Need A Bag Refresh? Meet My Latest Obsession: Hobos



Mama’s got a brand new bag.

You may remember my previous bag obsession, Rebecca Minkoff’s Julian Backpack.  It’s the bag I just can’t quit (even now), but it does have a few limitations:

One:  Pickpockets.  (Just go with me here.)  While in Barcelona this past summer, I brought my backpack only to be stopped by locals and warned about pickpockets.  After Mike’s prescription sunglasses were “lifted” (ugh), I realized they were right.  So while this isn’t a huge issue stateside, I would think twice before packing my backpack next time.

Two: I can’t fit my laptop.  My giant camera?  Easily.  Laptop?  Sadly, no.

So what’s a girl to do?

The obvious choices are a giant tote, or a big ‘ol satchel.  But I’m SO over totes right now, and giant satchels, while amazing, aren’t that comfortable for walking.  I’ve been totally and completely spoiled by the comfort of my Minkoff backpack (even when stuffed full), and satchels, rather than moulding to your body, bang and bump and stay structured.

But the hobo bag… moulds.  Happily, this time around, the newer hobo bags are bigger, and some even have a cross-body strap, making these perfect for us mamas on the go (whether we’re toting laptops or diapers).












Outfit Details

sweater: last season’s Free People.  This one is similar.

jeans: AG Ankle Skinnies 

shoes: Vince Newlyn Sneaker – black is sold out, but there’s navytan or a more boot-like version of black.  I can’t say enough about these sneakers – insanely comfortable, walkable, and so chic.

bag: Rebecca Minkoff Moto Hobo

necklaces: Dana Rebecca Star Pendant, and Disc Pendant

sunglasses: similar Ray-bans (but I’m drooling over this pair)


Shop My Fav Hobo Bags





What other bag trends are you guys loving right now?  I’m still a hardcore backpack fan, but I’ve been having trouble finding one that’s big enough yet doesn’t scream FUNCTIONAL!!!  I’M SUPER FUNCTIONAL!!  (Other than that $1200 Burberry I’m unhelpfully drooling over.) Thoughts?

And Philly locals? If you haven’t been, One Shot Cafe is ah-mazing.



photo credits:  The insanely talented duo at Redfield Photography.

A huge thank you to Nordstrom for sponsoring this post!  Your handbag department is starting to rival your shoe department (SWOON), and was just the thing for a little (much-needed) bag inspo.  As always, all thoughts, opinions, product choices, and stupid tourist moves are my own.  And readers, thank you for your continued support.  It doesn’t go unnoticed, and is so very much appreciated.


    • Check out the safari bag from rough and tumble. It comes in waxed canvas or leather. It converts from shoulder, to cross body and a backpack. Tons of pockets and organization. I can even fit a liter water bottle in one of the inside pockets so it stays upright and won’t spill.

  1. My family went to Barcelona in August, also. I had heard about the pickpockets but refused to carry a crossbody bag. I ended up with this: Although it wasn’t the best constructed bag ever, it did carry all our stuff around (how do I always end up carrying everyone’s stuff??) admirably. The zipper could be clipped into the shoulder strap to lock it down without looking like one of those touristy theft resistant travel packs. And being able to carry it as a shoulder bag was handy in museums. I had one pickpocket attempt inside Sagrada Familia- they went for the small outside pocket- but I wasn’t keeping anything in there. Too bad both zippers are now failing- I’m on the lookout for something nicer but similar for our next adventure.

  2. In this vein, I’m a huge fan of the Coach Duffle. When you un-double the strap, you get a super long crossbody and the bag holds a ton. It doesn’t look huge, but I carried them when my kid was little and it held diapers, snacks, wipes and extra pants. My bigger laptop doesn’t fit, but something like a Surface Pro or Macbook Air would. And if you get the factory version, it’s $100-$150 depending. A workhorse hobo!

  3. I am a huge fan of hobo bags and have been toting around my crossbody for awhile now. Buttery soft, tons of space and chic looking! I love hobo brand. Nordstrom does carry some of that brand, but their website has oodles to choose from. The Sheila is my go to. Plus I love they are a small company out of Maryland where I live.

  4. I’m loving these hobo bags! I’m not super particular about shape but a large, soft cross body is a must! I’ve been carrying one since my diaper bag days (and my youngest are 10!) And thanks for letting the Philly crowd know where you are in these pictures! It looks gorg! Will definitely have to check it out!

  5. I love this bag! I have found that after my mastectomy my shoulders don’t work like they used to to hold up regular purses, so I can only comfortably wear cross body bags these days. I love your shoes here too.

  6. Even if pickpockets are not a big issue in your city, please do not sit with your bag hanging on the back of your chair! Total invitation to thieves!

  7. Well I can’t quite my Rebecca Minkoff’s Julian Backpack. Did you know you can hook the bottom clip to the top ring, making it harder to get into the bag? I wish RM would make some rip stop fabric bags, b/c bringing my backpack to a farm or zoo, it’s getting dirty.

  8. I LOVE my Henri Bendel Jetsetter convertible bag! It can be worn as a cross-body, a backpack or a satchel. I originally bought it for a trip to Paris last spring (which, sadly, did not happen) but I have used it on a couple trips here in the states and I love the versatility. I have the large size in the gray/black canvas option (there is a mini version and many colors to choose from that change seasonally!). I use it as a satchel for my office job, but as a cross-body or backpack when going to kid sports games or traveling. I get asked ALL the time about this bag (even by strangers!), and I always feel like a saleslady because I rave about it and have to show them all the options. 🙂

  9. Could we get a bag refresh for men? My husband’s messenger bag is too casual for his job (due to the material) and I need ideas for a non-briefcase update!

  10. Hi! The bag you have looks like it has dark hardware and pebbled leather. Nordstrom has black but in glazed leather. Bloomingdale’s has black pebbled leather but with silver hardware. can you confirm which one is the one you have? I love the black but think the softer pebbled leather is the way to go. I just don’t love that bright silver hardware.

  11. I stalked the RM Moto Hobo for a year waiting for the color/hardware combination I wanted to come out (tawny port, silver hardware) and went the extra mile by getting one of the guitar straps to go with it. LOVE! But now I think I might need the Julian backpack, too…

  12. Great post! I need bag ideas for spring/summer! SAH mom of two boys 5 and 8. Lots of shuttling the kids around sports this spring, pool, camp this summer. I don’t want to use my boring tan tote (much as I love)

  13. On the better late then never front…I just picked up the Rebecca Minkoff bag for $139 at Nordstrom Rack!! Love it as an alternative to my backpack and will use it all fall/winter long!

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