The above is not at all indicative of what the past month has been like. haaa. Now that Mad’s is out of school, I am definitely looking forward to slowing down a bit this Summer (hopefully)…oh, wait I’m a mom. Scratch that. Bring on the sangria and loaves of bread! Aaaanyways…

Woooo!!! Here we are with more #myeverydayedit goodness and, if I’m being honest, you all should be the ones doing this post, because…you rocked it. Your daily outfits are on fiiiiiire. Cheers to you.

Holy W.T.F.


This was a cray week. I wear my emotions on my face, if you couldn’t tell. This outfit though…probably my favorite of the bunch. It’s easy and took little to no effort on my part. SCORE.


top: Necessary Clothing The Necessary Basic Shirt. It’s one size fits all, which I don’t love…because how is one size supposed to fit all?! I like it though…and its long enough and baggy enough to fit a wider range of body types.

shorts: BDG destroyed jean shorts, scored at Goodwill. I can’t the same ones, but these Levi’s are a very cool pair of raw-edge denim shorts

shoes: Converse All Starson sale now on Amazon

Denim on Denim


…or that good old Canadian tuxedo. I was feeling blah on this particular day and literally just grabbed these jeans and top…and thought, whatever. It’ll work. It grew on me as the day went on though and most anything with Converse is good by me.


shirt: Current Elliot Denim Popover (wearing size 1) – really awesome top…feels well-made and comfortable. I also really dig this J. Crew Chambray popover shirtand it’s currently on sale w/ an additional 30%!

jeans: Citizens of Humanity, consignment find that I cropped myself (tutorial coming soon?), so couldn’t find the exact same. These Hudson Raw Edge Jeans are rockin’

shoes: Converse All Star Lo Tops or…chucks.

The Iron Cactus in Dallas, TX has HUGE Margaritas (we now know that)


While we were in Dallas for the conference we ate at the Iron Cactus (twice) and had their HUGE margaritas (twice). Both times we all had to share, because…whoah. If I had gulped down the whole drink by myself S, Scotti and OE would have been carrying me out. Now, about this jumpsuit. Amazing pattern and material. It’s like wearing pajamas out, but much cuter. Not only that, it has a flare leg and that’s just awesome.

Now I want a margarita…mmmm.


jumpsuit: oat + fawn Flare Jumpsuit – THE coolest thing. Ever. I always feel fab in this thing…and it pairs well with flat sandals or a wedge (if you’re a bit shorter). This one is worth getting hemmed if you are more of a flats person though. Definitely worth it. I’m wearing it right now, actually. 😉

sandals: Sam Edelman gladiator sandals (in dark saddle…the natural that I am wearing appears to be sold out). There are many other gladiator styles by Sam Edelman…and they are awesome.

bag: Big Buddha Woven Crossbody bag – I’ve been grabbing this one almost every time I leave the house …the tassels!



This was my Mother’s Day get-up. I decided that I was going to dress up, gosh darn it…and I did. The blue with the orange was a surprisingly pretty combo too!


blouse: Chelsea 28 Gathered V-neck top – currently on sale

skirt: Lavish Alice Lace Pencil Skirt  – just grunged this beaut in my last post (wearing size 10, so definitely sized up a bit)

shoes: Steve Madden wedge, no longer in stock…however, these Aruba wedges. Yesssss. I’d swap my own out for those.

bag: Ann Taylor Canvas Bucket bag, c/o –  FYI: this one fits a few diapers, wallet, phone, sippy cup and a baggy of wipes…it has been tested. haha. I’ll be toting this one around a lot this Summer…and now that we are FOR REAL planning our beach vacay (our first in years), I’ve already been thinking of outfits and this baby will be coming along.

shades: Sole Society Alexia sunglasses – I usually have a problem with how glasses feel on my face (too tight on the nose or around the ears), but these are actually really comfortable on my face…lol…I’m weird, maybe.

When Sisters are in Town…


…you goof off as much as possible like you’re all 12 again! My sisters sometimes make a pit stop on their way back from college in FL, so they were here last week (gosh, I miss them)…and it was the best 48 hrs. I grabbed coffee with one sister in Old Town Rock Hill…so relaxing (because the other sister was babysitting hahaha). I want them to come back! wahhhhh. 


shades: Sole Society Alexia sunglasses

dress: Tildon Double Layer V-Neck Midi Dress – extremely comfortable and it’s not thin or see through, because of the two layers. Lurv this thing and it’s a great basic for Summer

sandals: Sam Edeleman Eavan gladiator sandals – I’d actually look on Ebay for these, because the natural color that I’m wearing appears to be sold out …that’s where I found mine.

bag: Big Buddha Woven Crossbody bag – again, I am always grabbing this one on my way out…this one is a good one to grab with your kid bag.

A Pencil Skirt, grunged again


Sometimes I feel like dressing up, but not really dressing up…if you know what I mean. So. This pencil skirt is getting a lot of wear, which surprised me. I thought it would be something I’d only wear on more dressy occasions, but I’ve actually been finding that it goes with a lot – sneaks, t-shirts, chambray button-up, etc. I can wear a more dressy piece, but tone it done to casual with a few tweaks. Lovin’ it.


vest: old jean jacket that I hacked the sleeves off of – this Gap 1969 denim vest is on sale right now

tank: Trouve Strappy High/Low Tank – this is also something that I’ve been able to throw on with a lot…jeans, skirts, shorts

skirt: Lavish Alice Lace Skirt

shoes: Vans Authentic Lo Pro Sneaker – bring me back to high school when I was soooooo cool – ha 

Now, over to you lovaaaaaahs…with your awesome sauce outfits over on the Instagramz.

The #myeverydayedit Community


1. @francesayme and her fringe sandals…this girl is always thrown’ it down in the outfit department.

2. @encapsulated_me – the red sandals with the coolest army green jacket…have always loved that color combo.

3.  @trysomecolour has me entranced with her style and the simple, yet terribly cool outfits…seriously, awesome.

4. @flatbummum – her hair is HOT and that white leather jacket. Ooooh, babyyyyy.

You can catch the TME gang in our everyday outfits w/ hashtag #myeverydayedit – @shanachristine, @scottiliz, @girlmeetsbaby & @camilledipaola




  1. Lol! I totally copied you with the denim top. Seriously, I ordered mine from the Gap when I saw your outfit on IG. Thanks again for all the inspo! Need to try blue and orange next!

  2. 1. I’m on TME…OMG thank you!!! 🙂
    2. In my next life, Cam, I want your legs. You look AHmazing in those shorts!

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