No Window? No Problem! How to Decorate Behind Your Kitchen Sink




Hey mamas, this week we have a reader question from our very own Cams! Here’s what she said:

Any ideas on how to decorate above the sink…when there is no window? I have been trying to make this spot cuter.

I had so much fun brainstorming this one! This home decor challenge was a bit of a stumper because decorating behind the kitchen sink definitely has some unique requirements – has to be waterproof or easily wiped clean, it shouldn’t be large enough that it gets in the way of the faucet or washing large things like pots and pans, but too many small pieces might look cluttered – it’s easy to see why that wall often gets left naked! But I think I came up with some swanky ideas that are low maintenance and kitchen-friendly and will definitely make you smile while you’re doing dishes. Wanna see Cam’s kitchen wall makeovers?

Option 1:


I know, I know, Cams. You’re thinking: one more thing I have to keep alive?? Good news, unlike the kids, you don’t have to feed or bathe air plants regularly. AND they don’t like direct sunlight, pretty convenient when there’s no window nearby! Just soak or mist them once a week or so and bring a little outside into an otherwise lifeless area. I love the clean, modern wall planters you can pop the air plants into, and a shiny little wall mirror to bounce light around and add a dose of sparkle.

Option 2:


I love a sweet family pic in high traffic rooms! It’s so nice to see everyone adorably happy, especially when the smallfries are having a um…challenging…day. The square shaped photo canvas is perfect – upload directly from Instagram to make it even easier.

Check out more picks for adding some cute to your kitchen sink wall, below!


Dress Up Dish Duty

photo canvas – Photos to Art: Pick a favorite photo of the littles or your happy place (would it be weird to have a picture of a HomeGoods store in my kitchen?) – you can easily upload images and customize the canvas size to fit your wall. Get a little messy with the spaghetti sauce clean up? Just wipe it off! Regular framed photos would be great too; you can print large sizes pretty inexpensively from the same link above.

cool mirror – Threshold Arched Windowpane Mirror: What’s faster and way cheaper than adding a real window behind your kitchen sink? A mirror that looks like one! Any mirror is good, in fact, because it’ll bounce light around the room, making your kitchen seem brighter and larger because a smaller, darker kitchen isn’t topping anyone’s dream house checklist. The mirrors don’t have to have the windowpane look to get the same effect – check these retro-cute sunshines.

air plants in wall hangers – metal himmeli sconce set & Deluxe Airplant 5-Pack Assortment: It’s always nice to have something green inside, especially during the cold months. Even better? Plants you don’t have to water more than once per week. Perfect for those with black thumbs and mommy brains (I am guilty of both).

There are so many options for types and sizes of photo canvases (some you can upload pics directly from Instagram or Facebook!), mirrors and a gazillion million unique air plants and holders on Etsy – check out some sweet finds in the boutique!

No Window? No Problem!





  1. I’m gonna go out on a limb and guess that Cam’s Catholic, based on Our Lady of the Streets – what about a couple pretty icons? Flor Larios on etsy has some really beautiful wooden ones that are sealed, so splashing wouldn’t hurt them.

  2. Thanks for this! I have the exact same setup in my kitchen, and I’m always on the lookout for something to put there. Off to go find the Pottery Barn glass wall vases I packed away…

    • Yay, glad it helped! You could even put some herbs like scallions in your vases, they can grow directly in water. A bunch of mint would smell heavenly, too!

  3. I would take an old window frame that is smaller than the space and have it fitted with mirrored glass. It’s easy to clean and then you get a little more light!

  4. Since I live in a tiny house, I always see space as an opportunity for function. Personally, I would put a small floating shelf there (though it’s hard to tell from the photo if there’s enough depth and height not to get in the way of dish washing). The shelf could still hold an air plant or two but could also hold some items that would otherwise be taking up counter space.

  5. I have the same setup. Mirrors or family photo canvases there are impossible because they get splattered with dishwater several times every day. My personal preference is to buy a plain wooden plank from the remnant bin at the local hardware store (or Michael’s), stain it to match your cabinets and then do a piece of string art, OR DIY your own tile mosaic with glass tiles and grout.

  6. My neighbor lives in a small apartment and painted the small space above her sink a different color than the rest of her kitchen (she chose red). It looks great and really enhances the wall art she hung there.

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