Hair braided, make-up on and an overall look of “hellz yeh”. We have left the first trimester. ALLELUIA.

It’s so cool when you don’t wake up feeling like poop every morning, knowing that you will feel like poop for a while that day…and then tomorrow…and then the next day. It is glorious, actually.

I do still feel ehhh some days (I mean, I am pregnant),  but it’s better than the feelings of DEATH I had before. I’ll take it!

Anyways, on that death note…let’s get on with this #myeverydayedit thang.

(It’s funny, because you can see the slow progression of me going from blah to better with each outfit. ha ha.)

Creepin’ Outta That 1st Trimester

Yeh, salty daze is a pretty accurate way to describe how I was feeling…



top: Billabong Graphic Tee (wearing a Medium) – super cool tee. It’s also soooooo soft.

jeans: BLANKNYC skinny jeans (wearing a size 28  – one up from my usual) – if you’ve been thinking about getting these, get them now…they are stocked right now, but sell out quickly. I love them. I ordered up a size, so that I could wear them a bit longer into the Fall…maybe. ha. They are already getting a bit tight. I’ll still wear them postpartum though. I like it when jeans are a little slouchy and baggy sometimes – especially with a  cool graphic tee!

sandals: Sam Edelman Eavan Gladiator Sandal – almost sold out everywhere (there are small sizes floating around in the white and black). Check Amazon for their selection of Sam Edelman gladiators.

Stretchy Pants Got Me Like….



tee: Joe Fresh Boyfriend Tee (wearing size Medium) – soft and comfortable tee. Highly recommend.

shorts: Joe Fresh Light Short (wearing size Medium) – I’ve been wearing this a lot. A LOT. They have a stretchy waistband. #pregnancyscore

sandals: Sam Edelman Gladiators – same as above

Man Bun Status



dress: Old Navy, old. Here is a similar option from Macy’s  and a sleeveless one from Madewell

sandals: Ancient Greek Sandals, Fontini Leather – almost sold-out, but has a very nice selection of Ancient Greeks

A Simple Day

As in, we didn’t leave the house.



top: Free People Lace Trim Tunic – I’ve worn it with and without a tank top underneath…and I can still wear it now while pregnant 🙂

jeans: BlankNYC skinny jeans (same as ones worn above)

Getting’ Fancy

See that little smirk? Yep. I woke up that day feeling not like death.



dress: Joules, old. This Boden Keira dress is to die for…and if  you’re a size 10 or 14, you’re in luck (and it’s on sale). I also found this light blue striped shift dress from Modcloth that is very cute.

sandals: Sam Edelman Gladiators (same as the last couple of outfits above…because I never take them off. Ever)

bag: Ann Taylor, c/o – sold out. This structured bucket bag is sweet…and also comes in a tan, which would be lovely for the Fall

HOT Date Night



dress: Francesca’s Palisade Printed Dress – I was surprised with how much I liked it on me (even with the ties and the bump!)

sandals: Steven Vienna Leather Sandals – my absolute favorite heel. It has a lower heel…which makes me feel like less of a giant.

bag: Kate Spade satchel…scored it at one of their factory stores (my first really nice purse purchase…it was a good day). The Kendall Court Small Henley is gorgeous.


I now turn it over to you, you rockstars of #myeverydayedit.


1. @tanreni – I don’t think I can get over those sandals. DEETS, @tanreni. We need them. 🙂

2. @andreahartman_ss – oh, yaaaah. That mix of denim and blues…mmmhhhmmm. Sweet pose, too.

3. @lessthanapineapple – first off, funniest mom picture award goes to you and really cool look with the feminine dress and more masculine boots. Lurv it.

4. @elletrain – Hair envy. Also, can’t beat a simple white top, jeans and sexy strappy heels. Nice.

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  1. i am near the end of the first trip, and i can’t figure out what kind of jeans to wear! help! my old ones are too tight, but all the maternity ones i’ve tried feel like they’re falling down. i tried sizing up in regular jeans but the high rise cuts into my belly uncomfortably and the low rise, again, feel like they’re falling down. not showing enough to do the loose tunic with leggings look, i just look frumpy. i feel like giving up jeans altogether but in this northern CA climate i get chilled with bare legs.

  2. Cams, your second trimester looks like my big lunch. You look fabulous!! Loving all your casual looks. The date night dress is gorgeous too. So excited to see my buddy Jen from @lessthanapineapple flying the flag for us Aussie fashion mummas. Go girl. No really, she needs to run…after that kid. Haha. Bron x

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