Shana’s Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Try-On: Fall Outfit Pieces I’m Actually Excited To Wear


Hey, Gang! The team and I were at Nordstrom bright & early, pulling our favorite pieces (Lori, we love you!). We spent all day trying things on, creating outfits, debating, and – finally – narrowing things down to the best bets of NSale 2024.

Speaking of best bets: go buy this bag. Seriously, I’ll wait. It was amazing with literally every outfit and is one of those genius bags that could work for day or night.

And if you’re like WHAT ARE THOSE TROUSERS, S?? I got u (they’re freaking fantastic). Wearing them with this Vince cashmere sweater

Fall Outfit Inspo: Gorgeous Coats, Elevated Sweatsuits, Trousers & Denim At The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

The in-store selection of denim this year wasn’t great…and I found, uh, zero boots that I liked in this year’s sale (so far, anyway). That said, the coat selection is fire, and there are a ton of fun, playful pieces that have really given my wardrobe a fresh little boost. 

Top 4 Outfits (For Now…)

1. Elevated Sweatsuit: Zella Luxe

sweatshirt (s) | pants (s) | sneakers

Out of everything I tried on, this sleek sweatsuit completely blew me away. The fabric reminds me of ponte – it has the slight heft & drape – yet it’s soft and almost…slippery? It’s sleek and chic and feels amazing against my skin.

But honestly, that’s not even the best part. The best part is that those sweatpants look SO much like trousers that we couldn’t believe it. “Wait, are those Vince??” was the common question. Wild. This set is so freaking good that I might actually get it in another color. Fit is TTS (I’m wearing a small in both pieces).

2. Hoodie, UGGs + This Gorgeous Puffer

jeans (27) | jacket (6) | hoodie (s) | shoes | bag

There are a lot of pieces to talk about here, because I love ALL of them. 

  • That Max Mara puffer jacket is bananas expensive, but so freaking chic in person. The sizing is really forgiving, too – I’m wearing a size 6, but could’ve worn a 4 or even a 2. There’s wiggle room, for sure. 
  • These Mother jeans are my favorite jeans in the sale (100% cotton, with an authentic-looking faded wash). Linzi also loves them – and we almost never wear the same jeans. 
  • That gray hoodie is not to be missed (and matches these cargo sweats) – both pieces are incredibly high quality, and both run big. 
  • I already own these UGG clogs in a lighter color, but they’re so good I’m keeping both.
  • You guys have been telling me to get a Longchamp expandable tote for years and I GET IT NOW, GUYS. It will be forever in my suitcase.

3. Best. Work. Outfit.

pants (6) | jacket (s) | bag

Ok, so these are the Reiss trousers we’re all freaking out about. They run a bit big (I’m wearing a size 6), and they’re nice and slouchy and a little loose around my middle, which I LOVE. They’re comfortable and feel virtually indestructible.

The jacket is navy (I love a navy + black moment) and it feels like a super soft, drapey ponte. I actually like this piece better as a shirt. The vibe is slightly gamine, like a button-up, but better.

And there’s that denim bag, too (the first of many sightings).

4. When I’m Not In Sweatpants…

sweater (s) | dress (s) | sneaks | bag

This Varley cardigan is a genius little piece because it can be worn open, as a cardigan, or zipped up like a shirt. It’s also suuuuper soft, and the sporty little sleeve details get me. 

I’m wearing the cardigan over Rail’s denim dress, and it’s really stunning in person. More styling ideas later in this article. 

The Adidas Gazelles were just as pretty as I hoped they’d be, and look great against my bare skin. 

Denim bag sighting #2. 

Let’s Talk About A Base Fall Outfit: Jeans, Sweater, Boots & Coat

sweater (s) | jeans (27) | bag

While the silhouettes may change over time, I’m still a creature of habit: jeans, sweaters, boots, done. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve found that a really great coat makes a huge difference. So here are some cute fall outfits that all follow this same basic formula. 

Ps. That white Vince sweater is 0% itchy and 100% gorgeous. It’s great. 

left: jacket (s) | jeans (27) | bag | right: jacket (2) | jeans (27) | bag

Theory has a soft wool coat in the sale almost every year and I really like this one. It’s a beautiful, useful color, and such a classic shape. 

I already owned this tan Reiss coat, and was thrilled that it’s back. I’ve worn it with everything from jeans to sweatpants to evening dresses. 

1. Rag & Bone Striped Sweater + Tan Wool Coat

left: sweater (s) | jeans (27) | bag | right: jacket (2) | sweater (s) | jeans (27) | bag

This cream & tan striped rag & bone sweater is shockingly soft and drapey. Soooo much better in person than on the model. Runs a little big. 

2. Cotton FP Sweater + Wool Wrap Coat

left: sweater (s) | jeans (27) | bag | right: jacket (2) | sweater (s) | jeans (27) | bag

This Free People sweater is a gem. It’s 100% cotton, feels really good against my skin, and the color (‘moonscape’) is shockingly beautiful. 

That Max Mara coat I’m wearing is from NSales past, and still going strong. This exact coat style is in this year’s sale, and the color is similar, too. It’s pricy, but a forever piece, for sure. (There’s also this Bernardo coat if you’re looking for something similar but less expensive.)

3. Black Vince Cashmere Sweater + Elevated Puffer

left: sweater (s) | jeans (27) | bag | right: jacket (6) | sweater (s) | jeans (27) | bag

There’s not many cashmere sweaters in the sale, but this Vince one makes up for A LOT. It’s super soft, nice and thick, and has a fresh, modern shape. Wearing it with my new favorite puffer. The details are wildly good. 

4. French Girl Stripes + Trench Coat

left: sweater (xs) | jeans (27) | bag | right: trench (4) | sweater (xs) | jeans (27) | bag

This little striped sweater is a steal. It’s 100% cotton, and reminds me of La Ligne. So good, especially with a waterproof trench. I also love that this trench coat is a little longer than most – it’ll keep more of my legs dry. The collar detail on this trench is fantastic. 

That Fall Base Outfit, But With Sneakers…

sweater (s) | jeans (6) | sneakersbag

While I love a walkable heel, when I’m really running around all day, I’m going to be in sneakers. That said, the same fall uniform work here, especially when we’re pairing cute sneaks with cool coats. 

Ps. I’m wearing Good American’s Good Skate Jeans – they’re suuuper soft, with a comfy high-rise. I did size up in this pair. I’m usually a 4 in GA jeans, and in these I’m wearing a 6. I also hacked off the ends with scissors – they actual inseam (before hacking) is 33”.

left: coatigan (s) | sweater (s) | jeans (6) | sneakersbag | right: trench (4) | jeans (6) | sneakersbag

Ok, so this Vince topper is a little different this year, but the more I see it, the more I like it. There’s a slight ’70s vibe I’m totally into.

Once again, that Barbour waterproof trench. So good. 

Ps. I think adidas may have messed up mens/womens sizing with these Gazelles. I would order both your regular size…and then what your size might be in men’s. Annoying, but worth figuring out. 

1. Sporty White Nike Sneakers

left: sweater (s) | jeans (6) | sneakersbag | right: coat (4) | jeans (6) | sneakersbag

Gang, these Nikes are freaking fantastic. Not only are they comfortable, but there’s a retro vibe I’m totally into. And the shades of white with that dark green is pretty stunning in person. Feels really unique. 

2. Platform adidas Gazelle Bold Sneakers

left: hoodie (s) | jeans (27) | sneakersbag | right: hoodie (s) | coat (s) | jeans (27) | sneakersbag

I’ve owned this adidas platform sneaker for over a year now – thrilled they’re in the sale! These Gazelle bolds are squishier underfoot than adidas Gazelles (and a million times squishier than Sambas). 

Cool Trousers For Work

sweater (s) | trousers (6)

We needed another, closer look at these Reiss trousers, because that side-stripe is pretty epic. Unlike a typical tux stripe, it’s wide, making the pants a little more playful.

left: sweater (s) | trousers (6) | right: sweater (s) | trousers (6)

A black sweater is my go-to pairing for these trousers, but I love how they look with sporty pieces, as well (thanks to that side-stripe). While this Varley cardigan is so freaking cool, these trousers would look amazing with any sport piece (hoodies, track jackets, even a team jersey). 

Dressed Down Vince Trousers For Everyday

sweater (s) | trousers (s) | clogsbag

I bought these linen-blend Vince trousers in the NSale last year and they’re back! Here’s why you care: they’re really just elastic-waist pants. And while they can be very dressed up and serious, I ended up hemming mine for sneakers & flats, and almost always wear them dressed down.

sweater (s) | trousers (s) | sneakers | bag

The drape of these pants are so good (and they read nicely tailored, despite the linen blend and elastic waist) that I can wear them with baggier pieces and it all still works. 

tee (s) | trousers (s) | sneakers | bag

I sometimes find black hard to wear with color, but these ‘earth brown’ Gazelles are acting like a bridge between the stark black and bright pink. 

pullover (s) | trousers (s) | sneakers | bag

This FP Packable Pipper Pullover was maybe the biggest surprise of the sale. I tried it on in the dressing room and initially thought, WHITE? Nah. But after trying it on at home with a ton of other pieces…I no longer want any other colors in this jacket, just the white. 

Elevated (+ Exciting) Sweatsuits

left: jacket (2) | hoodie (s) | sweats (s) | sneakers | bag | right: hoodie (s) | sweats (s)

Gang, THIS is what I’m really excited about – these two sweatsuits. These are exactly the kinds of pieces I love wearing with sneakers & a gorgeous coat. It’s my go-to travel outfit, but is chic enough to run errands around the city, too, and maybe even grab a drink after. 

1. Zella Luxe Short, Boxy Hoodie + Wide-Leg Sweatpants

hoodie (s) | sweats (s) | sneakers

Once again, this is that Zella Luxe boxy hoodie & wide-leg sweatpants set I’m wild about. Fit is mostly TTS (maybe runs slightly small).

coat (4) | sweater (s) | sweats (s) | bag

This is me, just trying to show how freaking amazing these SWEATPANTS look with real clothes. It’s hard to tell in photos, maybe, but that’s ok because even in real life these things look like trousers. 

coat (4) | sweater (s) | sweats (s) | bag

Trousers. I’m telling ya, TROUSERS.

2. Nordstrom Luxe Organic Oversized Hoodie + Cargo Sweatpants

hoodie (s) | sweats (s) | sneakers

Ok. So this is Nordstrom’s in-house line, the one that sometimes surprises us with freakishly well-made pieces. And this “luxe organic” cotton set feels freakishly well-made. It actually reminds me a bit of Frank & Eileen’s triple fleece. That said, it runs BIG. I’m wearing a size small and am almost drowning in it. Will I exchange for a smaller size?

I…think…not. There’s something so delicious about this set, exactly as-is. 

left: jacket (6) | bagright: jacket (s) | sweater (s) | sweats (s) | shoes

I call these outfits my Walking the Dog outfits. I do need to get these pants hemmed, tho.

jacket (s) | sweater (s) | sweats (s) | shoes | bag

This topper is Zella, and made from 100% fleece. It is a sweatshirt coat. Does it give ever-so-slight bathrobe vibes? Maybe. But this soft gray looks pretty darn good with all of my black and dark gray sweatpants & leggings. I love the lines of this piece.

Toppers For Workout Gear

jacket (s) | sneakersbag

This Varley cotton mesh cardigan is cool…but confusing. I found it a little tricky to style until I realized what it’s for: throwing on over workout gear when you don’t feel like wandering the city in head-to-toe tight clothes. 


Similarly, this Zella sweatshirt-jacket can be used in the exact same way. Cute, right?

jacket (s) | sneakers

Battle of The Clogs: UGG vs. Sorel

left: sweater (s) | jeans (27) | UGG | bag | right: sweater (s) | jeans (27) | Sorel | bag

As I mentioned, I already own these UGGs in a lighter color, and like them so much that I’m also keeping the chestnut, too. They’re squishy and marshmallow-y and can be worn with or without socks. They also have a strap that can be pulled down to make them easier to walk in (like Crocs’ sports mode). 

That said, I tried on Sorel’s clogs and was really impressed. The bottom has more traction than my UGGs, and the feel is totally different. While the UGG footbed feels squishy, the Sorel’s are super supportive – they feel more like a Birkenstock than an UGG. There’s no strap, though.

left: zip-up (s) | sweater (s) | jeans (27) | shoes | bag | right: zip-up (s) | jeans (27) | shoes | bag

Both are seriously cute – it just depends what you’re looking for: support vs squish. 

The Coolest Denim Midi Dress

dress (s) | sneakersbag

Gang, this Rails dress is freaking fun. It has a slight cowgirl vibe, coupled with a sort of 70’s vibe and it’s just…good. 

The fit is TTS, the denim is soft and supportive without being tight. 

dress (s) | boots (similar) | cardigan (s) | bag

I especially love this dress with tall boots and a cool topper. That Vince one is exactly right….

dress (s) | boots (similar) | jacket (s) | bag

….but that longer, Varley cardigan was a fun surprise, too.

dress (s) | sneakersbag

It’s me, so I’m obviously going to wear this with sneakers (note the denim bag…again), and this dress also layers like a dream. 

left: sweatshirt (s) | dress (s) | sneakers | right: dress (s) | sweatshirt (s) | jacket (4) | bag

Highly recommend.

Is That A Sweat-Skirt? YES.

sweatshirt (s) | skirt (s) | bag | sneakers

I had peek at this skirt in the preview and thought it was going to be oddly puffy and thick. It’s not! I’m happy to report that this fleece is thinner than I thought and this whole set is actually pretty darn cute. 

jacket (s) | skirt (s) | bag | sneakers

Because this skirt is SO casual, I found that it really only looks good with sporty, casual pieces. Honestly, I’m not mad about it. 

left: sweatshirt (s) | skirt (s) | bag | sneakers | right: sweatshirt (s) | skirt (s) | bag | sneakers

Sweatshirts – of any length, really – work pretty darn well with this skirt.

That’s it! I mean…that’s it for now. I’m eyeing up a few more things that were not available in store (blue faux fur I’m coming for you), and I’m also pretty excited to see what everyone else comes up with. But I hope this helps narrow things down a bit!

And if anyone is ever looking for a personal shopper to work with at the Nordstrom King Of Prussia store…ask for Lori. She’s an absolute joy to work with.