

Wit & Wisdom olive green cargo pants with denim shirt and Farm Rio white tank

Top (M) | Denim Shirt (M) | Pants (8) | Sneakers // Top (M) | Pants (8) | Sandals

5 | Madewell Cropped Tees

Wit & Wisdom Flare pinstripe jeans with Madewell cropped tee and Aerosoles Camera Platform sandals.

Tee (M) | Jeans (8) | Sandals

Where To Buy: at Nordstrom | at Madewell

Details: I know you’ve heard about these tees a bunch, but I can’t quit them. If anyone finds similar so we can add more colors to our mix, let me know!

They’re lightweight, but not too thin and the perfect length to hit right at the waistband (so many regular tees hit at a weird spot on me and I have to tuck, cut or just not wear.) LOVE. TTS and perfect. Madewell, please make more colors!

Madewell Lakeshore cropped tees with sneakers and Free People Moxie jeans and AGOLDE wide leg jeans.

Tee (M) | Jeans (29) | Sneakers // Tee (M) | Jeans (28) | Sneakers

6 | Aerosoles Camera Platform Sandals

Aerosoles Camera Platform sandals with Dressed in Lala playset

Set (M) | Sandals (tts)

Where To Buy: at Nordstrom | at Aerosoles | at DSW | at Amazon

Details: I’ve become much more of a fan of platform sandals than heels over the past couple of years and also a super fan of anything Aerosoles. These Camera Platform sandals are so comfortable and sturdy to walk in and provide that height I like sometimes without being annoying.

I like a neutral shade that goes with everything, but they come in a whole range of colors (currently eyeing the metallics) True to size, comfy AND they cover my problem areas (ahem, bunions) on my feets. LOVE these so much. I don’t wear them to walk all day in, but I almost could! True to size.

Aerosoles Camera Platform sandal with cargo jeans and Farm Rio blouse and Reformation dress.

Top (M) | Jeans (8) | Sandals // Dress (M) | Sandals

7 | Rag & Bone Featherweight Logan Jeans

Rag & Bone Featherweight Logan jeans in black worn with cropped Madewell tee in parchment and Sam Edelman flat tan sandals

Tee (M) | Jeans (30) | Sandals

Where To Buy: Black: at Shopbop | at Neiman Marcus | at Rag & Bone

Blue Washes: at Saks | at Anthropologie | at Nordstrom | at Shopbop

You may have also heard me talk ad nauseam about these Rag & Bone Logan Featherweight jeans. I recently did a whole speil on them over on our YouTube channel. They’re lightweight and drapey without feeling too thin. They have a trouser look to them and the waist isn’t too squishy on my middle.

I did size up in them because I typically have to in rag & bone to fit my butt + thighs. This does help the waist not be so tight, too. If you’re curvier than I am you might not need to size up, depending on your waistline. Mine is pretty straight. I love the more cropped boxy shirts for this reason that hit right at the waistband of these jeans to show off my proportions best. My mom loves these, too!

Rag & Bone Featherweight Logan wide leg jeans with blazer and fisherman sandals and silver bag
My mom and I both adore these jeans!

Top (M) | Jeans (30) | Sneakers //

Similar Blazer | Tee (M) | Jeans (30 – mom wearing a 28) | Similar Sandals | Similar Bag

Bonus Item: This Levi’s Western Denim Shirt

Levi's denim western shirt worn as a jacket

Shirt (M)

I don’t have many pics of this baby but I freaking love it as an everyday alternative to a denim jacket (and I’m wearing it as we speak bc our AC was blasting a bit.)

I’d worn an older one from Gap for years until it finally busted at the elbows. This one I just got and have worn it about every other day since thrown on over whatever I have on to warm it up. It’s so good. I just don’t have a ton of pics yet.

I love looking back like I mentioned to see what I’m actually grabbing all the time. I hope it’s helpful if you’ve been eyeing up any of these pieces for your own closet. As always, let me know if you have any questions about fit or details!



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