My Mom Edit: The Moms Behind Social Threads


More often than not I come across moms who do some seriously amazing things – business owners, women with a cause, women in fashion, and more who are just down-right relatable and interesting. Two women I’d love for you to ‘meet’ are Sara and Maureen; owners of Social Threads, an online clothing boutique that has totally caught our attention here at TME.

Social Threads delivers a unique online shopping experience for this reason: it’s personal. Sara and Maureen put a TON of thought and care into what they present to their customer. We’ve already seen plenty of Social Threads pieces we know our TME community will love and it’s a total plus that there are two awesome women behind it all. With stylist and buyer career backgrounds between them, Sara and Maureen are cultivating a brand full of boutique items that we can shop from the comfort of home (yeah, we kind of love that).

Here’s our recent Q&A with Sara and Maureen:

Q: Let’s get the basics out of the way: where you live, how many kids, etc.

Sara: I live in Long Island, NY (originally from Massachusetts), with my husband Robby (who is Maureen’s brother!) and my 3 girls: Lucy (11), Molly (9) and Ruby (almost 4)

Maureen:  I was born and raised on Long Island. Now I live in NJ with my husband, Jay and three kids: Courtney (12), Teddy (11) and Bridget (8).

Q: What are three words that describe your personal style?

Sara: Casual, Boho, Effortless

Maureen: Comfortable, Casual, Versatile

Q: Who are your style icons? How do you integrate those tastes into your own wardrobe if at all?

Sara: Jessica Alba, Blake Lively and Joanna Gaines. They all dress so effortlessly and layer a lot. Adding a scarf, a great blazer or a fun pair of earrings can really make a good outfit into a great one!

Maureen: Princess Kate, Olivia Palermo and Reese Witherspoon. From classic to chic to mom style, they have it covered. I find myself looking to them for inspiration.  They each have a little something in their style I can relate to and I draw from that.

Q: How has your personal style changed since becoming a mom?

Sara: I am definitely more grab and go when it comes to getting dressed in the morning. Most of the time I put together an outfit from the first piece that I can see in my closet (or from a pile of discarded clothes since I never get around to hanging things back up!). I also often repeat outfits that I feel good in (in my 20’s I never would have repeated!). If I feel like I need to look extra put together, I plan an outfit in my head!

Maureen:  I need to be comfortable. If I can’t wear yoga pants all day, then my jeans better feel like them. 🙂  I want versatility in my wardrobe.  I love tops that can be worn with flip flops and shorts but also with denim and heels. I want easy. I don’t like to think too much about what to wear. In my opinion, a dress and slip on sneakers is the perfect instant outfit.

Q: Can you give us a little rundown on what your typical day looks like?

Sara: I try to wake up before my kids to work a bit (though this is tough, since I am more of a night owl than an early bird). Then I get the girls off to school. After that I squeeze in an hour workout. Then its Social Threads work until the after school rush of activities begins.  Cook a quick dinner (currently loving Hello Fresh!), check homework then get the kids ready for bed. After that my husband and I unwind with a little TV (love series such as Game of Thrones or Billions) and then squeeze in more work before bed!

Maureen:  I am up at 6:30 to get the kids off to school. I walk the dog and attempt a quick workout.  After that I am off to work which includes checking on our orders and shipments and numerous calls to Sara!  We try to finish up by the time the kids are done with school so I can give them my full attention. (Although many an after school carpool has had to listen to a Social Threads conference call!) After cooking dinner and getting kids home from activities, I do most of my online work. I love working at night when it is quiet and all are settled.

Q: Your online store, Social Threads, is a really well-edited selection of pieces that seem to be geared toward moms, in terms of price point, comfort level and shipping ease. How do you choose which pieces to carry in your shop?

Sara and Maureen: We select pieces we would actually wear.  At least one of us would have to wear it or we will not carry it. We also like to go through our imaginary day to decide what pieces we need in our closet. When picking something, we ask each other when/how would you wear this? We also make sure we hit all of the major trends but in a way that our customers would actually wear it, nothing over the top!

Q: What are your three top selling pieces?

Sara and Maureen: Moto Leggings, Blank NYC Weekend Warrior Cutoffs, BB Dakota Suede Jacket (All pictured below).

Q: What’s your go-to outfit? 

 Sara: BlankNYC skinny jeans, oversized sweater or top, booties and gold hoop earrings

 Maureen: BlankNYC dark wash skinny jeans, any cardigan preferably with pockets, booties

Clothing Details (Above)

Maureen’s Top Pick: RD Style Cable Sweater Coat

Sara’s Top Picks: RD Style Poncho Front Pocket SweaterStelladot Hoop Earrings

Boots they swear by: Sorel Lea Waterproof Wedge Bootie

Q: What pieces are you most excited about this Fall? (Either in-store now, or coming, if you want to give us a sneak peek…)

Sara and Maureen: We have a really great holiday capsule launching mid-October. The goal of this capsule is to help our customers be outfit ready for the rush of holiday parties!  Included in this are lots of statement holiday tops, coated denim, cute blazers and funky faux fur jackets!

Q: What’s your favorite giant mom bag? 

Sara: I just purchased a Rebecca Minkoff Always on MAB Backpack and I am obsessed. It allows me to carry everything more balanced (I have a lot less tension in my shoulders now) and has lots of pockets for organizing and even a protective sleeve inside for my laptop. I get so many compliments on it too, which is a plus! Hopefully she makes it in more colors soon!

Maureen: A total splurge but I am obsessed with the LV Neverfull. I truly stuff that thing but as the name suggests, it is never full. It is a great carry on bag for travel and it always looks great.

Q: Dinner with three people dead or alive, who and why?

Sara: My dad, who passed away when I was in my early 20’s. He always told me he knew I would own my own business some day. He would be so excited to hear all about Social Threads and of course his grandkids!

My grandmother, I miss her so much. She is one of the reasons why I love clothes. She was a shopaholic and always had the best shoes!

Joanna Gaines. I would love to rack her brain on how she manages to do it all! A successful business woman, a great mom, a fun wife and she still manages to look so cute!

Maureen: My dad, who passed away four years ago. He was an entrepreneur and he would have been obsessed with Social Threads. He would want to know all the ins and outs. I just know he is loving that Sara and I are working together.

Eliza Hamilton (Alexander Hamilton’s wife). She was a badass. She was the mom of 8 children, lived until she was 95 and was an amazing inspiration for hardworking women.

Andy Cohen (Bravo). He is damn funny and sometimes we just need to keep it light.


I know i’ve been eyeing up some of those cozy sweaters so stay tuned for a seriously good one-shoulder number. If you’re dying to see anything from Social Threads styled up on TME or you’re trying it yourself, leave us a comment below!





  1. Wow!! Where have you guys been all my life? (Or my life after having four boys and a slightly small baby pooch and no ability to dry clean anything ever again). Thanks TME for introducing me to my new shopping BFF. BTW, are you guys going to restock the RD cable sweater in size small – I am already making my Christmas list and this is top of the list!!)

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