My Sister’s Easy and Chic Post-Partum Outfit (And Why a Gorgeous Nursing Bra Matters)




This is my sister, Scotti.  TWO WEEKS post-partum.



Gorg, right?  The bra peeking out is a nursing bra; the dress is a maternity dress.  It all works.  And check out the back:



The power of a pretty bra.  Let it show, let it show, let it show.



This is such a great example of effortless post-partum style.  (I know Scott is snorting at my use of the word “effortless”.  This was her first real outing after the baby and took her…well…the typical new-mom minimum of 2-3 hours to actually leave the house.  But it all looks effortless, right?)




dress:  ASOS Maternity…or try this similar maternity maxi dress from ASOS (on sale for $25)

braLa Leche League Wrap ‘N Snap Nursing Bra in leopard

jacket: old…try Gap’s Denim jacket (a classic! and on sale for $40)

shoes: similar DV by Dolce Vita gold sandals (on sale for $35)

bag: Lily Jade Madeline Diaper Bag

earrings: old, but Scotti is also eyeing up this pair of gold, dangly earrings

sunglasses: old….similar Marc Jacobs sunglasses here


Here are a few additional nursing bras that would look gorg peeking out of a maxi….






  1. A+ for this outfit – I had a baby in February, and this is basically what I’ve been living in all spring and summer. I’ve got two great black maxi dresses, an eleven-year-old denim jacket with patched elbows, and gold thongs from Loft. I can’t wear the big dangly gold earrings anymore, thanks to Little Miss Grabby, but Scotti nailed it. And, not gonna lie, it makes me super happy to see that at least one outfit in my closet is Shana-approved. 🙂

    (My dresses: This one from Old Navy, which I have in three colors – – and a full-length one WITH POCKETS from Gap from the spring.)

    Congrats to your sister and your family! The baby girl is just beautiful.

  2. She looks lovely! Sorry to ask a unrelated question, but how can I find some of your older entries. Is there a search function? I’m looking for the one where you give the seasonless starter wardrobe with your friend’s fabulous drawings. That’s the entry I always point to when I’m introducing friends to your blog. Or the entries that give the step by step styling suggestions for new visiters to your blog (where you show the difference between interesting sweaters and not-so-interesting sweaters). Is there a way to find them on the new blog? Sorry again!

    • Cindy – there’s a search function on the top right that’s been working MUCH better than the old one. Or if you click the menu bars in each category, you should see the most popular posts come up (I think the drawing one should show up under style). But you’re not the only one asking for links to the “Start Here” kind of articles. Let me see if I can add that page back in. Thanks for the feedback!

      • Thanks Shana! Yes, I found the article with the search function (worked really well, but not available on the mobile version of the site–I don’t know if there is any way to add a search function to the mobile version as well? If not, don’t sweat it.) I was able to show my favorite entries to my cousin and tell her how awesome this blog is!

  3. She looks great! Congrats on getting out of the house for the first time. And with an accessory (earrings–she’s going all out)! I thought having at least one pretty nursing bra was important to me to just feel pretty and normal. Sigh…

    • LOL- I know, the earrings seemed so FANCY when I was newly post-partum! Am thinking I should’ve pulled them out, though…little did I know that grabby hands would quickly make them useless a few months later! 🙂

  4. I love this! My baby is due in 5 weeks so I’m trying to stockpile a few nursing bras/tanks right now. Can I ask how Scotti likes this particular one? It’s cute but it has terrible reviews on Amazon.

    • Leslie – I’ll let Scotti answer too, but the bra was originally mine. It had terrible reviews when I bought it 5 years ago. Gosh – 5 already? Anyway, I never understood the bad reviews. You have to figure out which snap to use (the whole thing snaps on/off so it’s almost guaranteed to fit) but once you do….??? It’s totally fine. The only issue I had was that the weird underlining would show through the top of the cup in the front. But this was only after months (and months) of nursing, when my cup size started to go down. But at that point, the bra was just too big, so I stopped wearing it.

  5. I had this same bra!! I loved it but thought it was too hard to wear without showing. I guess I should’ve just gone with it, it looks gorgeous like this!

  6. At a 34H I’ve yet to find anything comfortable and pretty. But my favorite nursing bra secret is Nordstrom. Their alterations dept will convert most regular bras into nursing bras. I’ve done it twice now, and while it’s not perfect, it’s good enough.

  7. I love this look! OK, I seriously need to up my pretty bra game because I’ve been wanting to wear some peek-through-bra outfits. Scotti looks fabulous!

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