My Favorite Toddler and Kid Shoes For Spring And Summer (Sponsored Post)



Gang, I'm pretty restrictive with sponsored posts.  But when Nordstrom asked me to take a look at their newly expanded kids' shoe section….it took me all of a red hot second to say yes, please.  You see, I discovered that Nordstrom is now carrying all of my favorite kids' shoes.  Like, seriously, for realz, ALL OF THEM.  IN ONE PLACE WITH FREE SHIPPING AND FREE RETURN SHIPPING I DIE OF HAPPINESS THE END.

And I know everyone has their own kid shoe-opinions (shoepinions?)…but just for fun, here are mine: 


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Shopping Notes:

Hunter rainboots are the most comfortable rainboots ever made.  It's a fight to get Pax to wear anything else.  (Happily, they look especially adorbs when accessorized with a super-hero cape.)  However, I have one gripe:  The toddler boots have a nice, low profile, but the youth ones fit taller, more like the adult version.  I wish Hunter would come out with a low profile boot for older kids….I suspect that next year Raines may find the tall boots too girly.  We'll see. 

Native Shoes are like Crocs, but a thousand times cooler.

Saltwater Sandals are our hands-down favs.  I'm thrilled that Nordstrom is carrying the whole line, which ranges from the classic (red, yellow, white) to the chic (blush pink)…from the sedate (navy, tan, brown) to the fun (patent leather!  prints!).  SO worth checking out.



Running (2)

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Readers turned me on to Geox when I was complaining one day about Raines' smelly feet.  Geox shoes feature a breathable sole which helps to alleviate some of the stink.  However, their styling is pretty hit-and-miss.  A few styles are spot-on perfect, the others fall into that tiresome I AM A KID SHOE AND DEAR GOD I LIGHT UP category.

Each summer, instead of flip-flops we buy TOMS.  They are just as easy, almost as cool on a hot summer day, and much better for growing feet.  (We manage to trash ours by the end of summer – death by skateboard – but that's part of being well-loved, right?)  Also?  The cute prints sell out fast.

Converse, Vans, and Supras all share sleek styling, sweet colors, and enough street cred for all the hipster babies.  We're currently in a Vans phase simply because they are the fastest to put on.  (And might be the only reason Raines gets to school on time.)  But Converse's rubberized toe is crucial for the biking/skateboarding/scootering set.  And by "toe" I mean "brake" if you know what I mean. 



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Bow oxfords in teal and neon?  Mini man-shoes with contrast laces?  I mean really.  The pictures speak for themselves.  

And are you guys dying over the kid Birkenstocks as much as I am?  (YES I already checked to see if the neon comes in adult sizes.  Sadly, no.)


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ps.  A huge thank you to Nordstrom for sponsoring this post.  As always, all thoughts, opinions, follies, and product choices are my own (or as Pax still says, "mine own").



  1. Two questions…
    The size range for the Hunter boots is massive-4-8 years! Have you had any any problems with that?
    And all the gumboots we’ve bought have got splits in the rubber before they’ve even lasted a season, how have your Hunter kids boots held up?

  2. Bogs make a great tall rain boot as well.
    As for the Birkenstocks, I got H a pair but was a bit unhappy with the material. They weren’t full leather straps. The inside was a brushed fabric. Are the nordstroms full leather?
    Going to try Toms as a slip on shoe for the summer- thanks!

  3. Awesome–great post. I also love having small feet (6.5 women’s) bc I can shop in the kids section for casuals. (Usually a lot cheaper!)

  4. We love Toms and the ON version of those Natives. I’m curious about the Saltwater sandals. How adjustable are those straps?

  5. Flip-flops ARE a mess, aren’t they?? I’m always so impressed when I see some toddler strolling around in them. They totally didn’t work for either of my guys.

  6. Our Hunters have really held up well.
    But the size range – the 4-8 years applies to the sizing range, not the actual size. There’s “Big Kid” and “Little Kid” and within each size range there are a number of sizes – 1, 2, 3, etc. So confusing, right?

  7. It seems that the straps can be made of leather or Birko-Flor/Birkibuc which are both synthetic materials. They don’t shy away from the labeling as it seems to be in the title of the shoe. Make sure it says ‘leather’ somewhere in the listing!
    I was just checking these out for my crazy arch-less 9 year old who has huge feet!

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