My New Favorite Swimsuit: The High-Neck


Going somewhere warm for Spring Break? We will be heading to the Oregon Coast, so I will not be sporting a swimsuit this time. Brrrr. But, we recently spent a week in South Florida with my parents and I discovered my new favorite swimsuit style – the high neck suit.

Why is this my new favorite style, you might ask? Because I don’t like to worry about pulling a Janet Jackson while picking up shells or playing with Sienna on the beach. I know, I’m not a risk taker. I’m ok with that.

But seriously, this is a great style for mamas as the girls stay nicely in place. The halter neck also gives them a little lift, which I’ll be the first to admit mine definitely need.

@krembdelakremb was sporting a high-neck style last year in one of her IG posts and it intrigued me. I bought this top above at the end of the summer wanting to try it out. I finally did and I LOVE it. (Sadly, my exact top is no where to be found, but this one is super similar).

I’ve rounded up some of my favorite bikinis, tanks and one-pieces all with high-necks below, just in time for Spring Break…

1. Arizona Fringe High Neck Top – This is so cute and the one I found most similar to mine. My favorite about this style is that it’s still a bit sexy since it’s a 2-piece, but the fringe covers the tummy area more than a regular top. This is handy for sitting, breathing, eating, etc. The v-shape of the fringe is really flattering, too. The halter neck is comfy for playing and bending over. It’s just a really perfect style if your tummy isn’t quite ready for baring but almost (pretty much the state I live in these days, even with all the working out).

2. All Meshed Up Bikini Top – When my tummy is ready for baring, THIS ONE. I adore the color and the mesh. So pretty but the top looks super sturdy and well-made.

3. Jcrew Stripe Halter Bikini Top – Jcrew makes amazing suits. I’ve worn them since the early 90’s and they last. This is such a cute stripe pattern and you know I had to include some stripes up in here.

4. Mott Bikini Top – I can’t get over the scalloped swimsuit trend. It’s just so pretty and clean and lovely.

5. Becca Siren Hi Neck Crop Tankini– What a really cool top. I love the longer length for a little more coverage, like my fringe version, and the cutout/stripe design is really cool. So cute.


1. Kenneth Cole Tough Lux High Neck – Simply. Stunning. One of the most unique suits I’ve seen. Hopefully it’s not too boob-flattening, but gah, so worth a try.

2. Prairie Rose Crochet One-Piece – This is gorgeous and sexy but still somewhat covered and I’m dying over the perfect blue color. It’s also pretty enough to wear with flowy pants to dinner on vacay. Gorg.

3. Magicsuit Illusion-Yoke Tummy-Control One Piece – Tummy control with a gorgeous neckline? Yes, please. These suits get great reviews.

4. Modcloth Blink & You’ll Mesh It Swim Top – This is a fabulous top. And being a tankini style, it would be less chest-flattening than some of the one pieces, plus easier to navigate bathroom trips. I really love this a lot.

5. Modcloth Calm With the Current Top – This is so Modcloth and so cute. The peplum and waistline would be really flattering and I love the sheer piece around the neckline. It’s gorgeous on that redhead (Amanda…you may need this one).

Check Out More High-Neck Favs

Taking any fun trips this Spring? I’d love to hear! And if you try any of this style, please do share pics! You can tag them with #TheMomEditStyle on Instagram so we can check them out. Be sure to follow me, @elletrain, and the team, @themomedit, too!

Happy Vacationing!


  1. So cute! I’ve been eyeing a few myself, but haven’t committed because I’m not sure how I feel about a slightly funky tan line. I wear sunscreen, but it’s bound to happen. But you look fantastic and I love your other pics!

    • Thanks so much! Haha. I agree. I know. I’m thinking I’ll have to use a little Jergens glow on the neck area. Maybe save the high neck for the sun days with lots of play and switch it up with another style on days when someone else can play more with the kiddos 🙂

  2. I like this idea because while I’m only a 32C, I must have weird boobs that fall out of bathing suits for some reason because I feel like I’m always checking to make sure the suit hasn’t migrated over to show not just lots of cleavage, but actual nipple-edge. I try to buy them smaller so they’ll be tighter, but then there’s not enough coverage because the boob parts are miniscule, so right back to the same issue. Bra size cups? Yea right– those almost always poof out along the edges in the middle, thereby exposing my entire boob. Triangle almost works better despite the total lack of support.

  3. Great round up, Laura! I would point out that there are usually lots of athletic suits with this style top too! Perfect for the mom who wants to really swim in her suit too!

  4. I was on the hunt for a high neck top last year but never found anything I liked. This year, I ordered a half dozen to try on and settled on this reversible one:

    My husband is not a fan of what he says is the high-neck’s “flattening” effect because cleavage, but he did like this top. I love how high neck tops show off my shoulders and back. I’m pairing it with some navy high waist bottoms because they are practical for kid-chasing, but might eventually find a different style bikini bottom.

    Speaking of high waist bottoms — I *almost* loved these from Target.|pdpipadh1|related_prods_vv|pdpipadh1|50710472|0 They feel so great through the hips and stomach but the cheekiness (which I liked in theory; if I’m standing still it looks fab) didn’t end up working for me. On someone else they might be perfect because they aren’t as dowdy as some other high waist styles.

  5. A very belated thank you for this post Laura! I got the Kenneth Cole Tough Lux High Neck and am super excited about it (and although this isn’t the suit to get if you want to show off the girls, it’s surprisingly not boob-flattening).

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