My Anti-Aging, Night-time Beauty Routine


I’ve gotten a bunch of questions over the last few years about my nighttime beauty routine. I was hoping to get this video together the last time my beloved Colleen Rothschild products went on sale, but….well…life. Happily, they’re back on sale through Cyber Monday AS IS my micro-needler. That thing is a total game changer.

2020 UPDATE: Since first publishing this post last year, I’ve tweaked it a bit. Several times per week I now swap out the retinol oil mentioned for prescription-strength retinol by Dear Brightly. Prescription retinol does dry out my skin – making the final face cream step even more critical – but I think it’s working. Additionally, for extra glow, I’ve also started using Biossance’s lactic acid renewal serum in place of the retinol serum a few times per week as well. This product is like an overnight facial – I LOVE it.

All products featured I’ve literally been using for years. And while they’re probably not all-natural, they are free of most of the bad stuff (Parabens, SLS/SLES Sulfates, Phthalates, Triclosan, Formaldehyde, PABA, Toluene and Benzene).

My Colleen Rothschild Nighttime Beauty Routine: Products Featured

Cleanse: Colleen Rothschild Radient Cleansing Balm (pick up extra muslin cloths – you won’t regret it) – This product was a game-changer for me – and I LOVE the smell. Truly look forward to taking off my makeup.

Needle: Beauty Bio GloPro

Eye Cream: Colleen Rothschild Retinol Supreme Eye Cream OR Elemis Eye Revive Mask (I use this product 2-3x per week – the same nights I use prescription retinol)

Face Serums: Colleen Rothschild Retinol Supreme Face Oil (2x per week), Dear Brightly Prescription-Strength Retinol (2x per week) and Biossance Lactic Acid Renewal Serum (2x per week)

Face Cream: Colleen Rothschild Extreme Recovery Cream OR Biossance’s Omega Repair Cream UPDATE: I’ve spent the last 6 months testing out both creams…and I honestly don’t see much of a difference between the two – both are incredibly rich and hydrating (and both far superior to others I’ve tried). You really can’t go wrong with either one.

NOTE: Biossance’s Illuminate Set includes both the Omega Repair Cream and a travel size of the Lactic Acid Renewal Serum if you’d like to try both….

If you guys have any questions (especially about the new pieces I added in)…let me know!





  1. Love this thank you! Please start wiping UP when applying all of your products to your neck and face. Believe me….in a few yours your face and neck will thank you!

  2. Just spent a little too much at Colleen Rothschild. Can’t wait to try the products! After seeing your routine, I realized mine could use a little revamping.

  3. Thanks for the update! Just want to note for anyone looking at this Black Friday 2020 – if you get the Biossance Illuminate Overnight Set, it includes a full size Omega Repair Cream + travel size Lactic Acid Serum + travel size eye cream for the same price as the Repair Cream alone.

  4. I somehow missed this, I’m all about switching up products every few years. I’m 52 and ready for a change so I ordered a bunch of products. But, like Trisha I’m curious about your morning products. Thank you Shana!

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