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The last time I was this cold in August was the one spent in England, where I returned with a new winter coat as a souvenir.

On the upside, a summer this cold means that I am now completely, thoroughly outfitted for Fall.  So….I thought I’d share my favorite jacket finds.  Typically I’ll find a single jacket that gets me excited (and let’s face it, most of the time it’s made out of sweatshirt material), but oddly enough, I have found FOUR fabulous Fall jackets (and YES, several of them include sweatshirt-like comfort).  You’ll be seeing more (much, much more) of these jackets – I have some fun collaborations coming up – but some of these jackets seem to have a staying-in-stock problem, so I thought I’d share the love before it’s gone.

Everlane’s Swing Trench, $138

This one has a major staying-in-stock problem, and that’s probably because it IS freaking fabulous.  I love the mod, swingy shape, and the fact that it’s water resistant (hello, raincoat).   I also appreciate that the sleeves (unlike cheap raincoats) are actually lined in something soft, so I can throw it on over a t-shirt and be comfortable (no plastic-sleeves for me, thankyouverymuch).

Everlane currently has M, L and XL in stock…but  it looks like the XS and S won’t be back in stock Sept 9th.  (wearing: size xs)



(also wearing: marc jacobs sweater in XS/S, rag and bone skinny stretch jeans size 25, sole society natasha boots, makr rucksack)

Free People Oversized Knit Jacket, $168

This one is a weird sort of cocoon jacket….but I can’t quit it.  It’s actually a cross between a sweater and a sweatshirt and a jacket…??? Does that even make sense?  If it were a joke, it would start with, “a sweater, a sweatshirt and a jacket walked into a bar….” and end with the word “nubby”.   It also comes in a mustard yellow which fair-skinned people like me should stay far away from.

In all seriousness, you can throw it on like some big, oversized cardigan….but it has the chic styling of a jacket.  And I love the low-on-the-hips belt.  (wearing: size xs)






(also wearing: everlane ryan tank in XS,  rag and bone skinny stretch jeans size 25, sole society natasha boots)


Chelsea28 Angular Hem Double Breasted Jacket, on sale for $65

A really cool navy blazer made out of sweatshirt-like material.  And on sale. Nuff said, I think. (wearing: size XS)




(also wearing: everlane ryan tank in XS,  rag and bone skinny stretch jeans size 25, Chantelle Rive Gauche Demi T-shirt bra in blue)


Free People Denim and Knit Jacket, $148

There was a target knock-off for this one, but the Free People original is way softer.  I’ve been doing the double-denim thing with this hoodie all summer, and – if I’m being completely honest here – sweatpants.  I’ve been wearing this one mostly with sweatpants.  (wearing: size small)





Any other fab fall jacket finds?  Spill!




  1. Ooooh, love these, the FP one especially! It’s still too warm for jackets here, but it looks like the kind of thing I’d wear all the time. Also wondering about the boots in the pics…. I thought they were the r&b at first, too, but no? My r&b’s are sitting in the box in my closet. I lurrrvvee them, but am still working on getting over the price!

  2. I think we should discuss all of the other things you’re wearing in this post – jeans, great tee, adorable-blue-bra-that-is-peeking-out-just-the-right-amount, boots, white backpack/bag, etc. And by “we” I clearly mean you, and by “discuss” I mean tell us where you got them so that we can all go out and purchase the exact same outfit and be adorable too.

  3. I love the Everlane swing trench, but have been hesitating on pulling the trigger. They don’t show a fully buttoned up photo on their site, and I’m wondering if it will be too — swingy? — for a curvy hourglass figure. Thoughts?

  4. That Everlane jacket! Gah, no wonder it’s always sold out; it’s gorgeous. It’s too hot in Missouri to wear jackets, but has that stopped me from relentlessly lusting after them? I’ll let you guess the answer.
    I saw the Target knock-off jacket at my store and in small, but the rack was pretty bare, and it’s recognizable enough that I know I’d get caught matching someone, somewhere, and ooooh, that is one of my biggest pet peeves.
    Great post!

  5. Oh wow, I love them all. Especially the Everlane and the Free People denim. Argh, not good for my pocketbook, but awesome picks! Love the other commenters’ suggestions, too!

  6. Twenty one comments and no one has inquired about the tattoo (?) on your forearm? Would you be kind enough to share what it says? Also, I do love that jacket, and the way it’s tied, but I’m also finding it confusing – is the tie around the very bottom? Somewhere between waist and hem?

  7. I am still drooling over the FP denim jacket ever since I first saw it at a department store a couple months ago. If anyone is interested Macy’s has a Jessica Simpson version that is much cheaper. I haven’t seen it in person though so I can’t attest to it’s softness or whether it has pockets (the Target version does not).

  8. I’ve been trying, now unsuccessfully, to resist the Free People jacket. I love, love, love it. I am an 8 and am pretty curvy in the hips and it looks amazing! Of course, I live in Atlanta where it won’t be cool enough to wear this for probably another month, but this is for sure going to be my go-to for the entire fall and winter. Oh, and I got it at Bloomingdale’s because the are having a sale for ‘Loyalists’ where you can get $25 off, so even better. (I do not work for, blog for, or am any way affiliated with that company, but I do love some shopping there)

  9. Is your Everlane trench Tan or Sage? The sage looks much darker in their photos than yours, but I prefer the way the jacket/sweater combo balances in your pics! Thanks!

  10. Way super later on this one, but I’ve been literally dreaming about this jacket. Is there ANY CHANCE IN THE WORLD that it would be even remotely appropriate for a Denver winter? She asks hopefully…

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