My Health & Beauty Regimen: What I Use From The Inside, Out


There are many things that have changed about my body, skin, hair and health since college (and before I had three children), some of which are completely out of my control — like the saggy lower belly skin covered in stretch marks, some of which I have found ways to somewhat manage (like my minor loss of bladder control and frown lines) and some of which I have been able to completely take control of and turn around, thanks to a specific regimen, such as my TERRIBLE acid reflux and heartburn.

I will first and foremost state for the record, I am in no way opposed to cosmetic procedures. I think that every woman has the right to do what they want with their own body, and I think that it is important for us to do what makes US feel good about ourselves. I had a nose job 10 years ago, and it was one of the best decisions I made. I also did two years of Invisalign to correct some crooked teeth that had shifted even after wearing braces for two years in high school. Again, great decision, great money spent, because I feel GREAT about myself and more confident in my own skin. But there are some things that I would prefer to try to maintain/change/improve in a more natural way for as long as I can, such as my skin. 

The sole intention of this post is to share my own personal health & beauty regimen and pass along remedies that have proven to work for me. Please make your own informed decisions and speak to your doctor if you’re unsure that something in this post may be right for you!

My Health & Beauty Regimen, Inside & Out

We're all about maintaining solid gut health & well-performing skincare, sunscreen & sunless tanners. Our secrets for a healthy body & skin, inside.



For me, there’s not much to skincare. It’s all about a good cleanser, moisturizer, eye cream and always always SPF. And because I wear at least 30 SPF and obviously don’t go in tanning beds (unless I’m trying to get a base for a tropical vacay) having a good tinted moisturizer/selfless tanner is a staple in my regimen! 

I use (and swear by) Olay Regenerist products. I use the Olay Regenerist Detoxifying Pore Scrub and then follow up with the Olay Regenerist Microsculpting Cream (Amazon sells the Skin Care Duo pack) and the Total Effects Anti-Aging Eye Cream

I have also REALLY been loving Algenist’s products lately. They’re a little bit pricier, but the results I’ve seen from their creams, particularly the Genius Ultimate Anti-Aging Cream is crazy. I apply this modestly on just the areas of concern (mainly my frown lines and forehead), and I have seen a major reduction in lines around my mouth. 100% worth the price to help me hold off on cosmetic procedures for now. 

Typically before I apply my moisturizer, I spray one of my Mario Badescu Facial Sprays. I bought the trio, so I can pick and choose what my skin needs on that particular day, and I LOVE. THESE. SPRAYS. My skin is instantly refreshed and glowing. 

Sunscreen & Sunless Tanner

With three small, very active children, I am out in the sun A LOT in the summertime, even when I don’t want to be. My favorite sunscreen products when I’m beach- or poolside are the Pacifica Mineral Bronzing Sunscreen Spray and the Pacifica Mineral Bronzing Sunscreen Face Shade. They smell SO GOOD, and they give my skin a beautiful bronze glow while protecting it at the same time! If I am going to be out in the sun, but not necessarily in a bathing suit, the Supergoop Setting Mist is my favorite, because I can spray it right on my made-up face. Not only will it not mess up my makeup, but it doubles as a setting spray + SPF in one! I also use the Supergoop! Unseen Sunscreen which is a totally invisible, weightless, scentless, makeup-gripping, daily primer with SPF 40.

Last but not least in my skincare regimen, my beloved sunless tanners. Gone are the college days I used to fry in a tanning bed 3-4x a week so I could maintain my super natural-looking, orange-red glow year-round in Pennsylvania. If you want to avoid wrinkling, or rather, slow it down, you avoid the UV rays… bottom line. My go-to sunless tanners are the Bondi Sands One Hour Express Foam (you’ll need the applicator mitt too), which I use when I know I’m going somewhere like a wedding, out on a date night with the hubby or something along those lines. For an everyday sunless glow, I use the St. Tropez Gradual Tan Tinted Everyday Lotion

Gut Health

It is my belief that a lot of what goes on with our bodies on the outside has almost everything to do with what goes on on the inside as well. I started developing severe gastrointestinal issues over the last 6 years or so (and they were increasingly getting worse and worse). I underwent several GI endoscopies and was put on every acid reflux medication a doctor could physically recommend  — there was little to no improvement for me. It had gotten so bad to the point where I had to sleep in an upright position and take anti-nausea meds and a sleep aid just to fall asleep, and it was greatly impacting my quality of life. Anything I ate or drank that was even remotely acidic destroyed me. I found that I was gaining weight because I was constantly fatigued, and later found that the medication (proton pump inhibitor i.e. Nexium) I was on was reducing my stomach acid, which in turn meant my food wasn’t being properly broken down so I was bloated and pretty much always constipated.

It wasn’t until I ditched the meds and started getting my gut health right that I saw an improvement in my acid-reflux/heartburn, and now I rarely deal with it! The best part of this is that not only has this regimen gotten my reflux under control, but my energy is up and my metabolism is up, which means my weight is  managed, and I also never ever bloat anymore (which I used to all the time). Below is a listed regimen of the all-natural regimen I’ve been following for almost a year now to manage my gut and all-around health.

1 // Daily Probiotic – This helps to support the stomach digestive environment condition and supports the natural stomach balance. It’s great for gas relief, bloating, constipation, gut health, digestive health, intestinal health, immune support, and weight loss! I take one every day.

2 // Daily Fiber/Prebiotic – This helps support not only digestive health but immune health as well! I chew two to four gummies a day!

3 // Peppermint Oil Capsule – This capsule has saved my life. I take this first thing in the morning on an empty stomach and I will often take on again (on emptier stomach) before I know I’m about to eat/drink a meal that could give me some heartburn. It literally puts the fire out. It’s advertised on the bottle to use for IBS (which I don’t have) but I use it just for my gut health/reflux and it’s been a game-changer! 

4 // Apple Cider Vinegar Capsule (or gummy) – This is the holy grail of supplements in my opinion. There is no reason everyone shouldn’t be taking Apple Cider Vinegar, in some form, regularly; the health benefits are undeniable and include helping balance pH levels, assist with blood sugar management, heartburn relief, bloating relief and weight loss just to name a few! If I could choose only one supplement to take for the rest of my life, it would be ACV. I take this 1-2x a day with food!

5 // Licorice Root Capsule – This capsule helps soothe stomach irritation and support a healthy digestive function. I take this every day with my ACV capsule, as it’s recommended to take with food. 

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  1. Dermatologist here–tanning bed use is NEVER ok, and base tans do not protect you from burning! The only safe tans are sunless tans!

    • Im not promoting or encouraging the use of a tanning bed, nor did I say it was safe! I’m Simply being honest and transparent in saying I have gone in one before. I spend alot of money on SPF and self tanning products to do my best to avoid UV rays 🙂

  2. I am curious about why one would take apple cider vinegar in a pill form as opposed to just taking a shot? Is the purpose of the pill simply to avoid the acidic taste?

    • Yes! Just simply saving myself the nasty taste! but also these capsules have added ingredients such as Cayenne Pepper powder (known to reduce hunger and blood pressure), Aloe Vera Leaf (helps support body’s natural detoxification process) and Astragalus Root (powerful immune building plant)

  3. I know I read that and thought EEK please tell me that’s a joke! Then I realized it is not. I feel like a disclosure that tanning beds “just to get a base” is a TERRIBLE idea.

    • Im not promoting or encouraging the use of a tanning bed, nor did I say it was safe! I’m Simply being honest and transparent in saying I have gone in one before, like a small handful of times over the last 10 years. I spend alot of money on SPF and self tanning products to do my best to avoid UV rays ?

  4. It’s great to see a post about gut health! I have struggled with Celiac and hypothyroid disease all my life, and over the last ten years have been making major changes to my diet, medicine and supplement regimen, and feeling and functioning better and better as I figure out my issues. One huge thing for readers who have gas/bloating issues: fermented products like apple cider vinegar, kombucha, sauerkraut, etc. may not be for you. This is because you may have Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO), and more fermented stuff will intensify the problem. I used to try all those things based on recommendations from websites and books, but found serious relief when I cut them from my diet.

  5. “unless I’m trying to get a base for a tropical vacay” ??? This blog and this contributor have become insufferable.

  6. Eye-rolling over the comments about her comment on tanning. She clearly wasn’t giving an endorsement of tanning beds or the tanning industry. I love your posts, Tori! Please keep them coming.

  7. Thanks for the tip on apple cider vinegar pills. The taste of ACV straight is nasty but it works for me – never knew there were pills. So getting this tonight on my way home.

  8. Long time reader here, and a primary care physician…
    This is not a “health” post. Making claims of weight loss and detox (there is no such thing- that is what your liver/kidneys/intestines do) are misleading. There is no rigorous data to back any of these claims. Even as a probiotic, apple cider vinegar has been mostly shown ineffective. Perhaps where there is small data is in a slight reduction of blood sugar. Please vet these kinds of health claims before placing them in such a public sphere.

  9. I love this site, and while I know your intentions are pure in terms of sharing your journey with heartburn and what has worked for you, it makes me worried that you are offering medical advice. I am all for sharing information to help others, but as a medical provider, gut health is a complicated issue. I also understand that doctors and prescriptions don’t always solve the problem. I just worry it’s a bit out of place on this site and may mislead some people. You didn’t offer some key advice (like reducing or omitting gluten, avoiding caffeine, keeping a food diary etc), but rather seem to be promoting some supplements which won’t solve the problem or work for everyone.

    • Lindsay, I did state very clearly in my post that this regimen was just what has worked for me and it may not be for everyone. I spent years going to doctors and taking prescriptions to no avail. This regimen has completely changed my life and I have first hand seen the benefits of it. My intentions were just to share my own personal experience and maybe help other women out there like me who have struggled with severe gastro issues and received absolutely zero help from anyone in the medical field for it.

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