New Year’s Resolution Inspo: Words of Wisdom As Wall Art


My girlfriend Katherine once sent me a meme via text that read, “Start where you are, Use what you have, Do what you can.” I printed it and taped it to the wall in front of my desk.

That was years ago and I have to say, seeing those words, repeating them in my own mind, heck sometimes even out loud, and remembering that she sent them, have been the little push I needed to just keep going, and to just get something done when I feel most overwhelmed… um…just about every day.

Sometimes we all need little reminders hanging about to keep us on track with a few words of inspiration, and at this time of year (hello, 2020!), maybe a little encouragement to stick to our New Year’s resolutions? Here’s a roundup of 10 that spoke to me.


New Year’s Resolution Inspo: Words of Wisdom As Wall Art

Our roundup of 10 words of wisdom-turned-wall art to keep us on track — & hello, 2020! —  encouragement to stick to our New Year's resolutions. Yay!

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1// I said a Hip Hop — I grew up in the age of Hip Hop, and while we can consider plenty of others, Rapper’s Delight is pretty well understood to be the beginning of that era. It’s a song that always gets me moving in the best of ways and reminds me to just keep moving! Here’s to Hip Hop You Don’t Stop in 2020!

2// Start Where You Are — Katherine’s words of wisdom in a beautiful print! We might need to replace my tattered printed meme with this beauty, and I think I might gift one of these right back to her. Sometimes…it’s all you can do…just start where you are and use what you have.

3// Let The Good Times Roll — It’s too easy to get caught up in all the stuff of life. Let this be all of our reminder to focus on making meaningful good times in 2020. Sometimes all we have to do is get out of our own way and just let the good times roll right in!

4// Here’s To The Crazy Ones — The Crazy Ones are MY PEOPLE!!! Love them more for all the hurdles they find a way over in all their pursuits of The Everythings! These weren’t Jobs’ own words, and he actually didn’t even want to voice them himself because he didn’t want the poem to be about him. In the end though, it did read as a fitting eulogy, as he certainly did personify them. For me personally this one might end up in my son’s room as a little encouragement for him to just always keep being his own true out-of-the-box self.

5// Metanoia — Aren’t we all on this journey? And if not, maybe this is our reminder to get going on it!

6// Grace — I have a daughter named Grace and she is in fact my daily reminder with her huge brain, spirit and heart, and breathing fire like the Dragon she is, to love a life full of Grace.

7// Snaccident |Hangry | Calories — Do you have a healthy relationship with food and a hearty sense of humor? And/or live with anyone that gets Hangry? This is just flat out funny! And a great reminder to not take ourselves too, too seriously.

8// Be Bold — Always. Be Bold, Be Brave, And never look back — Secrets to realizing our full potential!

9// Yay! — Yes is my favorite word. Yay is Yes, but with more enthusiasm, so I think I’m going to start saying Yay! more in 2020. I’m also going to hang this in the hall where my littlest one will see it most often; we’ve been having lots of conversations about being happy wherever you are, doing whatever you are doing, and eating all the food in front of you, happily. I was having a hard time reducing it to one word, but I think rather than the life-lessons lectures, I’m going to switch to telling her, “Just say, Yay!”

10// HaHaHa — Do you have that friend who just has the best most contagious laugh ever and makes everyone around them smile with it? This is the inspiration to channel that person’s laughter and energy even when they aren’t right there with you. I can hear my friend Dani’s laugh every time I set eyes on this gorgeous print and it warms my heart, lifts my spirit and makes me at least smile if not laugh out loud. We all need more laughing out loud in 2020.

Here’s to making fun resolutions for the New Year and to finding beautiful ways to remind ourselves of what they are!

xoxo, A

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