My New Fav Spring Accessory: The Quirky Cross-Body




I bought this little record bag on a whim, during Kate Spade’s Thanksgiving sale.  It was 75% off, so obviously.  What I didn’t realize at the time was that this funky little bag would quickly become one of the most-worn pieces in my closet.  Not just for date night (but YES, it comes along on virtually every date night), but during the day, while running around with the kiddos.



Granted, my littles aren’t so little anymore; I don’t *really* need a diaper bag….but I borrowed this trick from a Denver Mama I ran into at the park EONS ago.  I had actually snapped her pic for Mom Street Style, but never posted it (who knows why – these things just happen sometimes) and now can’t find the pic.  Grrr.  BUT.  Here’s the thing:  she was walking around Cheeseman Park, pushing her baby in a stroller, wearing the cutest little cross-body diaper clutch (kind of like the Skip Hop Diaper Clutch) – and that was it.  I had to stop her.  I mean….once I hefted my overly large and heavily laden Marc Jacobs over my shoulder and ran – BOOM BA BA BOOM – her down.

She claimed that a small cross-body was just easier for her new-baby lifestyle.  Keys?  In the little bag.  Credit card, id, lipstick, phone and paci?  All in the little bag, easily accessed, no digging around.  Diapers and wipes and nursing cover and ergo and blankets and hat and whatnot?  Ooooooo….there was a bigger bag stuffed into the bottom of her stroller.  She pulled it out when needed.  And, she claimed, even without the stroller, it was easier for her to carry two bags than go rooting around for her keys (or OH GOD THE PACI) which invariably ends up at the very bottom.

At the time I was like “ain’t never gonna happen” but I thought about her again recently when I found myself using my little record cross-body on the daily.





Personally, I love how a quirky cross-body can give an outfit some much-needed personality, you know?  And at this stage, it totally works for my lifestyle (I’ve even done this trick with a cross-body bag and a backpack).

I don’t know if I would’ve been comfortable with this trick as a brand-new mama.  I was pretty happy with my seriously overstuffed bag.  After baby #2, however, I totally could’ve done it.  And I LOVE, like SING FROM THE ROOFTOPS LOVE not having to rummage around for keys.  I swear I’ve waisted half my life rummaging around for keys.  I’m totally that person, the one sitting down in the parking lot surrounded by the entire contents of her purse while her kids helpfully cheer, “MOM!  Did you LOOK in the bag??  They’re ALWAYS in your bag!!”

Sigh.  So yeah – I’m sooooo in on this one.






coat: French Connection c/o  (size 0 for reference)

dress: NLST True Tee Dress (size XS for reference)

leggings: Plush fleece-lined faux leather (XS, they run small)

boots: Ugg Australia Elisabetta Boots (now 60% off at 6pm!!)

quirky cross-body: Kate Spade record bag

purse: Kate Spade Henry Duffle (fits our HUGE camera and then some)


I used to worry, as a new mama, that life, as my baby grew and no longer needed me so, would only get worse.  It could only get worse!  I lived in fear of time, trying to hold on as hard as I possibly could.

I. Was. So. Wrong.





This year?  With my boys running and jumping and skiing and sassing and turning into real live people who astound me at every turn?  Best. Year. Yet.

Happy Friday!



 Shop Quirky Cross-Body Mini Bags

I found a TON of awesome (and often hysterical) cross-body mini bags if you are so inclined.  Most are crazy affordable, as well.  Check out the just-updated Spring Bag Guide (under ‘The Shops’).  They’re listed under “Quirky Cross-Body Mini Bags” (in alphabetical order).





  1. I completely agree with you–my husband and I have definitely hit the fun parenting era now that our kids are almost 5 and 8. They play together well and let me sleep in on the weekends, we get out the door more easily than we ever have before (although there are still days when we finally get in the care and I have to say, “Off we go like a herd of worms.”), I only tote around my own belongings, and they’re just fun to converse with at this age! And your outfit is adorable–that dress is my favorite.

  2. Thank you so much for that last part. I have a two year old and another on the way. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the two year old stage and I keep thinking that I don’t want it to end because the older years won’t be as fun. The reassurance that it just gets better is bringing this pregnant mama to tears!!!!

  3. Oh, you enabler! I’ve admiring those boots at winter, but $400+ was too rich for my blood. At 60% off??? No time to waste! Even though sprig has already come to California. They’ll still be in style next winter, right?

    And I loved your quirky little bag so much that I had to click over to the shop and see more… and find a perfect cobalt saddlebag to replace the crossbody bag that’s seen three years of hard wear, as I too was one of those two bag mamas all through my daughter’s early days. (Now that she’s three, I just through an extra diaper in my bag and off we go.)

    Great picks! I’ve been reading since ANMJ, when I was looking for stylish pregnancy clothes, and you are KILLING IT lately! xo

  4. I’m all about the cross body bag! For me, it totally saves on my back and shoulders. When I carry around a huge tote, I get SUCH a back ache. So, if I know I’m going out about on the town, I smoosh everything into one of these little bags. I have a ton; I like my options. My favorite place to shop for them: girls section at Zara. Seriously. Give it a go. My black suede two buckle one, my pink snake, and my little glittery onelike your (and inspired purchase because of your) Kate Spade shoes are all from Zara Girls. And, they’re either always on sale OR a fraction of the big girl section’s price!

    Now, the bag that I’m seriously all about Shana…is the FANNY PACK! Heehee. (I have to be careful calling it that since it’s a naughty word in the UK and Australia!) Now back/shoulder pain with this one at all! I have a black with gold zippers arriving any moment! Can’t wait.

    Would you wear one?! I like to think you would;D

    Ann of Kremb de la Kremb

  5. Cute bag! I used to think mama who carried there purse with a separate diaper bag were kind of nuts, but now I see thee wisdom. I went through a dozen different large bags and backpacks during our diaper days, and even though I used organizers to keep track of all my small stuff, I never was happy because whenever I went out without the kids, I would switch thing to a smaller bag anyway. Alas, those days are behind me now and I back to carrying my smallish purses.

  6. That little bit at the end almost made me cry. I used to fear time too, but at 5 years old, my little guy is the most fun ever.

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