20 White Elephant Gifts (That People Will Actually Want)


Every year my family hosts a White Elephant party, and we do it with a twist. In order to pick your gift, you have to win at Bingo. It’s by far my favorite holiday tradition, and it always brings out tons of laughter and cheer.

The rules are that each family brings a collective five gifts to contribute to the mystery gift pile, and then Bingo begins. Once you win a round of Bingo you have two options: choose a new gift from the collection of gifts, or snag a gift from one of the other previous winners.

20 Nice (& Funny) White Elephant Gifts People Actually Want

This tradition has always been a blast, and as our family expanded and got older, this made it so much more fun than just opening one gift. We take the white elephant Bingo gift exchange very seriously, and it’s always fun to walk away with a few goodies you never knew you needed.

The guide below has something that’s perfect for anyone on your White Elephant or Secret Santa list! A few gifts that will make you laugh, many that you will use time and time again, and even a few gifts for the guys.

Our guide (Nice, Funny Gift Ideas People Actually Want) has something for everyone on your White Elephant or Secret Santa list! Fun + Meaningful = win.

1 // Minimergency Kit for Her: This is the perfect gift for the traveling gal in your life. I personally have one that I keep with me in my car, and it has saved me more times than I can count. It’s a practical option and the bag is such a little cutie!

2 // Minimergency Kit for Him: I find that most of the men in my life ARE into pampering and self-care, but they’ll never admit it. My brother, in particular, loves a good face mask and tends to sneak my products when I’m home. This minimergency kit has some great items to bring the guys up to speed!

3 // Wine Socks: “If you can read this… bring me some wine.” All of my gal pals are vino drinkers and many even have monthly wine subscriptions. When I saw these socks, I immediately thought of my bestie Taylor who is a mama of two and loves a good glass of wine.

4 // Facial Ice Roller: If you have any beauty gurus in your life, you already know they need an ice facial roller. Of all the gifts in the guide, this is the one I would really want. It’s great for face pampering, and IMO, is the gift that your beauty guru never knew she needed!

5 // Poo-pourri Spray: I LOVE poo-pourri spray! This spray is a total lifesaver for times when you want to be discreet about your bathroom business. I have a small travel size I keep in my purse, and keep them in all my bathrooms for myself and my guests — and my previous job kept it in every bathroom stall, too!

6 // Voluspa Candle: These candles are by far my favorite to give as gifts — they smell amazing! Nordstrom sells them in a mini trio pack, which is great if you want to buy smaller versions to split and gift separately. I personally love the French Cade Lavender scent and the limited edition Coconut Summer scent. Recently, when I was perusing Anthropologie’s website I found a 12 days of gifting Voluspa candle set and a Voluspa car diffuser! You can’t go wrong with any of these gifts.

7 // Greatest Hits Mistaken Lyrics Coasters: Know a person who loves to sing along to the top hits, but never knows the right lyrics? THIS.

8 // Porn for Women: For your friends with a great sense of humor. Pictures of men doing household chores with ridiculous captions to match. Yassss.

9 // Mini Inner-Truth Journal, In My Humble Opinion: Not using turn signals, confusing they’re/ their/there, loud chewers… this is the journal for that person in your life who needs to vent about their daily pet peeves.

10 // Just the Edges Brownie Baking Pan: There are two kinds of people in this world — those who like the gooey centers of a brownie (me) and those who love the edges (my mom). This pan is perfect for that person in your life who always goes for the edges thanks to its brilliant design!

11 // Bob Ross Heat Changing Mug: This coffee mug is for all those late ’80s and ’90s babes who watched Bob Ross’ Joy of Painting on PBS. As the cup heats up, you can watch the magic of Bob’s painting come to life.

12 // Tea Infuser: This birdie tea infuser is perfect for making a cup of loose leaf tea on the go!

13 // Golden Girls Shot Glasses: Growing up I loved watching the Golden Girls — it’s my goal to be that sassy and fun when I get older. Who wouldn’t want these shot glasses? They even come with a drinking game!

14 // Cocktail Shaker Set: This shaker set is perfect for any self-made mixologist. You’d be surprised at how many people don’t have a good shaker set, and this one is a great deal!

15 // Microwave Popcorn Popper: Making popcorn on the stove is one of my favorite things to do, but sometimes, I feel like the wait and the clean up just aren’t worth it. This microwave popcorn maker gives you that freshly-stove-popped taste from the microwave. I’ll have to give this a try next time I’m in the mood for a classic Olivia Pope kind of night!

16 // Ceramic White Elephant: What better gift than a ceramic white elephant?! This little guy is such a cutie and would make a great addition to anyone’s home.

17 // What Do You Meme Game: My family loves a good game night, and this meme game looks like so much fun! It’s a G-rated take on Cards Against Humanity and would make a great gift to take to all of your family parties this season!

18 // Mischievous Cat Garden Gnome: How cute is this? I have a few friends who love cats and can see this being a total hit!

19 // Sipski: I totally could have used this sipski back in college (and TBH could still use one today). This is another great option for your vino pals!

20 // Sriracha Key Chain: This gift is perfect for the people in your life who love some heat! I personally am a spice queen and sriracha is my heat of choice. This would make the cutest stocking stuffer, too.

Welp, that’s all from me! I hope you all have a wonderful holiday season full of fun, cheer and a few great gifts. Until next time! Don’t forget to check out more of our gift ideas here!

xx – Kat


  1. Great list! But just as a public service announcement….the Meme game is absolutely NOT G-rated. Do not get for kids to play. Read the reviews.

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