Noo Australia: Cute Playwear That Doubles as Halloween Costumes


Babies don't make very good trick-or-treaters.  They fall asleep
just as you'd want to start out, they don't walk by themselves, and
unless it's freezing, they have NO interest in wearing the cute
hood/footies/mittens that come with their costume…but on the
upside, they will most likely be ready to do the circuit at 2AM, should
you really hate your neighbors. 

Nonetheless, last year I
bought no less than 3 costumes (3!!!) for my little man.  Two of them
were Ebay mix-ups (a lion and a chicken  – long story)…but I
still went ahead bought the third costume due to the sheer perfectness
of concept. 

The lion and chicken costumes were the usual fleecy, hooded, hot style
of Halloween costumes.  And they did come in handy for some adorable
fall photo shoots on a chilly day. However, if it hadn't been
roughly 40 degrees outside, zipping my son into this costume would've
resulted in a stiff leg kicking, back-bending, arm waving screaming
fit.  Also known as Mama's favorite.    

In any case, most of our actual Halloween
activities with baby consist of just a photo shoot or indoor parties.  The hot fleeces, for us, are not practical.  Enter my
new favorite Halloween costume for babies:  Noo Australia


you live in warm climates, Noo also has two-piece sets (onsie and hat).  

Sadly, Noo only makes these cute animal outfits in sizes up to 2T.  It's a bummer, because I think these could really take off with toddlers. "Honey, do
you want to be a BEAR or a TIGER today?"  Right?




  1. So, SO funny. The pictures illustrate your point perfectly. I have to agree with you 100%– for a toddler who doesn’t want to wear the adorable coordinating outfit you’ve chosen, an animal outfit would be the answer!

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