Nordstrom Anniversary Sale: Kids & Baby Gear Edition


Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Top Baby Gear

I am just going to go out on a limb here and guess we’re not the only fashion blog you follow. And, I’ll take my super psychic skills to the max and guess that the Nordstrom Anniversary sale is blowing up your feed. See? I’m good, right?! Like, open my own business read palms, predict the future.

Ok, not so much. But the NAS is kinda crazy! It’s like the “it thing” right now. Mainly because most sales are the stuff no one wanted after a season comes to a close. Shirts with only a size 00 left or those pants that just never flattered anyone…a sort of house cleaning for retailers. But this one’s different in that it previews the upcoming season while simultaneously offering huge price cuts to customers on items that they probably would have bought regardless. But, here’s the thing… it’s not just fashion! Sometimes, I forget how diverse the stuff Nordstrom carries really is.

So, I had to hit you with some sweet kids gear. From strollers to MY FAVORITE toddler car seat to blankies and toys — it’s all here. Which is kind of surprising, because gear like this is rarely on sale. And this car seat is so good that I have it in 2 colors: Black for Mr. Lucas and (of course) PINK for my baby girl! And you can trust me on car seats. From the Prada of car seats to Costco — I’ve tried them all. And these Maxi-Cosi’s are straight up legit.

Now get on it! Before everything sells out!



Car Seat:

And by car seat, I mean my holy grail of car seats


More Gear:

These extras are worth stocking up on while they’re on sale!

The Little Giraffe blankets have been EVERYTHING to my kids. They’ve been loved hard. Miss Roman has the pink polka dot one. And, after three years, it now looks like this…

Nordstrom Little Giraffe Blanket

And it smells just how it looks! Maybe the picture doesn’t do justice to the tattered-ness of the blanket she’s forever referred to as, “mamie”

mamie | mā-mē |
A germ infested worn out blanket carried by a small child

Also an epic baby shower gift!



If you timed your pregnancy with the anniversary sale good for you! Check out this high chair, travel crib, and baby seat for the new addition. They’re all extremely well designed and perfect for those early years where you’re still denying that kids will mean sacrificing some style in your home 😉



And, while I’m at it, Petunia Pickle Bottom has a couple diaper bags in this sale too! (can never go wrong with a PPB — though I still can’t stand that name)


Happy Shopping!

peace ’n love – OE


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