My Favorite Etsy Sellers To Stock Your Dress-Up Box


I love pretend play and dress-up, but I'm not a big Halloween fan.  I mean sure…if babies are involved, I'm ALL in.  I dressed R up as a bee, and remember Pax the chicken?  Yeah – that's my kind of Halloween dress-up.  But as soon as they get old enough to form their own opinions, I find myself trying to come up with a "Super-hero bear" costume only to have it tossed aside day-of.

So now we've scaled the whole Halloween thing waaaay back.  When Halloween parties pop up, or the main event itself, we wander on over to the dress up box and see what we can come up with.  And thanks to some insanely talented Etsy sellers….we have a whole lotta awesome in our dress-up box.  (For under $50.)


Like, BAM





Hunting Faeries

In addition to the insanely awesome Viking outfit and dragon (on Raines and Pax), Hunting Faeries carries some seriously gorgeous animal mask/tail combinations, as well as clever hats (think Robin Hood, Knights, Vikings, Nurse) and pretty crowns.  



Her prices range from about $18 – $50 (most animal mask/tail combos are $40).  She's currently running about 10 days out for custom orders, so if you'd like something for Halloween, don't wait!

I think we need to see another shot of her awesome dragon, don't you?


I mean seriously.


Originals By Lauren Too

For about $25, Originals by Lauren Too makes some really clever capes:  bat, angel, vampire, red riding hood….as well as a few hysterical occupational costumes.  I think the boys would get a kick out of the chef's hat, but the doctor costume (mini scrubs??) is awesome.


Raines loves the bat cape.  I just need to find him some ears.  It's hard to find a bat-eared hat that's not babyish. (According to Raines.)


 Her Flying Horses

Her Flying Horses makes felt designs similar to Hunting Faeries, but the masks are simpler and cheaper (you can see us all decked out in her masks here).  And where Her Flying Horses really shines is in her take on non-commercialized super-hero masks and cuffs.  (Oh and fake mustaches and beards.  IKNOW!)  Her prices range from $3 for a mustache to $15 for the masks (no tails). 


Teeny Bunny

Teeny Bunny is for the serious wing-lover.  These wings are stunningly gorgeous, wire-free, and $42 each.  I am beyond thrilled by the gender-neutral options.



Pip and Bean

Pip and Bean makes a variety of customized super-hero capes and paraphernalia, but my favorite is their plain, double-sided cape for $17.  I call it our "everyday cape".  You pick the colors for each side, and voila! 


 The key thing about this cape – and for us, this is really, really, key – it has a velcro closure at the neck.  SO…when your little maniacs fling themselves out of trees, should the cape catch on a branch, it'll just rip off, rather than, uh, choke them to death.  Or something.  This cape is a pretty standard birthday gift from us, too.

But if you want fancy capes….for about $50, Pip and Bean can do really, really fancy.



Sigh.  I love basking in the creative glow of others.




Any other Etsy sellers you love, Mamas?




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  1. Thanks for these Etsy links and costume ideas! Love the simple mask idea. Done and done. Time to get cracking on a costume/dress-up box over here! Thinking about you everyday, S.

  2. Awwww Pax the chicken 🙂 Loved that one. He reminds me of my little Zeke in that pic.
    This makes me want to get all crafty and make some angry bird masks for my boysies and a cute little tiny one for baby girl!
    The Mahalo site mentioned in the comments had some super cute little infant superhero ones, and a baby scuba diver (could attach a paci to the snorkel and it would be good to go)! Too cute!!

  3. Ummm does that bat cape look like that because R is jumping in the photo or is it actually like that? Because if it’s like that we need one. Right. Now.

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