My Favorite Way To Wear White Jeans This Fall (And Beyond)


With stripes, obviously.  Always stripes.  But in all seriousness, I threw this outfit together back in August, while I was home visiting my family.  It was one of those times that I hadn’t really packed properly – it was much colder than expected, so must of what I planned to wear was tossed aside.  I pulled these pieces together into a de facto outfit, and ended up loving the result.

White jeans and stripes are nothing new, but when the stripes are cozy and slouchy and more creamy than white, and the whole look is grounded with black ankle boots (bonus points for a wood heel)….the vibe was ever-so-slightly more rock chic than preppy.

If you follow me on IG (@shanachristine), you’ve seen a couple of these pics before, but I thought it was worth writing up.  Especially since this outfit has quickly become one of my go-tos for Fall.  It’s a little unexpected, yet comfy, and who doesn’t want another excuse to wear stripes?

white jeans in fall

ripped white jeans

white jeans in winter

Outfit Details

sweater: La Ligne AAA Lean Lines Sweater , xs for reference (and more options below….)

jeans: Rag and Bone Dre’s size 25 for reference (now 30% off)

boots: Vince Camuto (suuuuuuper comfortable, despite the heel – also available in a non-peeptoe version as well)

clutch: Rebecca Minkoff Leo in floral (also dying over this palm tree one)

sunglasses: Tory Burch (50% off!!)


We took Mom out for dinner at The Marq, one of our fav restaurants back home (Marquette, MI).  And as tradition dictates, we tried posing for pictures.

As tradition also dictates…..sisters gotta sister.

And what started out as deep, heartfelt conversations over dinner, eventually turned into…..


Oh, we’ll party in our white jeans and stripes, you guys.  When the sitter is booked, NOTHING CAN STOP US.

(Except for bedtime.  If you recall our IG story from that night…..we left approx 4 min after this pic was taken.  Because, DONE.)

Here’s to wild dance parties….that end by 10.

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  1. Really like your post! i got white jeans a while ago (more than a year ago), i can’t seem to get the fashion guts to wear them, out, I’m not sure why, i am in California. i try them on at home and each time, i say in my head oh these are cute, but wearing them to work is another story and on weekends i like wearing dresses, it’s been super hot out. then now i hear that after labor day and white thing in my head…oh well. i’ll make a point of wearing them this week to work, ha ha! Your Mom is really cute, I like her style!

  2. First off, you look great, as always. But seriously. Your mom. She looks amazing. So, what we really want to know is what she is wearing!!!

  3. I love your outfit! I’m with Lily, I have white jeans, but never find quite the right time to wear them. I should add that I have 3 small children and I constantly worry about sticky little hand prints on my butt or something ?

  4. What’s the secret to keeping white jeans clean with little ones around? Following the TME ethos of “wear it, don’t save it,” I wore my white AGs to a pizza party on Friday & got a spot of tomato sauce on them. Hoped that Shout and OxyClean would get it out – no luck. Then tried to bleach the one spot, and ended up ruining the jeans as the bleached spot is now a *darker* color of white than the rest of the jeans. Help!

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  6. To ANGB, LAURA, FRANCES, LILY, REBECCA, EMILY, KRISTY B: I’m Shana’s mom, and I cannot tell you how sweet I think you all are for those wonderful comments. I am so blessed that Scotti helps me out with my hair and Shana gave me that lace top to wear over my black tank. My “Friday night date jeans” are Rag and Bone that Shana gave me about two or three years ago. The shoes are Nine West, and they, too, are a favorite old pair that I have. Thank you for your kind words; you really have made my day. xxoo

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