NSale 2021: Mini Capsule From A Super Stylish 60-Something


If you’ve spent any time here on The Mom Edit, you’ve seen my gorgeous mama. The apple didn’t fall far from the tree, friends. She and my grandmother have been the biggest influences on my style and the reasons for my love of fashion. I’m stoked that she has been game to share some of her phenomenal looks with us.

Stylish Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2021 Mini-Capsule For The Cool Grandmother

I also learned that she’s been shopping the Nordstrom sale for years! So obviously, I asked her to send me her wishlist so we could get a peek at what she’s eyeing up (*hint: gorgeous camel pieces like this!) She always looks put-together but not fussy and loves a little bit of an edgy vibe = she has fabulous picks.

You can see my love of great animal prints comes naturally. From DNA. Gah. I love her choices so much (for comparison, you can check out my wishlist here). If you’re looking for that unexpectedly chic grandma style, too, whether you’re a 60-something or really any age, look no further. Marsha has you covered, my friends.

*Note: You can click this image below to shop the collage quickly!

Shopping the #NSale for that unexpectedly chic grandma style, whether at 60-something or any age? This is the cool capsule wardrobe for you.

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What I find really amazing here is that my mom literally just sent me a link to her wish list and I pulled these pieces together into this beautiful capsule. Meaning, she didn’t create this knowing I was going to write this post…she just knows her style and how to choose pieces that will hang really well together. Impressed, mom. Impressed!

01 | Valentino Studded Sunglasses

Image Credit: Nordstrom

Stunning, studded, designer-fab.

02 | Jenny Bird Two-tone Earrings

Image Credit: Nordstrom

My mom has always loved mixed metals and I have to admit these are stunning.

03 | rag & bone Hat

Image Credit: Nordstrom

What I sadly didn’t inherit is my mom’s normal-sized head (mine is huge) but this will look fab on her…a great hat really completes a great fall outfit.

04 | Aimee Kestenberg Backpack

Image Credit: Nordstrom

We both adore the convenience of a great backpack purse, but I love that this doesn’t look too casual in the least.

05 | Nanushka Zebra Tank

Image Credit: Nordstrom

I had completely missed this but how great would it look under that hooded blazer!

06 | St John Snake Print Turtleneck

Image Credit: Nordstrom

SO good. Great layered under that blazer or would even spice up those sweater pants nicely.

07 | Treasure & Bond OTK boots

Image Credit: Nordstrom

Classic and gorgeous over skinny pants & jeans, peeking out under cropped wide leg pants or to cover more of the leg with a shorter or mid-length dress. (Spider veins do tend to run in the fam and we both love a great tall boot to feel extra-confident in with skirts & dresses.)

08 | Blanc Noir Hooded Moto Blazer

Image Credit: Nordstrom

This is so rad. She told me she adores this brand for cool jackets and she’s like me…a great jacket totally makes an outfit.

09 | Franco Sarto Waxton Chelsea

Image Credit: Nordstrom

A really classicly gorgeous boot in a beautiful fall shade. Love these with all the camel color in her picks.

10 | P448 Snake Print sneakers

Image Credit: Nordstrom

Samzies. These are one of my top picks, too. I convinced her last year to pick up the same zebra pair I snagged and she’s now hooked on how comfy they are, too!

11 | Sweaty Betty Super Sculpt leggings

Image Credit: Nordstrom

Have heard phenomenal reviews about Sweaty Betty leggings. Knowing my mom, she’d rock these for everyday grandkid wrangling with that BB Dakota sweater below.

12 | Nordstrom Wide-Leg Sweater Pants

Image Credit: Nordstrom

I have these on my list in black, but this ivory has me reconsidering. Gorg.

13 | Open Edit Pinstripe Skinny Pants

Image Credit: Nordstrom

I also didn’t inherit 2″ of my mom’s height, to be able to wear really rad pants like this. SO cute to show great boots peeking out! (She’s 5’6″ btw and this type of pant is typically perfect length on her.)

Shop A Stylish Grandma’s Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Wish List

What can I say? We’re a rock n’ roll fam and we both have that rad Zadig & Voltaire top on our lists. I adore the beautiful camel pieces my mom was drawn to this year for a classic 90’s vibe but updated!

Stay tuned (hopefully) for a few more picks from my stylish mama! She’s coming in to brave the sale with me this year, and I’m so excited! Since, like I said, the apple didn’t fall far from the tree, my somewhat similar Edgy Chic Wishlist can be found here. And be sure to check out our full Nordstrom Anniversary Sale coverage, too. Thanks so much for supporting us here at TME by bookmarking our posts that you vibe with most and clicking through our links before shopping. We so so appreciate it! See ya soon for selfies!



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  1. This made my whole day!!! Love your mom’s picks Laura. Just added several items to my wishlist. Fingers crossed they are still available by the time I am able to shop. Huge thanks for this.

  2. ADORE this post and LOVE your mom’s style! Mom Edit, please add more posts like these!! Mom’s come in all shapes and AGES!!!! Would love to see a new regular contributor representing this age group.

  3. Wow! What great style. My mom (75 years old) has her own sense of “style” but that’s okay. Your mom has some amazing choices here too (I also had those earrings on my wish list)

  4. Love this! I echo Stacy 100%—I would LOVE to see a regular contributor who’s in their sixties or seventies—it’s a beautiful and hopeful thing. And I’ve realized the dearth of representation of women above a certain age—seeing women who enjoy clothing and fashion and just expressing who they are, same as 20-, 30-, 40- and 50-somethings do. It ain’t right!

    On Saturday I went out to dinner (my first indoor restaurant since March 2020; it was great!), and we sat next to this edgy-cool woman; I kept sneaking glances at her outfit—and she was, I’d guess, late seventies or early eighties. She was totally comfy in her own skin and looked gorgeous in this relaxed way. It felt aspirational to see her and made me really happy and hopeful.

    Thank you, Laura and Mama!

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