The Best Natural Deodorant: Native (And Yup – Another Smell Test)


We’re back with more Native Deodorant! In case you’re new…we’re big (HUGE) fans of Native ’round here. Not only is Native deodorant aluminum free, paraben free, and made in the U.S….it also works really, really well. We discovered Native only last Spring (based on tons of comments from readers raving about the brand)…and we’ve been using it all summer. (And by ‘we’ I mean myself, hubs, and Gwen.)

The best part about Native, however, are the scents. I don’t know how they do it, but Native deodorant has managed to come up with the freshest, yummiest scents of any deodorant around. There are so many to choose from that Gwen and I (last Spring) filmed a little smell test, smelling all of Native’s classic scents and their Spring sampler pack. You can see that video (or read through the results) here, if interested.

HOWEVER: Native is up to their usual tricks so there’s another sampler pack to be smell-tested. Right now, Native’s Seasonal Summer Sampler Pack (try saying that three times fast) is still available, and one of their scents, in particular, is SO good I’m hoping they’ll make it part of their classic collection. I know I’m making it part of my permanent collection. (At least until I run out…)

Our Favorite Native Deodorant Right Now

in no particular order….

Coconut & Vanilla – Of the classic scents, we love Coconut & Vanilla. It’s sweet, sure, but when worn, it dissipates nicely, just leaving a warm, soft scent that’s not overpowering.

Lime & Coconut – This was our breakout new fav. As we mentioned in the video, the main note is the lime, and the coconut serves to just soften it. The result is crisp, fresh and I wish it came in perfume form. We’re obsessed. This is a seasonal scent, however, so if you’re hoping to pick this one up, don’t wait.

Bergamot & Sage – This scent is slightly more masculine, but only slightly. The sage note is the strongest, but the bergamot is slightly spicy…in a good way. Two thumbs up (or I guess it’s four if you count Gwen…)

Citrus & Herbal Musk – This is, hands-down, our favorite masculine scent. It’s part of Native’s classic collection, and it’s the one I hope my husband wears for the rest of his life.

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Have you guys tried Native?  What’s your fav scent?


Shana and Gwen

A huge thank you to Native for sponsoring this post! We obviously love this brand, and their support of The Mom Edit has been a nice perk (we could smell test these all day). As always, all thoughts, opinions, and product choices are our own. And readers, thank you for your continued support. It doesn’t go unnoticed and is so very much appreciated.


  1. In addition to the coconut & vanilla, I love the cotton & lily scent on the sensitive formula. I swap that in some days and it’s just as effective.

  2. Nope. The best is Lavanila by far. I’ve tried both and many more. Lavanila isn far superior over any one I have tried.

  3. Not to be indelicate, but may I ask, how is the smell test at the end of the day? I am rather, ahem, demanding of deodorants, and I would so love to find a natural one with enough “oomph” to last!

  4. Recently switched to Native after years of other natural brands. I love it! Even convinced my teenager to switch also. It really works! Side note- what is the bag in the picture above?

  5. My son (9) just started wearing Native. None of the scents are too strong. He likes the cedar + sea salt, eucalyptus + mint, and citrus + herbal. We started with the travel pack sampler to get an idea of the scents.

  6. My son (9) just started using Native. In our experience, none of the scents are too strong. He likes the cedar + sea salt, eucalyptus + mint, and citrus + herbal. We started with the Travel Size Sample Pack to get an idea of the scents

  7. I stocked up (a little obsessively) on the seasonal Rosé scent they had earlier in the summer. I hope they bring it back! I like the eucalyptus mint as well and have been wanting to try the cucumber mint. Thanks for pointing me to this brand!

  8. Kelli – I wanted to love these – ordered a bunch to make the switch – but I too demand a lot from a deodorant and these, sadly, didn’t cut it. They do smell lovely, but it’s a deodorant, not an antiperspirant. Now on the hunt for a dependable, natural antiperspirant option.

  9. I bought the Eucalyptus & Mint for my 12 yo son and I love it. It’s clean and not too manly smelling. More fresh. I like it so much I switched my husband’s from the Citrus & Herbal Must to Eucalyptus & Mint.

  10. Hi DeeDee…and Kelli, just saw ur posts…I asked my endodontist what he used for a deodorant as he never shows ‘wet’ AND never has any ‘odor’. The procedures r long and I have had way too many…and he is dry w/no odor! his answer was ROCK (said just google search ‘rock deodorant and see what u come up with).
    In the meantime, with all that has been said I am gonna try the NATIVE (as scents sound wonderful).
    Hope this helps u.
    MA Z

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