Mamas, me and my camo pants were recently interviewed on Skinny Mom.

(Or, as my mom would quickly correct me, "my camo pants and I".)


(wearing: Zara camo pants – similiar style, Stylemint tee, Dolce Vita Java boots)

Skinny Mom is an online community of moms focused on modern healthy living.  The name is a play on words – Skinny Mom provides moms with "the skinny" on the latest fitness routines, yummy recipes, parenting and fashion tips.  

Anyway, I was so honored to be featured.  And the interview was really fun.  I answered some typical questions like "what inspired you to start your blog" and "where do your fashion ideas come from", but they also wanted to know what my favorite fashion accessory was (I had two), what item I think every mom should have, and which celebrity would I most love to style (can you guess??).

Anyway, check it out!  I'd love to hear your thoughts.






  1. Totally agree with the Jennifer Garner comment too! I LOVE her (seriously….she’s on my list of celebs I’d sleep with if I were to have a lesbian encounter. TMI?) but I just saw a pic of her out and about and she wasn’t looking so stylish. I’d love to see what she’d look like once you were finished with her.

  2. Fun interview. I love your point about sticking with an individual style. Your blog has really helped me analyze and develop my own style and avoid feeling “less than” because I can’t keep up with the trends. Wish you were blogging when I was in middle school. Thanks a bunch!

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