My New Skincare Routine: A Natural Approach with Damn Good Facewash


I’ve never been too crunchy, unless you count going to Trader Joe’s for chia seeds to make smoothies with (which I did…maybe twice) or pinning natural cleaner DIYs…and not actually making them. That’s the extent of my “crunchiness”. Yeh. #hardcorecrunchy #totallylivingnaturally

Recently though, my skin has been bothering me. It has been breaking out into random red bumps, drying out and just looking…tired. I have tried every cleanser and moisturizer out there, but none have really wow-ed me or helped my face situation. Not to mention, some have dried my skin out or caused even more bumps to surface.

Damn Good Facewash caught my eye, a long ways back when my bestest, Kallah, tagged me in one of their giveaways…and immediately I was a fan, because of the packaging (I’m a sucker for pretty marketing). I then delved a bit more into what they are all about and started to think, “hmmm. Maybe I can get down with this whole natural thing”. I needed something different for my skin.

So. I had Kallah over (she was the one that introduced me to DGF in the first place, so it just made sense) and we tried out the products, all while keeping tabs on our scruffy little babes. It’s always a part-ay when we get together, with 6 kids between the two of us (thank goodness for the mute edit option ;)…

Here is what we noticed right off the bat about these products…

They feel incredibly 100% natural – maybe it’s because they are…ha. Really though. You do not feel that tingly, weird sensation that you get with products that are chock full of unnatural chemicals. You just get natural, which is  soothing and refreshing.

The smell is fantastic – it has a calming effect, which adds to the whole skincare process…it’s more enjoyable and feels more like a self-care, spa experience.

Our skin wasn’t wicked of moisture. In fact, we both marveled at how supple and lush our skin felt, immediately after we had rinsed off the cleanser!…which is crazy. To me, anyways. I’m used to my skin feeling so dry that I have to slather on lotion.







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I’ve been using these natural products for about a month now and I can already tell that it’s helping to even out my skin. The red bumps have calmed down and my skin is consistently feeling more normal and well, delicious (really. there’s no other way to describe it). It’s also cool that it’s a small business that I can continue to order from from now on. Makes me happy.

So. Here’s to healthier skin!


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Thank you Damn Good Face Wash for so willingly and generously sending on your products for us to test out. You have two new customers now! <3


  1. I am super crunchy, but after several experiences with all natural lines vs. dermatologist stuff vs. more standard lines, you know what finally worked for me too get rid of dry, rough, patches on my face? Aquaphor! I used it out of desperation one day (long story but it was the only thing I had) and I’ve never looked back. I can’t believe after all the stuff I tried (and all the money I spent) that now I just use a gentle cleanser, whatever natural moisturizer is on sale at the grocery store, and a thin layer of Aquaphor. Now I just have to figure out what to do with the two dozen or so bottles of all the stuff that didn’t work.

  2. Great post Cam! I too use a natural line (Eminence) and just started using facial oil….my skin is combination, but it is working beautifully! Also, I’m 8 months pregnant with my second and during my first pregnancy I had terribly irritated and broken out skin, but since I’ve been getting regular facials and using natural products, I’m glowing. One thing you have to be careful about is essential oils- they are natural and used in some natural skincare lines… but they are VERY potent and some people have reactions, so lit is important to test small patches and talk to a skin care professional.

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