I love a new year! There’s something so invigorating about starting fresh — a clean slate for a new you, or in my case, the same you. Long gone are the days where I would set a goal to lose a certain amount of weight or start a new diet or join a new gym. Three years ago, I made the decision to shift my mindset. I no longer diet to lose weight or exercise to punish myself. I mostly choose the diet that makes me feel my best — supplemented by movement and exercise to celebrate all that my body can do. I love yoga, all hip hop and Zumba classes, barre3, and going out for hikes on the many beautiful trails here in Colorado.

No matter my size, I have always led a very active lifestyle. I was a competitive swimmer, danced from the time I was a tiny tot, and played volleyball and tennis all throughout my formative years. I did all these things living in a plus-size body, but my size never deterred me from trying out for a team or joining a new exercise class. I’m fortunate to have been welcomed with open arms in every space I have entered and to know that this isn’t always the case for everyone.

New Year’s Wishes — Body Positive Movement

My mom often says that she equates my time at the gym to a divine experience. Especially when it comes to dance. Personally, I find dance to be spiritual — it is the most connected I feel to myself and brings me immense joy and happiness. When I’m feeling low or in need of a boost of energy, I know that going to a dance class will put me back into a positive mindset, and I always leave class feeling empowered and re-energized.

Body movement shouldn’t be a punishment, it should be about the joy it brings you. For me, it’s a celebration of all the things that the amazing body I have is capable of doing. I believe that when you start to shift your mindset, that’s when the real results arrive. The results are loving all that you are able to do, exactly as you are, and finding happiness from the activities that you truly love and want to do. That connection to your body, that euphoric feeling you get when you do something you love, that is what I hope for you to find in 2020.

Our New Year wishes: that body positive movement & connection, that euphoric feeling from doing  something you love — that is what we hope for you.
Our New Year wishes: that body positive movement & connection, that euphoric feeling from doing  something you love — that is what we hope for you.
Our New Year wishes: that body positive movement & connection, that euphoric feeling from doing  something you love — that is what we hope for you.

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— Kat


  1. Bravo, Katrina! I agree: “must lose weight” and “be healthy” rarely get me to the gym. But “let’s go have some fun, honor my amazing body as-is, and feel better” is the most successful for me. Well said! And these photos of you are beautiful.

  2. Thank you for the inspiring post and for a New Year’s Resolution that is truly for me. This is something I can work toward and a goal that will always serve me no matter where I am in my life. Thank you Kat, and may the new year bring you many blessings.

  3. I read this and other blogs but have never, ever commented. I love your posts not just because they speak to body positivity, but because you are so positive in spirit, period. You have inspired me, an almost 50 year old woman, not to start the year thinking about all of the changes I “need” to make (lose weight! exercise more! combat the wrinkles! etc.), and instead to focus on being Kat-positive 🙂 To embrace joy in myself as I am today and to use my body and mind to enjoy my great life. Thank you for your great posts.

    • Dani, I am so happy to hear that you want to focus on a different mindset, it really made such a difference for me when I began to think about movement, my body, and exercise differently.

  4. Yes! I love this so much! It’s really important to model this philosophy for our kids, too. A focus on health and feeling good, loving your body because it carries your beautiful brain, and honoring what your body allows you to do.
    Thank you for this lovely and inspiring message.

  5. Great post! I LOVE the New Year too! And I am feeling extraordinarily positive about this one – bring on the roaring ’20’s people! I just can’t wait. I share many of your goals, and I think even writing them down like you have in your blog is the first (and often hardest) step to motivating yourself and keeping a fitness routine. Well done! Personally, my NY resolution is actually to “Be more selfish”. I know this sounds wierd but I have spent over 30 years now just bending over for other people, and desperately seeking the approval I now understand my parents never gave me, but this year is going to be about ME 🙂 I hope you have a wonderful 2020 too xxxx

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