New Denim Trend We Love: The Paggy (When Extra-Baggy Meets Puddle Jeans)


Denim trends have been, arguably, some of the most exciting trends out there right now – from barrel jeans and horseshoe jeans to puddle jeans or jeans with embroidery, patches, big cuffs, stripes and allllll kinds of patterns, denim has truly entered its maximalism phase. 

But this team’s hands-down favorite denim trend right now? The jean that is going to be everywhere this summer? Gang, get excited about…The Paggy.

sweater (s) | jeans (vintage) | boots | similar bag

Paggy jeans are when extra-baggy jeans meet The Puddle Jean.

The best Paggy jeans have plenty of extra length in the leg to not just puddle around the shoes but, rather, drape aggressively. This aggressive drape is a key hallmark of the look.

jeans (vintage) | boots

The advantage to this aggressive drape is that one can wear any shoes you want. Orthopedic sneakers? Sure! Industrial Danskos? Absolutely. Slippers? Why not?

When searching for Paggy jeans, it’s also very important to get the correct fit. These jeans must be extra-baggy everywhere – especially through the waist and bum for maximum styling possibilities. Belt it, roll it, show your underwear, hike it over your boobs – the Paggy is here for whatever styling whim strikes!

sweater (s) | jeans (vintage) | boots | similar bag

One note on sizing: Size up, and/or search the tall section. On average, the team found that the best Paggy Jeans are approximately 8-10 sizes larger than your true size. While I was able to steal Raines’ Paggy Jeans (it is what the kids are wearing now), maybe skip your husband’s/boyfriend’s/brother’s/dad’s jeans. Unless he is the Jolly Green Giant, we have learned, from experience, that throwing on hub’s jeans only to find that they, uh, basically fit creates…feelings. But whatever! Long live hips! (And maybe it’s time for men to step away from their skinny jeans, anyway.)

Paggy Jean Outfit Ideas From The Editors

Personally, I’ve found that Paggy Jeans work best with a belt and flat shoes (or slipper-boots) to really highlight that aggressive drape, and something a little sexier (or more feminine) on top.

This idea, of making this very comfortable jean a little sexier, was one that was wholeheartedly embraced by other TME editors as well. Let’s get into it.

1. Linzi’s Take: Paggy Jeans + Knotted Shirt

Jeans (42) | Shirt (S) | Birks | Bag

Linzi says: I am SO loving the Paggy jean trend for my almost 48 year old self right now…just feels RIGHT!  Especially ah-mazing when elevated with a luxe Frank & Eileen button up tied to show my belly (or my skinny thong underwear). The absolute best way to pull off this trend is to have one leg bunched to show off your shoes (for me, obviously, that’s going to be my High Shine Birkenstock Arizonas), and then one leg worn loose so you can step on it while you’re walking…adding an extra nonchalant, effortlessly cool vibe. My new go-to wear-on-repeat uniform for spring.  

2. Scotti’s Take: Paggy Like Marky Mark

Jeans (38) | boxers | belt | top | similar plaid shirt | similar boots

Scotti says: I’m totally living out my ‘90s fantasy right now…I mean, what better way to make baggy jeans sexy than to show a little skin? Of course I had to borrow the Calvins from the boys…thank you, Marky Mark (p.s. holy crap, did he always look that young???). And actually, finding Paggy jeans is so much easier when you look in the men’s section…size 38, please! (Word of warning: don’t go with your actual size when trying on men’s jeans…it’s humbling.) 

3. Jess’ Take: Roll With A Bodysuit (…or Not)

Similar Bodysuit | Jeans (42×30) | Shoes (7.5) 

Jess says: Not sure which fit I’m feeling more, the regular or the rolled-waist band, but either way these are the jeans for me. You will catch me wearing this look to the supermarket, luckily I don’t have to use bags when I’m wearing these jeans, I can just store all my groceries in my pants. A belt might be helpful but I feel like it would diminish the vibe, ya know? 

4. Aliya’s Gen Z Take: RAWR

Me: sneaks | belt bag | tee | Brother: tee | similar hat | shoes | belt bag 

Aliya says: As we know, baggy jeans are in, but what I’ve learned from my 18 year old brother – who is always on top of the current trends – is that super baggy (or Paggy) is best. Honestly, he’s totally on to something because they are sooooo comfy. We’re both wearing our grandpa’s jeans that he had to stop wearing because they kept falling down. I love pairing them with high-waisted underwear for some extra tummy coverage, while he uses a belt for more of a barrel shaped look. – Aliya


Team TME