Fall is here!  I love fall for so many reasons; sweaters, falling leaves, pumpkin everything….football. #hahano

Ok, so football may not be my thing, but lipstick…lipstick is my thing.  And fall has always been lipstick season.  Dark lips can feel at odds with summer’s easy vibe, but come fall, they’re the perfect accessory.

It’s hard to find a true oxblood (think: the deepest burgundy) – many lipsticks that look dark in the tube turn out to be overly pink or bright red once applied.   So I’ve been busy putting various lipsticks through the paces, and after much trial and error, have found four fool-proof oxblood lip favorites perfect for Fall.

Overall Winner

Bobbi Brown Rich Lip Color in Crimson, Bobbi Brown Lip Liner Pencil in Sangria

This is my absolute favorite oxblood lipstick.  This lipstick is creamy, lightweight and moisturizing, yet highly pigmented so you get full-coverage in one swipe.  Lip liner optional because this stuff doesn’t fade or feather.

Best Long-wear Gloss


Yves Saint Laurent Vinyl Cream Lip Stain in Burgundy Vibes

This gloss is like nothing I’ve ever tried.  I say “gloss” because although it’s called a stain, it definitely comes off if you’re kissing babies!  I was expecting a sticky glossy feel but it kind of felt like I was putting water on my lips.  The finish is a long-lasting shine that actually feels good.  It took me a minute to figure out the weird applicator, but once I got the hang of it, application was a breeze.  This is perfect for mamas who want serious shine to last for a seriously long time (like…almost all day).

Best Long-Wear


Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipstick in Heathers (currently sold out at Sephora, also available on Amazon)

This purple-hued oxblood is the perfect throwback to the 90’s . . . and it won’t budge once it’s dried.  If you want your lip color to last throughout baby kisses, eating, etc. this is the one for you.  If you have chronically chapped lips, skip this one – the matte finish shows imperfections more than a gloss.

Best Threesome


Lorac Alter Ego Lipstick, Liner & Gloss in Dominatrix

Sometimes when I’m getting ready I carefully apply lip liner and lipstick and then just grab lip gloss to throw in my purse.  It’s so much easier to swipe on some gloss when you’re out and about than to try to reapply everything else.  In the pic above, I had applied the liner and lipstick, gone to dinner, applied gloss a few times throughout the night, came home and then took the picture.  If you look closely the color isn’t perfectly even, but the gloss does a good job of camouflaging that.



PS – Did I miss one of your favs??  Let me know if you have any finds. . . we’re always on the lookout for more options!


  1. I searched all over last winter for the perfect oxblood look and never found the right one. These look perfect!! I have one question, though. As I get older, my lips are getting thinner. I’m 41 now (and I’m almost to the point where Meg Ryan and Courtney Cox’s lips make sense). I feel that the dark colors now look too..harsh (is that the right descriptor). Do you have any suggestions on how to wear dark lipstick and make my lips look a little more full while doing it? I don’t want to look like Kylie Jenner, but I don’t want to look like Kermit the frog wearing lipstick, either!!!

    • Elizabeth, the best suggestion for that is using a lip scrub first, then apply lipstick on the inside of your lips, and then a lip liner last! I know it sounds weird, but maybe watch a YouTube tutorial for some tips.

  2. Based on this, I got the Sephora brand one in Blackberry Sorbet because at $14 I thought it would be fun for fall compared to the $24+ ones of other brands (I may have also gotten it in Marvelous Mauve for everyday wear). It’s pretty awesome as in wear all day, nice matte, doesn’t immediately come off when I kiss my kiddos; but I’m struggling to apply it since I usually just run a Tarte crayon around my lip and have no idea how to get the line right. Any tips for without liner?? I already am maxing out my 5 minutes before work in the morning…

    • Yes! So glad you asked . . . I actually don’t wear any liner when I use a matte liquid stain like this . . . they already do such a good job of staying put I find the liner unnecessary. The key is the amount of product on the brush. You want to start with the smallest amount of product in order to line the perimeter of your lips. I wipe off all of the excess on the side of the opening and then use the brush to slowly draw the line where I would put liner. Once that’s done you can just fill in the rest of your lips with product. Does that help? Think of the brush as your lip liner, use the minimum amount of product and then fill in the rest.

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