My Favorite Slow Fashion Gifts From Zady (And 25% Off Everything)



One of my very favorite online retailers, Zady, is offering 25% off through Dec 6th with code THOUGHTFUL.

Zady’s mission is simple:  to create a company around ethically made clothing with inspiring style.  Their online shop feels like a thoughtfully curated boutique, and last year they started adding pieces of their own design.  Their full line includes several drool-worthy sweaters, on-point tshirts, and now a few items for men.

If you’ve been reading for a while (or follow me on Instagram, @shanachristine), you probably recognize these sweaters – they’re some of my most-worn.



Zady The Sweater, size XS




Zady Chunky Knit Sweater, size XS


In addition to these truly fabulous sweaters, here are a few more slow fashion gift recommendations….(the jewelry, especially, is my fav.  Everyday pieces that are really unique and special.)




1. Zady Lightweight Alpaca Sweater, $185

Each Zady sweater I’ve tried has become an instant wear-everyday staple, so I suspect this is just as good.  (And lightweight to tuck into a skirt for holiday parties.)

2. Kristen Elspeth Lightning Studs, $180

Handmade in the US and in 14K gold, this are my new favorite bad-ass studs.

3. Shashi Bracelet, $145

Made in NYC, this braided gold bracelet is an understated stunner.

4. Degs & Sal Black Leather Bracelet, $75

Exactly the kind of man-jewelry Mike loves.  So cool.

5.  Zady Men’s Alpaca Sweater, $165

Yes!!  Mike’s been drooling over my Zady sweaters for a year now (they’re so well made)….finally they have one for him.

6. Matt & Nat Macaroon July Backpack, $150

Once you go backpack, you’ll never go back.  They’re just so much more comfortable to carry around, especially with kids in tow.  This one is gorgeous.  Love the color, love the shape, love the lux vibe.

7. J.Press York St. Gray Chambray Tie, $98

The kind of tie that can go to the office OR a dressed-up date night.

8. Clare Vivier Folded Clutch, $220

Clare V can do no wrong, and Zady carries a well-edited selection. This one, however, is my very favorite.

9. Winter Water Factory Organic Romper, $38

The prints on these rompers are STUNNING.  This is my personal fav, but they can even make construction equipment look sophisticated.

10. Indigo Sailing Ship Kite, $45

Um.  This has got to be the most beautiful kite I’ve ever seen.  I’d actually hang this as a mobile in a kid’s room. (Also in white.)

11. Eco-Kids Powdered Finger Paint, $20

I love everything about this – the fact that you can mix your own (use only what you need at the time), the fact that it’s completely chemical free, and the gorgeous packaging that helps make this feel like a special gift. (ps. They also have eco-dough, which is similar to the kind we used when Raines was tiny.)





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