Nordstrom Anniversary Sale – Down to the Wire


Mamas.  I've been meaning to post my Nordstrom Anniversary Sale picks, but with summer and three babies at home.  All. The. Time.  It's been tough to get a thought out, let alone a word.  Typed, no less.  So, with three days to spare, and many of my favs mostly sold out (I mourn thee Hanky Pankys (WAIT!  Now restocked!!) and leather leggings and drool-worthy field jackets!), here goes:


You may know how I loathe the conventional diaper bag from (long) past posts, but Nordies offers a shockingly affordable, fab non-diaper bag from Deux Lux for $70 ($105 after sale).  I'm really loving the Gray Leopard with Gunmetal Hardware.

For the baby man in your life, check out these retro puma sneaks for $25 ($40 after sale).  They are light and flexible and soft, and franky, according to my hooligan boys, cah-razy-super-fast.  Perfecto for the challenges of starting preschool or kindergarten.

For little mamas, these girls floral print Joes Jeggings can't be beat for $42 ($64 after sale).

Are you drooling over all the leather but gasping at price tags given that, if you're anything like me, you're lucky to get out of the house once every other month?  Faux-it, Mothers, with this yummy leather t-shirt $45 ($68 after sale).  Pair it with skinny denim or a girly skirt and rockin' non-mom heels for full effect.

For daytime infusion of edgy leather style, throw on the Vince Camuto faux leather sleeve jacket over your everyday mom wardrobe of tees and jeans $106 ($160 after sale).

You know what they say about converts, right?  Such is my devotion as a late-comer to Downton Abbey.  Come fall, I'll be Mary, cavorting (in mourning!?  WTF.  Seriously.) all over Yorkshire in these prim, subtly detailed Sam Edelman lace up riding boots $150 ($225 after sale).

Gah!  I cannot believe summer (and the Nordies sale) is almost over.  Life is reeling ever faster along.  I suddenly want to home-school Hen instead of sending him off two-whole-blocks-away to kindergarten.  Eat it up mamas, and get while the gettin' is good.

– M.






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