Need A Last-Minute Gift? Try Madewell’s Cozy Wrap (And 14 Other Solid Gift Ideas)




I’ve been meaning to mention this…cape scarf for some time now, but the holidays, you guys.  They’re here already.  So I’ll try to be brief:  this cape scarf – a blanket scarf with armholes – is good.  Really, really good.  Most of the time I wear it around the house (and will probably wear it on Christmas morning), but this piece also warms up skinny jean + sweater combos, or even little dresses with shocking ease, and works really well as a blanket scarf, too.  It also comes in buffalo plaid, and is currently 25% off at Madewell.


Here are few pics of the many ways I’ve been wearing this cozy little wrap.




cape scarf | tee | similar skinny sweatpants | free people lace halter bra | mug




cape scarf | kate spade ny bow puffer coat (on sale!!!)





cape scarf  | blouse | faux-leather leggings (lined in fleece) | similar bootie | similar bag

Shop A Few More Last-Minute Gifts

If you haven’t yet checked out our massive gift guide section, that’s a solid place to look.   But here are a few additional items perfect for you (hint hint hubs), or anyone (sister/friend/mum/teacher/etc) you may still be stuck on.

Happy happy!



    • Well….I did the same thing myself. Notice I billed it as a great “GIFT” yet I’m totally just wearing it myself. “Gift” = lies

      • Thank you!! I was pretty happy with this mani. It’s gel, because I can’t handle anything else. The main color is OPI Gelish Tiramisu for Two, and the accent color (metallic in a slight asymmetical reverse french….or something) is Shellack Safety pin.

    • I have the fringe backpack and I am NOT precious with it. I wear it on the daily – in the rain, etc. Pax is constantly trying to pull on the fringe (he knows better but…well….) in any case, nothing has come off. Not a single piece. A friend of mine has the exact bag linked….let me see if I can get her to comment….

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