My Favorite Part of This Blog? You.


I'm not sure I'll ever be able to explain how much your love and support have meant this past year.  How reading your comments is like taking a deep gulp of air, and how grateful I am that you embraced me at my most vulnerable. Once again, I am awed and humbled by your wise words.   

That last post?  It was a scary one.  It required a leap of faith in….humanity, I suppose.  So thank you for not letting me fall.    

I wanted to share part of an email I received today from reader Sandy.  She wrote:

I have been reading a lot of Brene Brown lately, and my favourite premise of hers is that shame cannot survive being shared. Reading your posts has got me thinking that fear and pain cannot survive being shared either. This is a wonderful thing to know.


Well.  I think we finally found that nugget of profound wisdom I was looking for.  Fear and pain cannot survive being shared.

This is a wonderful thing to know.  It may even be, when all else fails, the only thing worth knowing.

All my love,




  1. You don’t know me. I’ve never met you. And yet this glimpse you show me of your life through your blog has me caring for you. I think about you. I worry about you. I wait for updates. I hope that all is well.
    I find you courageous, you’re husband amazing, and your children beautiful.
    I hate what you have been through, but wish everyone had the support and family you have.
    You thank your readers for their support, but I think you give others just as much strength and support if not more.
    As a single mom and an engineer… I love! “fight like a girl”.
    Thank YOU for all you give us.

  2. Hi
    I’m an Aussie reader. I love this blog and I love it more since I have shared your cancer journey with you.
    It’s lovely to see someone at their most vulnerable.
    It hen they are most real.
    Great job on your blog, your life and….oh yeah…….your life(being alive is such a blessing).

  3. Ditto to what Kristy said!! You are so amazingly inspirational. And I LOVE your fashion sense. You help keep me out of a mommy rut, which helps me feel young (well, I’m only 31), energetic, and like I still matter, too!! I couldn’t thank you enough. And thank you for sharing your brave journey with us. I only hope to have so much grace if I’m ever confronted with a real challenge!
    Love from New York!! Xo

  4. It was great to meet you this weekend at the air show! I’ve loved following your story and it was so neat to meet you in person. You are radiant, it just pours right out of you. Thanks for inviting us into your life & sharing your story.

  5. Wow. I just got goosebumps. Thank you! Brene Brown is one of my favorites, but I hadn’t heard that particular gem. Rock on, chica. You are doing something wonderful through this blog.

  6. Even very occasional commenters like myself totally have your back and are sending love and support. I really appreciate you sharing your story and totally putting yourself out there. Thank you for sharing, and thank you for sharing that nugget of wisdom!

  7. You are an inspiration to so many, Shana. Thank you for sharing your life, talents, and struggles with us. Your blog has added so much to my life and I’m very thankful for you.

  8. Hi S – I stumbled across your blog while pregnant with my first son (know 16 months old) and have been a loyal reader ever since. I immediately identified with your background (I studied engineering – but thank GOD I don’t do it for a living) and your cool girl wardrobe. Watching you fight through the past year via this website has helped me keep other things in perspective. Thank you for sharing your struggle and your triumphs with us! Looking forward to many more posts!

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