Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Picks – MAN Edition


Gang, I plied Mike with booze and (uh, we’ll just leave it at that) to get him to sit down and take a close look at the Nordstrom sale.  Here are the pieces he’s loving:



The Suit

Hugo BOSS Trim Fit Suit, $599 (down from $895)

These are, hand’s down, Mike’s favorite suits.  They’re slim cut but not overly slim (you can hail a taxi, for example), and Nordstrom has several on sale.  Mike already owns this seriously cool update on navy, but also likes the traditional dark gray and black.  I’m really intrigued by this bright blue cotton suit.  So perfect for summer, right Mike?  Mike:  [silence]

I don’t have any #dressingroomselfies (that would require a whole lot more than I was willing to offer on a Tuesday night), but I did take a quick photo of Mike in one of the Hugo Boss slim-cut suits.


The Shoes

To Boot New York Plain Toe Leather Derby, $209 (down from $325)

Out of the four almost-identical looking pairs of shoes I showed him,  Mike scoffed (scoffed!) at three of them then declared this one, “Effing ligit right there!”  Alrighty then.

To Boot New York Brennen Wingtip Boots, $299 down from $450

GQ once featured boots like this, claiming that they’re perfect for wearing under suits in the winter.  Mike’s on board.

The Ties

Ted Baker London Woven Wool Tie in blue, $56.90 down from $85

Me:  Babe, do you want a tie with a yellow stripe?  Something to go with all of your navy suits?

Mike: No.

Me: Do you want…hmmm….maybe…..dots to go with your striped shirts?

Mike: No.

Me:  Do you think that this one-

Mike:  Babe.  [gives me a look] You can’t be serious.

[stony silence as we scroll through]

Mike: BAM – there it is.  Blue.

Ok – I’ll hand it to him – this tie will look sweet with gray, black and maybe even navy suits.

1901 Woven Wool Tie in Burgundy (striped), $25 down from $40

Mike [excitedly]: That one!

Me: Really?  It looks like something my Dad wore in the 70’s.

Mike:  I know, right??

Me:  Uh. OK.




The Shirts

1. Volcom Short-Sleeve Button-down Shirt, $32 down from $50

Out of everything, this shirt was the piece Mike was the MOST excited about.  In the summer, he swears by layering a short-sleeve button-down shirt under his suits.  HOWEVER, it’s been tough to find ones that are both long enough to tuck in (check) but where the sleeves aren’t that long, dorky, old-man-short-sleeve OR that tragically hip man-cap-sleeve.  This one looks juuuust right.

2. Vince Double Layer Hoodie $99 down from $150

This is the date-night version of a hoodie.  Or, as Mike pointed out, a “hoodie that covers a beer gut”.   Ahem.

The Shoes

1. Timberland Chukka Boots, $189 down from $295

There are a bunch of Chukka boots in the sale, but these were the ones Mike found “interesting….with jeans.”   We’ll take it.

2. TOMS Sabados Linen Slip-Ons, $50 down from $78

Me:  “Mike, how about these with a pair of shorts?”

Mike:  “Nah.”  [page loads]  “Oh wow.  Wait.  Yeah.”

So I think that’s good.  Probably.

The Hat

Gents The Directors Baseball hat, $31 down from $48

Plain, plain, plaaaaiiiiin.  Just the way Mikey likes it.


There are also a ton of plain, slim-straight jeans for guys in the sale (jbrand, ag), as well as–

Mike:  “Babe!  I also need underwear!”

And then there’s that.

Poor guy.

But you know what it is when you have one of those long days at the office and you come home really tired and are met by your (adorably??) crazy wife who snaps a picture of you and your superb male fashion to share on the internet for all to see and you let her?  Know what that is?


It’s LOVE is what.


Lastly, thanks for all of the feedback on the redesign.  I know a few of you have noticed items “disappearing” from the boutiques.  It turns out that there’s a limit to the number of pieces I can add. SO.  For the sale, I broke it out into two shops:  The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Shop contains links to all of my picks for women…and a the newly created Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Picks – Men and Kids contains…yeah.  Self explanatory.  (Besides, it’s nice to get all of that boring man-footwear out of the way.  We can then focus on the important stuff.  Which reminds me: Has anyone ordered these cool boots?  They’re online only, but I’m DYING to hear how they look or see a pic….



ps.  And for those of you who aren’t Nordstrom card holders, the sale opens to the general public TOMORROW.  And I may or may not have more #dressingroomselfies. (I KNOW.  But I bad-mouthed those Frye boots and had to give them one more chance.  More later.)


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