The 5 NSale Pieces To Update Your Wardrobe, From a Stylist


One of the year’s most anticipated and biggest sales is the infamous Nordstrom Anniversary sale. In my world, these sales are not just about discounts, but about making smart choices and avoiding impulse buys. It’s about saying a big “Yes!” to more of what feels best for you, and “No” to things that are just okay.

My work has evolved in the past few years. From mainly blogging during naps and after bedtime, I moved to do virtual color analysis and now offer complete styling services. I’ve had the privilege of taking amazing people from playing it safe out of fear of being seen or lack of education, to feeling confident and empowered in a personalized journey.

Meet Julieta: a personal stylist and virtual color analyst.

It’s time to reintroduce myself: Hola, I’m Julieta, a stylist and Color Expert. I’m a nature lover and soon-to-be mom of three. I devour books and most often fall asleep watching shows. I have made helping others step into their light through color and style a life mission. 

Five Things To Buy Now At The NSale For Fall

A big piece of the puzzle is curating great pieces for my clients’ new lives and wardrobes—things that will help them feel confident and thrive and are worthy of their time and money. 

The way I shop is particular to each individual’s best colors, lifestyle, personality, etc, but while previewing the Anniversary Sale, and because I never recommend the same exact five pieces to more than one person, I discovered 5 great categories to update a wardrobe this fall. 

Let’s dive in…

1| The Most Versatile Jeans: Wide-Leg

Even with the surge of silhouettes like barrel (which I love) and horseshoe and the slight return of slimmer jeans, the one I find most versatile and that takes a closet to another level is a pair of wide-leg jeans. Last year, I had a client for a Fall Style Revamp, and she only had skinny jeans. Now, she can’t imagine life without wide-leg jeans.

What to buy in the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale: wide-leg jeans

Left l Top Right l Bottom Right

Pro tip: Always check the inseam length. Cropped styles can be just the perfect length for petites. I often choose those with a 29-30″ inseam for a full length. But if you love some that are too long, there’s always tailoring.

Pro Tip 2: Light washes are equally perfect as darker washes for fall. They look amazing with light taupe, tan, grey, and white shoes for a leg-lengthening effect. For tops and coats, I’d go for either of those colors, but a medium neutral blue also looks stunning.

Shop Wide leg jeans 31″ inseam and up

Shop Wide Leg Jeans 30″ inseam or less

2| Wear With Everything: An Amazing Cropped Jacket

What to wear with a dress? Wide-leg, baggy, barrel jeans? A shorter jacket is one you can always trust. Cropped jackets have become staples in my closet for years. Some are formal, some are casual, but most can transition from one scenario to the other, depending on the styling. Just look at this leather bomber. It’s perfect with a dress and boots for a put-together look but equally amazing with jeans, trousers, and sneakers.

What to buy in the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale: an amazing cropped jacket

Left l Right

Pro tip: The closer it hits the narrowed part of your waist, the more elongated you’ll look, especially when you’re wearing it over dresses or loose-fitting pants. If you’re petite, try sizing down to get the cropped look.

3| A Sophisticated Denim Piece

Denim is here to stay in ways beyond jeans and jackets. Depending on the wash and construction, a denim piece may work for some office wardrobes, special events, and beyond, like this wrap dress. But it is also easy enough to pair with flats or sneakers for casual wear.

What to buy in the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale: a sophisticated denim piece


I love the put-togetherness and sophistication of this dress. It is not the most casual denim piece, but it’s definitely a denim piece that can go places others can’t. The fact that the stitching is dark and not the usual lighter or warmer colors makes it more elevated.

Pro tip: Go beyond tan or black accessories with your denim. I love the neutrality of taupe, the richness of olive, the coolness of grey or soft blue, and, as always a great pop of color.

4| A Break From Jeans: A Pair of Versatile Pants

We live in a world where trousers look great in casual outfits and cargo pants can be elevated and dressed for the office, so having a great pair of non-denim pants in your wardrobe is fun and fresh.

Upgrade your fall wardrobe with versatile trousers.


Pro tip: (If you wear lower heels) You can get trousers like these hemmed to your low-mid heel and then easily wear them with sneakers by going for a platform option or adding a little wedge to them.

5| A Workout Set In A Killer Color

A great workout can get you through a great class, running errands, working from home, lounging, and more. Depending on my client’s specific colors, I usually find a few workout sets they can then mix and match; honestly, it’s one of the things they thank me for the most. 

Upgrade your fall wardrobe with a workout set in a killer color.

Top l Bottoms

Pro tip: when you fill your active and loungy wardrobe with specific colors, you will have endless options to mix and match. It takes time, but it’s 100% worth it.

Last pro tip: Instead of thinking of fall as dark denim and fall colors, which can make some complexions look dead, think of it as cozy fabrics, layering, and colors that make you glow. I’ve supported clients in creating wardrobes around cool colors like blues, lavenders, pinks, and more specifically for fall and winter, and the results are breathtaking and oh-so-fresh. Same for warm but light colors, the results are full of ivory, tan, and pops like lilac, bright greens, and warm blues.

And that’s it for this post! These are versatile pieces that you can spice up with your own twist to make it you.

What are you considering adding to your closet? Let me know if you like this type of post. As I now spend most of my time with clients and getting ready for a new baby, I’m looking for the best ways to bring you content here.

Besos, Julieta

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