The Best Flares under $100, Plus Flare Fit Tips for Curvy Ladies





Inspired by all the kick-ass flares Shana and Co. have been rocking on The Mom Edit, I quickly became excited, (ok, obsessed) with the idea of finding the perfect pair of flares for myself.

Thinking about flared jeans gives me a serious case of the feels…

Mostly it’s excitement I feel, because – yay flares! What’s not to love about them?  But as strange as it may sound, there’s a strong feeling of shock and horror lingering somewhere in the depths too…

Shock because it sincerely feels like just yesterday when in the archaic year of 1998, as a freshman in high school,  I begged my parents for a ridiculously overpriced pair of Diesel flares (all the rage) and passionately tried to persuade them that it was a good investment on their part because I would wear them forever and ever (they didn’t even make it to college) –

and horror at how easily and often the phrase “feels like just yesterday” rolls off my tongue these days, and at how (as Shana perfectly describes) quickly that feeling of being “old” sneaks up on you.

(Time is a sneaky little asshole.)

Since I didn’t hold on to those Diesel flares – probably for the best anyway since they likely wouldn’t make it past my calves – I was officially on the hunt for an updated version…

I had a starting idea of what I wanted this time around. They needed to at least be:

  • affordable – the cheaper the better, but definitely under $100
  • high quality – durable denim fabric, enough to last me for a few years
  • functional – comfortable enough to wear all day and versatile enough to wear dressed up or dressed down
  • form flattering – for my curvy/pear shape body type

Easy enough right? Doesn’t seem like too much to ask for in a pair of jeans.

Well, it didn’t take me very long to become disheartened after a trip to the mall where I spent several hours getting reacquainted with an old nemesis: dressing room lighting.

I’d give just about anything for a modelesque frame. Specifically those long, lean legs that look good in every pair of pants. – instead, I’ve got wide hips, thick thighs, and a long flat butt (paints such a pretty picture doesn’t it? ) I’m trying good Lord, I’m trying to accept and love my curvy/hourglass shape but it’s really hard not to be disappointed when I try something on that looks stylish and sleek on the model, but instead make me look like a stumpy hobbit.

So this was the predicament I found myself in when shopping for flares. The pair I first eyed while looking online, did NOTHING for my shape when I tried them on.

Not wanting to let my old nemesis win, I went home, hopped online and did a little research and found a few game changing tips for us curvy girls:

1. Opt for a higher waist –

The aptly-named website I Love Jeans suggests that a higher waisted jean helps accentuate natural curves and adds length to the legs.

2.  Stretchy fabric –

WhoWhatWear suggests looking for a fabric content of with at least 1% Lycra mix for shape and comfort. I Love Jeans tells buyers to to go for Cotton, Polyester & Lycra for an optimal shape.

3. Bring in the Bell Bottoms

This flare cut from the 70’s is narrow and form fitting from the hip to the end of the thigh, and only begin to flare out at the knee. They help to elongate the legs and create an hourglass frame.

In the end, it proved to be totally worth the blood, sweat and tears effort when I stumbled upon these Factory Daisy Wash Flare Jeans from J.Crew Factory for only $53.5o. Eat your heart out, dressing room lighting.


The high waist did wonders for adding length and keeping me from looking too stumpy. Plus, I absolutely love the medium blue denim wash – great inspiration for scheming spring and summer looks, too. What’s best? The price was so low that I had money left over to buy another pair of flares.






Outfit Details

top – Hard Tail Long Skinny Tee, $64.00

sweater – Fly With Me Oversized Cardigan, 50% off at $41.00

jeans – Factory Daisy Wash Flare Jean, $49.5o

shoes – DV by Dolce Vita Connary Boot, $59.97

bag- Suede Fringe Foldover Crossbody Bag, $78.00

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