A Review of NAADAM’s Sustainable Cashmere Sweaters (Hint: My New Favs)


I’m a big (HUGE) fan of cashmere sweaters. I blame my Dad. We both had sensitive skin (and freckles, holla), and he always insisted that cashmere was the only wool he could wear.

Same Dad, SAME.

For years now, I’ve been pretty loyal to the same few cashmere brands: Equipment, Everlane, Vince — the usual suspects. But then I got wind of NAADAM (embarrassingly through those IG ads, I didn’t even, ya know, hear it from someplace cool via Impressive Blogger Connections or anything), but WHOA.

NAADAM is a sustainable clothing brand.

So. I quickly ordered a bunch to try and…quite frankly, the results were SO good, not only did I have a tough time deciding what to keep…I wanted more. So. If you’ve been getting frustrated because cashmere sweaters seem to be getting thinner and thinner, yet you want cashmere that’s deliciously thick and cozy….this is for you.

PSA: NAADAM sweaters are currently 30% off with code BF30. (Why hello, Black Friday week).

#1 NAADAM Wool Cashmere Chunky Sweater (Heathered Brown)

This is — and I don’t say this lightly — THE softest sweater I have EVER worn. Bizarrely, it’s mostly merino wool (only 18% cashmere), but even my Dad would’ve approved. It runs insanely small, however — I’m wearing a medium.

sweater | jeans

#2 The Luxe Unisex Cashmere Sweater (Black)

We recently got wind of NAADAM  — a sustainable fashion brand — & their cashmere sweaters. DELICIOUS (read: warm, thick, cozy). An honest review, inside.

This is my new favorite wear-everyday black sweater. It’s unisex, so I’m absofreakinglutely getting one for Mike, too. I love the boyish vibe and the super-thick cashmere. I’ll be washing this one in the washing machine, on cold, in a mesh laundry bag.

sweater | jeans

#3 Balloon Sleeve Cropped Turtleneck (Navy)

We recently got wind of NAADAM  — a sustainable fashion brand — & their cashmere sweaters. DELICIOUS (read: warm, thick, cozy). An honest review, inside.

Now THIS cashmere gorgeousness manages to be both light and airy…as well as soft. I love the slightly cropped shape (so much easier to tuck into high-rise jeans) and it’s just delicious, delicious, delicious.

sweater | jeans

#4 Wool Cashmere Oversized Ribbed Turtleneck (Black)

We recently got wind of NAADAM  — a sustainable fashion brand — & their cashmere sweaters. DELICIOUS (read: warm, thick, cozy). An honest review, inside.

This was the only sweater that didn’t make me literally swoon with happiness. It’s super thick and soft (like the others), but I think I need to be taller to pull this off. The neck was too much, the sleeves were too much…it was like I was drowning in cashmere. (Oh, woe is me…sob…sob…EYEROLL.)

sweater | jeans

Shop My Favorite Cashmere Sweaters From NAADAM

Seriously guys, I could NOT be MORE EXCITED about this freaking cashmere. Go, go, go before it sells out. Now I’m going to go and buy Mike some sweaters before we hit publish MWAH HA HA.

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  1. Shana, important question! How do you plan to clean your Wool Cashmere Chunky Sweater? I noticed that its care instructions say “dry clean only” while the other, 100% cashmere sweaters say “dry clean or hand wash”. Are you planning to put your wool cashmere sweater in the washer, or hand wash it, or actually dry clean it?

    • RIGHT?? I just saw that. I have not…um…had much *luck* washing merino wool in the past, but there was a rogue husband involved and a dryer sooooo…

      I’m probably going to go as long as I can without washing, and then try handwashing in REALLY cold water and laying flat to dry. Actually…The Laundress says it’s OK to wash merino wool: https://rstyle.me/+lG6A96MpCVOZdGe-xX0Xzg

    • I did NOT. I was doing research for an article about really THICK cashmere sweaters (they seem hard to find these days…at least under $500, sheesh) so I ignored all cashmere under $100. In my experience it’s soft, but pretty thin.

  2. Do you here that??…angels are singing…the post I have been waiting for…thank you!  If you purchase the silk cashmere turtleneck and/or cashmere ribbed sweater can you let us know?  I’ve been eyeing the turtleneck for awhile now…thinking of pairing it with my Paige wideleg cords.  Also, I’m in love with the Forrest Green color and thought the ribbed turtleneck might be the winner.  I’m just not 100% sure about size.  Also, thank you.  You and your staff are amazing.  I’ve actually cut back on my spending because now I focus quality.  Plus, your toy recommendations are always spot on.  Happy Thanksgiving to everyone at TME and their families.

    • AHHHH thank you, Tina!!! This comment made my whole freaking day. And YES – I did purchase a couple of the ribbed cashmere pieces (the green one linked, the black v-neck) so I’ll let you know about sizing as soon as they come in.

  3. I just received the $75 v neck in the mail and it is gorgeousssss. It’s even softer than the jcrew boyfriend v neck cashmere sweaters which are my favorite for softness and drape. I want another one ASAP! Can’t beat the price either! It’s definitely not as thick after the unisex crew neck but I actually thought that one was a little too thick for my Florida temperatures but it is dreamy as well

  4. I just received my Naadam unisex black cashmere sweater and had to recheck how much I paid because the quality is similar to a sweater three times it’s price. It is my thickest cashmere sweater. Now I want more.

    • RIGHT????? Lisa I SO AGREE. I was totally blown away, too. I’ve been getting more and more annoyed with my usual cashmere brands because they’ve been getting thinner and thinner over the years…and the thick ones have just been getting more and more expensive. I have zero interest in paying $500 for a sweater. And these are sustainable, too. Amazing.

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