10 Ways To Swing Into 2020: Indoor Swing Fun


Have a bit of space, a solid ceiling joist and a fun-loving spirit? An Indoor swing is just about the most amazing thing you can hang! Here are 10 that have caught my eye recently. They work just as well in bedrooms, living rooms, playrooms and basements as they do on covered porches and in yards because, well, city living requires certain creative liberties, and what’s more freeing than swinging?

Home Decor Idea Fun: 10 Hanging Swing Chairs For Indoors

Hanging chair swings! We have 10 — for bedrooms, playrooms, patios & yards b/c, city living requires some creative liberties & what's more fun than swinging?

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1/ Bubble Chair — We placed one of these in a perfectly normal-sized teen girl bedroom last year, and she loves it! It hangs to one side of her bed in a corner and is a perfect chill spot.

2/ Pod Hanging Chair — We squeezed one of these in front of the window of my daughter Grace’s room. She wasn’t pleased to have the smallest room in the house until the chair went up. And now, when all goes quiet and we wonder where she might be, this is where we usually find her and a sketch book. She calls it her happy place! I didn’t love the color of cushion that comes with it in her room, but it is super quality and comfy, so we just tossed a faux sheepskin over it and piled tons of throw pillows in there, too.

3/ Woven Hanging Chair (Sold Out) SIMILAR — Comes in white and natural, and is the most efficiently priced of those available in this shape. Also happens to have beautiful woven detailing!

4/ Royal Oaks Giant Spider Swing — 600lb capacity…so all the kids, and a healthy adult or two can pile on for more fun!

5/ Swinging Monkey Chair — Who doesn’t want to swing like a monkey? Love this one b/c it’s the classic Spider webbing, plus has a bit of back support to make it more of a chair.

6/ Swurfer The Original — Hey Lex, this one is a nod to the sustainability mission — crafted out of sustainable bamboo. And for real? Could we possibly have more fun than this on a swing? Outdoors, I’d let it fly. Indoors, I’d throw a gym mat under it because we all wipe out eventually.

7/ Cypress Disc Swing — Made of Cypress wood, right here in the USA, and built to last! Takes up the smallest footprint. This one doesn’t even need a basement or playroom, I’d happily hang it right in the middle of the living room or a bedroom for a little added fun and vertical interest.

8/ Black Walnut Swing — Made of Black Walnut, in the USA! Just like its friend #7, this one would also be great in a living space for vertical interest, and beautiful fun! Taking extra seating to more fun places!

9/ Luna Star Hanging Chair — So pretty and a fantastic price too!

10/ S&L Hanging Rattan Chair — For overall adult comfort, this is probably my very favorite of the hanging chairs because it has ample headroom It also happens to be flat out gorgeous.

Cheers to swinging into the New Year with more fun at home!

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