Nickel & Suede: Life-Changing Earrings



I have always been an earring girl.  Back as far as I can remember, even before I was allowed to get my ears pierced, I would dress up with huge clip-on earrings.  I would ask my dad monthly weekly daily if I could get my ears pierced and I was PUMPED when the time came.  I’ve always loved a good statement earring and the way they can dress up any outfit or even disguise a bad hair day.  The problem is that most of them are so ridiculously heavy I can only wear them for a short time . . . OR they’re so delicate they don’t stand a chance with Greenlea’s wandering hands.  Enter Nickel & Suede’s life-changing leather earrings.  Thanks to comments from you guys, I heard about their lightweight statement earrings and thought I’d reach out to see if they’d be interested in being featured on our blog.  Not only were they interested but they also graciously offered you, dear readers, 15% off your order with the code MOMEDIT15.  Now is the time to stock up! 

In the picture above I’m wearing their earring of the month, Limonada Leather Earrings (medium), which are on sale for $18 during the month of April.  I’ve rounded up some pictures of other favorites for inspiration . . .

N&S Signature Gold Leather Earrings (Large)


Matte Gold Leather Earrings (medium)


Black Accent Leather Earrings (Large)





Topshop Dress (in stripes), in black, black faux-leather and lace, or a similar silouhette in red

Sam Edelman ‘Patti’ Shoes

Nickel & Suede has quickly become my go-to earring for everything from fancy parties (that I go to maybe once a year) to the playground.  You will LOVE them.





  1. OH I just received two more pairs, but may need to order more now with the discount. I was thinking it would be nice to have a few extras on hand for gift giving. Also love their cuffs.

  2. I just got my first three (I couldn’t decide) pairs in the mail–seriously amazing. So glad you posted about them!

  3. After seeing this post I sent the info over to my husband as a Mother’s day hint. I just got my first pair and I love them!

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