My Fall 2013 Styleboard


I've been working away on a 2013 Fall Essentials list for moms (coming out soon!!) but one trend* became very clear:

The 90's are back.

(*it could be argued that 'the 90's', are, in fact, multiple trends and yes OK fine.  Agreed.)

But it's the best of the 90's.  It's minimalist-grunge with twists of glamour…and a 70's influence thrown in.  It's fabulous fur-lined army parkas and flannel shirts worn as jackets and wool beanies and cozy sweaters (oh, the cozy sweaters Mamas) and streamlined cargo pants and monochromatic head-to-toe black, buffalo check everything and corduroy flare fabulousness.

And really.  I could go on and on but instead I'll just shut up and show you:

(images, clockwise from top left: Vince, Maje Fall 2013, Joie, ShopbopMaje Fall 2013, ASOS MagMaje Fall 2013)


Bust out your Doc Martaans, Mamas.  I may even find an upgraded turtleneck this year.  I know!!

And pregnant Mamas who are looking for a sleek, super-stretchy black pant…J.Crew just announced the Maternity Minnie. Yesss.



ps.  The next time we chat, I will have new, 18-year-old boobs.  Just sayin'.  




  1. Ha, I still have my gap overalls that I last wore on Halloween to be a farmer to my then 1 year old chicken. Have to say they are super comfy. Now I just need Timberlands and a huge flannel shirt.
    Good luck S! I’ve been thinking about you!

  2. Oh I can smell the teen spirit…but head to toe black, beanies AND cozy sweaters?!? I’m in love with Fall 2013 already! Thinking good thoughts for tomorrow!

  3. I have a pair of Doc Martin boots in my closet that have been unpacked and repacked every winter… but not worn in probably a decade. Looks like it’s time to bring them out and wear them with some skinny(ish) jeans and a flannel!
    Hmm… maybe I should watch My So Called Life for inspiration… =)

  4. I was just noticing the flannel popping up. And maybe now I’ll get someone to buy my Docs that I’ve had sitting in my closet that are too small.

  5. This. This I can get on board with.
    The other day, I was at Nordstrom Rack and I saw the comfiest looking pair of pants by Splendid… on super clearance. They were cords. And flares. Black. But so so comfy! And I put them back because I was like dude, they’re corduroy flares, I mean really. But I have been lusting after them ever since I left the store. And here you mean to tell me those are coming back?!?!
    Dude. I’m so going back to try and find them….

  6. Dammit. I finally evolved away from the ’90s look in the last couple years, embracing skinny jeans and whatnot. This summer I starting thinking that the ’80s was on it’s way back in with the popularity of high rise (aka normal) jeans and all the ’80s fashion at Urban Outfitters made me think that mainstream fashion would embrace that look soon. Now it’s the ’90s? The decade where low rise, bootcut jeans made their debut? WTF fashion trends? I give up. I am going to buy a snuggie, belt it, and wear it with clogs. Surely that covers a few decades that will soon be cool again.
    My disenchantment aside, I wish you good luck with your surgery and take care of yourself. Yay for boobies!

  7. Brianna – laughed out loud reading this.  If it makes you feel any better, skinnies aren't going anywhere.  Even the flares and bootcut are slimmed down.  It seems that a trend always comes back a bit differently, you know?
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  8. Love this post – humor and truth all in one. When deciding on your favorite Mommy Must haves for fall, a TopShelf membership should totally make the cut! I’m newly obsessed. (
    Definitely helps me save time, especially when figuring out next season’s staples! (and to find chic deals since I can totally customize it to my style and price points.) πŸ™‚
    Busy moms helping other busy moms! Good luck with the new boobies!

  9. Enjoy the new boobs and hope your recovery continues to get better and better. I had my baby on Monday and am enjoying my enormous breastfeeding boobs – well, except for the engorgement, nipple soreness, etc. But the baby makes it worth it!

  10. Dear Shana, I’ve been wanting to send you a note for some time now. I’ve been reading your blog for over a year and although my boys are now teenagers, I find so much useful information. I think reading your blog has really helped me “unstuffy” my wardrobe. I’ve been thinking about you a lot and sending you healing thoughts since you shared your news. You are incredibly resilient and I know you are going to kick this cancer’s butt!
    I love the idea of returning to the 90’s. It was a really happy decade for me: met my hubs, married him, had my first baby. I am going to love learning to put a modern twist on what was for me, a defining era. Take care. Anne

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