Unexpected Neutrals: Beige + Dark Grey + Camel


I know how we all love a good outfit formula around here because life is NUTS and we are busy all. of. the. time. Simplifying the process of getting ready in the morning can change the momentum of the whole day.

This formula all started with a new pair of camel boots. I fell in love with the bright orangish shade instantly but was a little worried they wouldn’t go with anything. So they sat in the box forgotten until this weekend.

As much as I depend on outfit formulas I’m somehow still always running late; rushing around at the last second trying to find something to wear and dressing in a rush. It just so happened that the boots were the first matching pair I laid eyes on so I threw them on with an  oversized beige sweater and some dark grey (or faded black, depending on your point of view) ripped jeans. Grabbing my car keys, I glanced at the hallway mirror and was unexpectedly surprised at how well they went together. The bright shade of the camel added a contrasting pop of color that balanced out an otherwise colorless outfit.

That’s the great thing about mixing and matching neutrals, it’s hard to go wrong!  And that’s how my new favorite outfit formula was born.  Maybe it’s a good thing that I’m always running late, right? RIGHT?!

Beige + Dark Grey + Camel


Outfit Details

Tunic SweaterCaslon’s Side Slit Cowl Neck Tunic, $69.00 at Nordstrom

Jeans – HALE’s Nala Sculpted High Rise Skinny Jeans, $52.50 at Amazon –  I’m pretty happy with this new low priced denim brand featured exclusively through Amazon. They’ve got great styles and even better prices plus they’re really comfortable. These Nala’s are featuring heavy in my weekly outfit rotation at the moment.

Booties – Clarks Breccan Myth Booties, $49.99 at Amazon – I’m also SUPER happy about these booties I scored on Amazon. I love the bright orange-ish/camel color and the fit. They’re super comfortable and were an ABSOLUTE STEAL at $49.99. 2 points for Amazon fashion!

More Beige Sweaters

Shop Dark Grey Jeans

Fav Camel Boots


Now for the most difficult decision of the day, coffee or wine? 😉




  1. Hi there, great post, but you should know that it’s Nordstrom..not Nordstroms. I’ve noticed this a few times in recent posts. 🙂

    • Reminds me when I was little and we did our back to school shopping (or any shopping, really) at “JC Penny’s”, which is incorrect I guess, but still sounds way more homey than JC Penny. Skip ahead 35 years, and I do love me some “Nordstroms”. Guess its true- the more things change the more they stay the same, and I still love adding random s’es to stores I love.

      • It’s interesting that you say that because I must go to their website and see the word ‘Nordstrom’ a dozen times a day but now it doesn’t sound right to me. That being said, I’ll work on it- I have a friend who thinks ‘Best Buy’ is ‘Best Buys’ and it’s too late to tell him any differently!

          • Colloquially, it’s pretty common in some areas of the country to add the possessive ‘s’ to the name of a store (though technically it should be spelled “Nordstrom’s”). It’s easy to see why when you remember that Nordstrom is named after Mr. Nordstrom, and thus, it was once “Nordstrom’s”.

  2. How is this “unexpected”? A combination of neutrals is just that…a combination. Between this and the last post on “dressed up Uggs,” I am having a hard time with the direction of this blog. I am a longtime fan of TME and I am just feeling like the last couple of posts are off the mark.

    • I couldn’t agree more. The content has been subpar, basic, and hardly worthy of a “fashion” blog. Sorels, Uggs, let me guess…Crocs next? We get it, booties, ripped jeans, ill fitting tops, and messy hair are your go to look, but does it really constitute as blog content? Maybe incorporate more of your artsy side or paintings like before?

      • To gently push back on your criticism, I really liked this post. It’s not uh, high fashion or artsy, but I like the outfit. More importantly, I like the suggestions for the items she is wearing because they are all very affordable. Many times when there’s a feature of something unusual and more artistic (like a tunic that transforms into a dress with secret buttons or whatever), it’s always above what I can spend. I like the variety. If I see something I don’t like, such as the Uggs post (I loathe Uggs) then I just skip reading. Not sure why the need to criticize what I consider a simple outfit post.

  3. Hi Jess! When you say you’re super impressed with H&M quality, is that on certain items or across the board? I stopped shopping there because everything was total crap. Really curious to hear.

    • Yes, if the quality has improved, I’d read a whole post about it. I noticed there are some items on their site labeled “premium quality” and priced higher – is that what you’re talking about? I’d try shopping there again with some helpful suggestions about how to avoid the stuff that falls apart in three wears.

      • Me too. For what it’s worth, neither of the H&M sweaters in this post are from their “premium quality” line. Three wears is pretty generous for an H&M sweater! 🙂 I’ve had some bite the dust within minutes or for sure after the first hand-washing. Unless there’s been some mysterious quality upgrade… … …

  4. Thanks for the combination idea. Grateful to be able to shop my closet with almost these exact items and quickly have a different option for what I’m going to wear in the morning. Now just to decide if I wear my camel booties seeing if I can put some of shana’s tips on pairing cropped jeans with socks or wear my brown Sorel conquest wedge boots. ? It’s going to be stinking cold tomorrow!

  5. I just ordered the sweater linked from Nordstrom which is not the sweater you are wearing in the pictures. Is there a link to what you are actually wearing? I don’t care much for the Nordy’s one in person. Thanks

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