Build A Comfy Kid Capsule Wardrobe Using The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale


Shopping for my two sons in the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale this year was a bit surprising. I was looking for super-cute, super-fun pieces (remember, I am the purchaser of yearly adorable Boden star coats for both of my boys,) but this is NOT what I found.

What I DID find in the Anniversary Sale are all the pieces my kids actually WANT to wear. The sweatpants I find thrown on the floor every night because they want to have them ready to wear again the next day. The stretchy jeans that I have to force off my little guy for an occasional wash. And the North Face coats and neutral-colored jackets that don’t scream quite as loudly as the star coats

The Clothes My Kids Actually WANT to Wear: A Comfy Fall Capsule Wardrobe

If you missed it, Annmarie’s 10-year-old daughter did a ridiculously good job finding all sorts of adorable and super-cool gems in the Nordstrom Sale and creating 7 Fall Outfit Ideas For Kids & Tweens. Her outfits are SO cute! I, however, found a lot of practical, not-that-exciting-for-me (but will get LOTS of wear) options. Soft, stretchy, comfy being the keywords in both fall capsules that I put together.

*A word about masks….I am finding my 12-year-old is stealing my masks that are adjustable instead of wearing kid-sized masks. He steals my Nordstrom face masks (super breathable), and my Boden ones (soft stretchy ear straps). I’ve also heard VERY good things from my friend T about the Athleta masks (which I ordered and am waiting patiently for…they’re super-popular and were backordered for a while).   

Big Kid Comfy Capsule Wardrobe For Fall

My big guy (age 12) wants to wear athleticwear 24 hours a day. I will buy him these stretchy jeans and this short-sleeve button-down because that’s as dressy as he gets these days, but I’m sure he will live in these Nike sweatpants and these Volcom shorts all fall for sure (shorts actually all year-round for him). 

For remote learning, we're looking at soft, stretchy & comfy for kids' clothes. These Nordstrom Anniversary Sale fall capsule wardrobes do it.

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Little Kid Comfy Capsule Wardrobe For Fall

My little guy (age 7) is definitely more interested in fashion and likely WILL get a star coat this year, but for school-from-home life, he’s a soft pants, no shirt kind of guy. Unfortunately for him, I DO have uniform requirements for school-from-home, but requirements involve wearing a shirt (ANY shirt) and NOT being wrapped up in a blanket, so soft pants definitely make the cut.

For remote learning, we're looking at soft, stretchy & comfy for kids' clothes. These Nordstrom Anniversary Sale fall capsule wardrobes do it.

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15

Shop #NSale Big Kid Capsule Wardrobe



Shop #NSale Little Kid Capsule Wardrobe



Here’s to a comfy cozy fall for ALL of us! (Psst…if you’re still shopping the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, head over to our guide for ALL our posts.)



  1. As a mom of two boys (about the same ages as yours) I have finally come to terms with the reality that they rarely appreciate my sense of fashion…so, sweats it is, I guess! Thanks for the great roundup! And, my husband and I both love the Outdoor Research masks….they are one of the few that don’t fog up my glasses. In fact, we are so taken with them we are not willing to let our kids get near them!

    • Oh so glad to hear that! The Outdoor Research mask is on its way to us…excited to try it. Sounds like I may need to order a few more, though. I think I’ve also finally come to terms with at least my older sons’ obsession with athletic clothing….my young one, though, came downstairs yesterday in his tuxedo pants (no shirt of course), so I feel like there’s still hope for him! Thanks for commenting, Deborah.

  2. I laughed at “soft pants, no shirt kind of guy” because uh, I have a decidedly-no-longer-7 husband who is exactly the same…

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